Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking Nepal

Trip Overview

Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking is one of the most challenging trekking destinations in Nepal. This trekking encounters couple of high Himalayan passes: French Pass and Thapa Pass. Both passes arrive after several days waling from the trekking starting point. And should cross one of the large glacier. The glacier starts from (Italian) Dhaulagiri base camp and all the way to bottom of French Pass crossing (Japanese) Dhaulagiri Base Camp and the main Dhaulagiri Base Camp.

Good training and practice with high altitude walking experiences is required for Dhaulagiri Circuit trek lies in high Himalaya. During your Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking, you need to over night in high altitude. On the day, you walk from the Dhaulagiri Base Camp to Hidden Valley crossing French pass, you need to over night at around 5000 meters high altitude surrounded by higher passes. In case, there is high altitude sickness at Hidden Valley, there is two  way out: Thapa Pass and French Pass. Both are higher than couple of hundreds meters. At the time of altitude sickness, one walk or carried down. From Hidden valley, there is not this option, one has to hike up to the pass to escape from the Valley.

Our Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking route encounter and have two night sleep. This experience to be the main base camp for two days, may helpful to those who has plan to climb Dhaulagiri one day in her/his life. If you are interested to climb Dhaulagiri or any peak around there in the future, please inform us before trekking. We arrange climbing friendly guiding service during Dhaulagiri Circuit hiking.

Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking Conscious Holiday

Our Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking itinerary is carefully planned arranging longer time walking and being inside Annapurna Conservation Area (ACAP). During your Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking, you will have an ample opportunity to enjoy with Annapurna and Dhaulagiri Himalayan ecology conserve in this area. Have enjoy!


Day: Itinerary

1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350M/4425FT)
2: Trip Final Preparation
3: To Darbang (1,180M/3868FT) via Pokhara
4: Sibang (1,750M/5736FT)
5: Jugapani (2,000M/6556FT)
6: Dovan (2,260M/7408FT)
7: Vungeni (3,100M/10161FT)
8: Italian Base Camp (3,600M/11800FT)
9: Acclimatisation and Exploration
10: Chhonbardan Glacier (4,200M/13768FT)
11: Dhaulagiri Base Camp (4,600M/15079FT)
12: Acclimatisation, Exploration
13: Hidden Valley (5,050M/16554FT) via French Col (5,400M/17701FT)
14: Marpha (2660M)
15: Drive to Pokhara
16: Pokhara
17: Kathmandu

Guide & Logistics

Price Includes:

  • Guide: Nepalholiday guide shows you Himalayan mountainous route as per the itinerary. Your guide also provide information of the Himalayan mountains, Himalayan ecology and Himalayan culture from conscious holiday perspectives.
  • Logistics: Following logistics are included in offered price as per itinerary:

– Accommodations
– Food and water
– Trekking permit/s
– Equipment
– Local transfers and transport


Price NOT Included:

– City logistics
– Except all than “Price Includes” above


Note: Let us widely discuss to be clear on above logistic arrangements. Nepalholiday team is also welcome to talk on below given issues, which are really significant to accomplish trekking in Himalayan mountains.

– Skills and safety
– Clothing
– Relevant other issue


* Please submit the form below with your full details and inquiries.

Trip facts

  • 17 Days
  • Trip Grading: D
  • Holiday Type: Trekking
  • Minimum Group Size: 4 Persons
  • Lodging: Lodge Bed, &/or Tent
  • Departure Date: Pls. ontact us
  • Best Months: Sept.-Nov., March-May
  • Price: USD 2400/each


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