Langtang Jugal Mountaineering

Langtang and Jugal Himalayan mountain range are an unique destination for mountaineering Very early days of Nepal’s opening to foreigners, Tilman had been in this region in early 1960s. Being geographically nearer from Kathmandu, the capital city of Nepal, it is certainly comparatively easily accessible than other more remote area. Road transportation further shorten the caravan route to rich those base camps of the mountains in Langtang and Jugal Himalayan range. Due to this, the cost of the Langtang mountaineering is comparatively lower. More important is, mountaineers preserve their energy and time for mountain climbing activities saving from longer and hard efforts to rich the base camp and back.

Langtang and Jugal Himalayan range surrounds Langtang National Park existence. This is Nepal Government declared and managed park. The nature conservation declaring in 1980s provides you good opportunity to be in Langtang Himalayan existence. The government managed Langtang Himalayan natural park provides you wild joys during your Langtang mountaineering. Such experiences is specially while you trek to the mountaineering base camp and back after your mountaineering accomplishment. Have enjoy!

Langtang and Jugal Himalayan mountain range is expected to covered with several Himalayan Shangrila, the Shambhala, the beyul. These are covered with Himalayan ethnic groups majorly: Sherpa and Tamang. They practice Tibetan Buddhism, differs with other parts of Nepal. Their daily living style with practicing f Tibetan Buddhism are another bonus to be in Langtang and Jugal Himalayan existence. During your trek to the mountaineering base camp and walk back after mountaineering accomplishment, you can visit local monasteries on the way available, observe the local spiritual practices which may help you t be more bliss being in the host existence.

Currently, Nepal holiday mountaineering team guides you as per the list here. Select as per your interest and have extreme fun in Langtang and Jugal Himalayan mountain destination! If you have mountaineering interest of your own, you are welcome to contact us. Our mountaineering guiding team pride to share our experiences to you!

Langtang Jugal Mountaineering Holiday

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