Bal Kirshna Lamsal

Conscious Tourism Policy

My previous experiences law counselings based private advocacy is being the most significantly helpful to pubic advocacy career. It is helping me to understand contemporary public issues from social perspective. Understanding such issues, I am advocating on behalf of the public from various perspectives: inclusion, reason-based, consciousness, social choice, deliberation among others, as per necessary and personal capacity.

Generally, all contemporary issues are advocated being a public issue advocate. In 2007, Nepal is declared as a state of Full-fledged democratic country. Based on this declaration, a new constitution by Constituent Assembly (CA) as been declared in 2015. Base on this constitution, various democratic decisions: constitutional, legal, action-based policy wise and other major democratic  decisions are as to be accomplished and to be continued. Being a responsible citizen, I am proactively supporting  to the state being a policy advocate.

On the occasion of this international event, I am personally studying for new model of tourism conscious holiday. This work aim to support for sustainable tourism theoretically and practically. I interpret this model of tourism as sustainable tourism. Recently in early 2016, UNWTO has published a report on transformative role of tourism. My study work bases on this report including other similar works in this sector by Renata, Pollock among others.