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I am advocating on public issues based on own previous experiences as: mountain guide (since 1990), private company leadership (since 1996), statutory auditing (since 1998), and law counseling based advocacy (since 2006). All these experiences are being significantly helpful, couple of them are being at centrally core with my enthusiasm of new career and some of them are carrying peripheral importance, still significantly helpful.

My previous experiences law counselings based private advocacy is being the most significantly helpful to pubic advocacy career. It is helping me to understand contemporary public issues from social perspective. Understanding such issues, I am advocating on behalf of the public from various perspectives: inclusion, reason-based, consciousness, social choice, deliberation among others, as per necessary and personal capacity.

Professionally, longer engagement in the area of statutory auditing is another core area of my experiences. It is helping me to advocate on public issues: good governance, public economic transparency national budget issue, public economic transparency and such other relevant areas under my various capacities. In personal experiences, what am I understanding is that, corruption is one of the seriously major issues in the developing countries like Nepal. I believe that an auditing experiences linking with pubic advocacy can contribute significantly to reduce corruption.

Being at periphery, mountain guiding experience is helping me to be remote Himalayan communities, finding various social issues remaining to raise publicly on behalf of them. In own experiences, it is felt that due to more difficult to access comparatively, only fewer medias are being in such remote Himalayan communities. Being a mountain guide, I am enthusiastically to be there with additionally aiming to capture locals’ issues on: climate justice, sustainable development, sustainable tourism, and other relevant issues. I am utilizing my mountain guiding line of experiences rising fund for public advocacy with guiding mountaineers in the Himalayan mountains.

At last but not least, my experience on private company leadership is helping me to lead public advocacy more enthusiastically. It is argued that political and social leadership’s performance is depreciating in terms of target achievements. This shortcomings are seriously negatively affecting in other sectors including private sectors due to political and social instability. Own public advocacy profession is significantly supporting to set the professional goals and implement properly to achieve them being more responsible.

I welcome you all, to cooperate. Such cooperation may different level on the basis of mutual enhancement of similar professions and interests. Let us be connected to achieve our social advocacy goals together!

Thank you for visiting this site. I invite you to come in my site frequently!

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Bal Krishna Lamsal
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