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Conscious Holiday

Conscious Holiday (CH) is such tourism that immerses travelers in host existence through properly designed activities: extreme, backpacking, ecological/natural, rural/farm, cultural, study, agricultural, wellness/health, yoga, spiritual, volunteering and more to expand consciousness for both, travelers and host community members.

My mountain guiding profession is base on the basis of conscious holiday conception as per above definition, I am modelling conscious holiday tourism to guide mountaineers from new way. I believe such tourism support holiday makers conscious and more blissful living. More narrowly, several organizations and persons are working similar type of tourism. Among them, United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Anna Pollock, Renata are significantly working for conscious tourism and transformative  travel.

Conscious holiday concept is basically primarily connect consciousness from Sindhu civilization including Tibetan Buddhism to the western concepts of consciousness basically to contemporary silent revolution of creative culture including German ideology of consciousness.