Langtang Valley Trekking Nepal

Langtang Valley Trekking Conscious Holiday Nepal

Trip Overview

Langtang Valley trekking destination lies northern part of Kathmandu Valley, the capital city of Nepal. Being one of the nearer trekking destination from Kathmandu too, the destination captures still remoteness. Our Langtang Valley hiking leads you in the bosom of Langtang Himalayas within couple of days from Kathmandu. We guide regularly to this trekking destination.

The Himalayan panorama during the Langtang Valley trekking, specially upper parts from the destination is incredible. You will have opportunity to observe Tibetan Himalayan panorama lies in between Nepal and China border and surrounding. You can see Shisapangma, (higher than eight thousand meters) mountain during your trekking if the weather is good.

There is interesting opportunity to observe local traditional and cultural experiences during Langtang Valley trekking. There is a believe that the local people inhabitant in upper part of the Langtang Valley shifted from Tibet in ancient time. They had entered to the valley for their yak grazing in this green and beautiful area crossing high Himalayan pass around the border. Later om they started to settle around here.

During your Lantang Valley Trekking you will find Sherpa ethnic group. Sherpa is derive from the term ‘Sharva’ means the people living in the east. Sherpa of this place language are quit distinct and  resemble much more closely with the Tibetans of Sikkim.

Langtang Valley Trekking Conscious Holiday

We have specially planned the published itinerary of Langtang Valley trekking aiming to show you Langtang and Jugal Himalayan ecological beauties. Most of your Langtang Valley trekking trekking is guided inside the Langtang National Park. During this hiking you will observe natural beauties inside the park. Our experienced guide in Langtang provide you an ample opportunity to observe bird watching while trekking early in the morning after breakfast in certain days. Have enjoy this beautiful trekking in Langtang Valley!


Day: Itinerary

1: Arrival in Kathmandu (1350M/4425FT)
2: Trip Final Preparation
3: Drive from Kathmandu to Syabrubesi (1,400M/4,589FT) (8 HRS)
4: Rimchhe: (5-6 HRS) (2,470M/8,097FT)
5: Langtang (3,500M/11,482Ft) (7-8 HRS).
6: Kyangjin Gompa (3800M/12,467Ft) (3HRS) & Exploration
7: Rimchhe (7-8 HRS)
8: Syabrubesi (1460M/4,786FT)
9: Drive back to Kathmandu

Guide & Logistics

Price Includes:

  • Nepalholiday guide shows you Himalayan mountainous route as per the itinerary. Your guide also provide information of the Himalayan mountains, Himalayan ecology and Himalayan culture from conscious holiday perspectives.


Price NOT Included:

  • Generally, following logistics are essentials for this trip. The published price is for guide service charge (except transfers). Nepalholiday team may discuss on below logistics. As you have knowledge that logistics play prominent roles to accomplish such trip in the extreme Himalayan mountains. Nepalholiday team informs you that we support to arrange logistics for this trip on request, with extra charge.– Accommodations
    – Food and water
    – Authority permission
    – Equipment and clothing
    – Skills and safety
    – Transfers, transportation
    – Others


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Trip facts

  • 9 Days
  • Trip Grading: PD
  • Holiday Type: Trekking
  • Minimum Group Size: 4 Persons
  • Lodging: Lodge Bed, &/or Tent
  • Departure Date: Pls. Contact Us
  • Best Months: Sept.-Nov., March-May
  • Price: USD 200/each


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