India is a major holiday making destination in the world. Missions of visitors arrive India for their holiday and enjoy with her existence. This major South Asian country is existed surrounding by Indian Ocean in south, west and east. Her north boundary lies Nepal, Bhutan and China. Uttarakhand state of India is one of the major Himalayan existence which is is believed that, the source of Sindhu civilization.

Uttarakhand India Conscious Holiday

Popularly known Sindhu civilization is believed that transferred from Saraswati civilization. It is further believed that the civilization entourage to Gange meadows around five thousands or before through Harappa. Many believe that all through early period of thousands years before till contemporary Gange civilization’s ideological source is sheer saints ‘Maharshis’ who are majorly trained in the Himalayan existence, majorly in Uttarakhand.

Uttarakhand Himalayan Mountains

The Himalayan panoramic mountain views are the major attraction during your Uttarakhand India holiday. The observation of mystical Himalayan mountains in Uttarakhand is wonderful through our conscious holiday concept: mountaineering, trekking and tour itinerary.

Uttarakhand Himalayan Ecology

The uniquely rich Himalayan eco-system of Uttarakhand India is another attractions. We plan Uttarakhand holiday itinerary specially respecting your interest to observe local floras and faunas being in the natural existence. Enjoy with Uttarakhand Himalayan ecological existence joining our conscious holiday program.

Uttarakhand Culture

Above and around Rishikesh, the land of Maharishis lies in Uttrarakhand Himalayan cultural existence. We guide or support to guide tours in Gangotri, the source of Gange. Our conscious holiday link further Kedarnath, Badrinath and Gaya, which are also known as four spiritually conscious destinations (Chardham) in Uttrarakhand. It is believed that the all, if not, the major ideological sources of these different mode of civilization are Maharshis. Since ancient time, they transform through conscious practices in Uttarakhand Himalayan mountains, India.

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