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The best way to be in the Himalayan existence to observe Himalayan mountains, ecology and culture is always through mountaineering and trekking activities. Everest mountain flights suits by best way to those, who has short time and unable to be participate in such activities physically among other rational reasons. When you have official visit in Nepal, basically in Kathmandu, you may not have longer time duration, even a full day to be in the mountain. We book mountain flight for you that helps you to be in Himalayan existence within less than an hour. Have fun with Himalaya with booking Everest mountain flight with us!

The flight starts normally at six am early in the morning, every day. Dynamically changing Himalayan weather generate poor visibility specially in the month of June- August. Due to this cause, flight cancel for the day. During around 50 minutes this flight, you have wonderful Himalayan mountain views just about twenty miles from, through the window of your plane. Additionally with luminous Himalayan mountain, your flight offers wonderful views of Himalayan glaciers and lakes.

Apart Himalayan views and surrounding, you have best opportunity to observe the landscape of Nepal as well as sharing the views beyond Nepal. From your plane, it is expected to observe parts of Tibetan and Indian Himalayan existence as well as neighboring landscapes of Nepal. The Gange meadows extends up to Terai, the southern partĀ of Nepal. Then gradually, the levels of Himalayas form: Chure Himalaya, Mahabharat Himalaya and high Himalayas. Nepal consists central Himalayan mountain range sharing
with Tibet (China) and India.

Your flight provides you an ample opportunities to observe Himalayan ecology from far. Nepal covers with several numbers of government protected national park, wildlife reserve, natural buffer zones, nature conservation areas and community forests. All these may observe during your Everest mountain flight as bonus, however the main purpose of the Everest mountain flight is to observe basically Mt. Everest and other Himalayan mountain peaks in Nepal.


About 50 minute flight every morning that permit mountainous weather.


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