Annapurna Circuit Trekking Nepal

Trip Overview

Various local as well as global media states that Annapurna Circuit Trekking is one of the best trekking route in the world. Eco-friendly Trekking team pride to arrange you this trekking as per itinerary customized in this page. Our Annapurna Circuit trekking itinerary customize to show you Annapurna Himalayan ecological beauties, the local flora and faunas, the Himalayan panorama including day to day lifestyle of the local ethnic group basically Brahmin and Chhetries in lower elevation. In higher elevation, Gurung, Mangar, Managba and Thakali people are living with their rich local culture and tradition since history.

Rich Himalayan ecological inventories inside Annapurna Conservation Area of our Annapurna Circuit Trekking itinerary. So, this trekking may attract those of you who are interested to observe high himalayan ecologies, floras and faunas. Eco-friendly trekking team pride to offer you Annapurna Circuit ecological trekking upon your interest customizing itinerary upon your request. For this, we encourage to have your own group, you are welcome to contact expressing your interest.

Annapurna Circuit encounter a famously known Himalayan pass, Thorong La (Pass) altitude with 5416 meters from sea level. The route and specially the pass offers you incredible Himalayan views during Annapurna Circuit trekking. There is Tibetan like barren landscape in upper part of this trekking  route. Such spectacular geography views are another attractions during your adventure eco-holidays in Annapurna Circuit. Apart these, the views of Marshyangdi River, the glaciers and glacial lakes including Annapurna Himalayan panorama may attract so much that you want to be there rest of your life !

The day to day life style of different local ethnic groups is another things to observe. Mostly you will find Gurung, Lama ethnic groups in Annapurna Circuit which follows Tibetan inhabitant as their cultures, languages, dress up because they were origin from Tibet many years ago. They follow Buddhist religion. You will get chance to know about their cultures individually. When possible, you may participate common fests or ceremony available during your trip with consulting your guide who link to locals to get permission to participate if possible.

Particular Purpose Annapurna Circuit Trekking

Eco-friendly team has also customized a particular purposed holidays for you at Annapurna Circuit. Eco-friendly team also provides itinerary looking your interests. You can come to visit Annapurna Circuit for your own purpose. For example, to prepare study report, make thesis to complete your academic qualification and many other issues of your own. Spiritual and rightness eco holidays may also be your purpose to visit Annapurna Circuit to refresh for physical, mental and spiritual freshness, come and enjoy with Eco-friendly team!

If given Annapurna Circuit Trek itinerary is not suitable for you, we design another itinerary as per your desire. If you need more information about Annapurna Circuit please fell free to contact us.


Day: Itinerary

1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350M/4425FT)
2: Trip Final Preperation
3: Drive to Manang – (3540M/11604FT) 17 hrs.
4: Acclimatization and Exploration
5: Acclimatization and Exploration
6: Ledar (4250M/13931FT) 5 hrs.
7: Thorang Phedi (4420M/14189FT) 4 hrs.
8: Muktinath (3800M/12456FT) Crossing Thorang Pass (5416m.) 12 hrs.
9: Drive to Baglung 9 hrs.
10: Drive to Pokhara (915M/3000FT) 5 hrs.
11: Kathmandu. 5 hrs.

Guide & Logistics

Price Includes:

  • Nepalholiday guide shows you Himalayan mountainous route as per the itinerary. Your guide also provide information of the Himalayan mountains, Himalayan ecology and Himalayan culture from conscious holiday perspectives.


Price NOT Included:

  • Generally, following logistics are essentials for this trip. The published price is for guide service charge (except transfers). Nepalholiday team may discuss on below logistics. As you have knowledge that logistics play prominent roles to accomplish such trip in the extreme Himalayan mountains. Nepalholiday team informs you that we support to arrange logistics for this trip on request, with extra charge.– Accommodations
    – Food and water
    – Authority permission
    – Equipment and clothing
    – Skills and safety
    – Transfers, transportation
    – Others


* Please submit the form below with your full details and inquiries.

Trip facts

  • 11 Days
  • Grade:  AD
  • Holiday Type: Trekking
  • Minimum Group Size: 4 Persons
  • Lodging: Lodge Bed, &/or Tent
  • Departure Date: Pls. Contact Us
  • Best Months: Sept.-Nov., March-May
  • Price: USD 244/each


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