Controlled Trekking

Nepal Government has declared a lost of controlled areas: Upper Mustang, Upper Dolpo, Narphu Valley, Upper Manaslu (Samagau and Tschum Valley) among others. Almost all these areas practice Tibetan Buddhism uniquely from place to place. These areas occupy and preserve pristine Himalayan ecology. Government’s declaration of controlled areas intend to preserve those Himalayan heritages including border sensitivity between Nepal, Tibet (China) and India.

Conscious Controlled Trekking

Nepalholiday team has planned several conscious trekking itinerary and published here for you. The luminous Himalayan mountain panorama, the pristine Himalayan natural existence as well as colorfully practice of local culture in these areas are the main attraction of our conscious controlled area trekking. Almost all of our conscious controlled area trekking programs are believed to connect significant phenomenon exist in the Himalayan Shangri La. Be in those existence to expand your bliss.

Himalayan Mountains

Controlled area trekking destinations are scattered widely around central Himalayan existence in Nepal. Due to this feature, you have a wide options to select our conscious controlled area trekking programs in the Himalayan existence you want to be: Annapurna and Damodar Himalayan mountain range of Upper Mustang and Narphu Valley; Dhaulagiri Himalayan mountain range of Upper Dolpo; Manaslu and Ganesh Himalayan mountain range of Upper Manaslu (Samagau and Tschum Valley).

Himalayan Ecology

Our controlled area trekking itineraries are carefully planned to show, feel and immerse while you are in conscious controlled area trekking. Almost all of our such trekking programs are in and within the existence of national parks and nature conversations. Our ultimate aim of such itinerary planning is to expand your bliss through being in the unique Himalayan ecology and landscapes.

Himalayan Culture

Nepal government aims to preserve cultural practices in border existence between Nepal, Tibet (China) and India. All most all declared restricted areas are upper northern parts of Nepal: Upper Dolpo, Upper Mustang, Upper Annapurna, Upper Manaslu (Samagau and Tschum Valley), Upper Kanchenjunga (Olanchung Gola). These areas are successfully able to preserve local cultural practices sharing cultural values between three countries: Nepal, Tibet (China) and India.

Both neighbor had sadly faces many foreign and internal invades. The purer and continue practices of Sino civilisation (specially Tibetan Buddhism) from Tibet (China) and Sindhu civilization from India has continually loosing. Nepal, being pridely independent neighbor since ancient time able to preserve those practices: Sindhu civilization in Terai (southern border) and Himalayan Beyul Valleys (northern parts borders with Tibet-China).

The controlled trekking areas are further preserving such practices in northern parts, in the Himalayan valleys. Nepalholiday team guides you to those rich cultural existence.

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