Annapurna Mountaineering

Annapurna one (8091m) Expedition

Annapurna mountaineering is an extreme holiday activities in Nepal Himalayan mountains. Annapurna Himalayan range lies in centrally northern west part of Nepal. Different than Mahalangur and other Himalayan ranges, Annapurna range does not share being at border, but lies within Nepal. Due to this cause, this range does not effect probable issues occasionally raising border issues in between the border shared states. The Tibetan like landscape inside Nepal and geography beyond Annapurna Himalayan range offers you additional bonus panorama from the summits during Annapurna mountaineering.

Almost all Annapurna mountain range lies inside Annapurna conservation Area. This Himalalayan ecological area is perhaps the largest community managed forest by local people sharing their cooperation among: Gurung, Thakali, Magar, Managba, Lopa among others. The rich Annapurna Himalayan ecology cal trekking to the base camps being in the camps, during climbing period and trekking back through the existence is another attraction of Annapurna mountaineering. This park is popular for Himalayan snow leopard, an endangered wild animal spice lives in this Himalayan area.

Annapurna mountaineering provides you an ample opportunity to observe and being in multiple cultural activities. Annapurna mountaineering offers you more than one Himalayan ethnic cultural experiences. Gurung, Magar, Thakali, Mangar, Lopa are the major ethnic groups surrounded in Annapurna Himalayan Shambhala, the beyul, widely known as Himalayan Shangri La. The Tibetan Buddhism mantra humming sound of Lamas and monks from inside the local monasteries during the Annapurna mountaineering, specially on the way to the mountaineering base camps and trekking back through these culturally rich beyul are another conscious value of Annapurna mountaineering.

Nepal holiday team guides you number of mountaineering activities listed here. Choose from among the given below Annapurna Himalayan mountaineering activities. And observe the information detail arranged. We try to furnish fact information believing that reliable information helps your mountaineering activities. You are welcome to contact us for further information. we, the Nepal holiday team is here to share you our decades long mountaineering experiences. Our frequently publishing relevant blogs may also help you to have a wide range of Himalayan issues including Annapurna Mountaineering.

Annapurna Mountaineering Holiday

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