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Nepal Himalayan Mountains

Nepal is a country being at the lap of great Himalayan mountain existence. About 880 km chain of central Himalayan mountain is the vast existence, prosperous destination for conscious holiday activities basically: mountaineering, trekking and tours. Nepal is the home of Mount Everest(8848 m.), the highest peak all over the world. Nepal exists further nine peaks higher than eight thousand meters. Among them, some lies at the border in between Nepal and India and shares all most all of them being at Nepal-Tibet (China) border.

Nepal Himalayan Ecology

Nepal Holiday team guides you basically to the government conserved national parks and nature conservation. Couple of them such as Sagarmatha National Park in Everest region; and Chitwan National Park, which lies in southern part of middle Nepal are enlisted as world natural heritage site by UNESCO. While other nature conservation areas like Annapurna Conservation Area (ACA) is known as one of the largest and best managed in the world by local community.

Nepal Himalayan Culture

Nepal lies in two great ancient, perhaps the old human civilization among others in the world: Sindhu and Chinese. Both India and Tibet (China) had many internal and foreign interventions. In ancient time Han and Greek while Muslim intervention in 15th and British intervention in 19th century are observed continually serious degradation of Sindhu civilization specially in India. In Tibet various internal conflicts and specially Chinese cultural revolution degraded Tibetan Buddhism. Nepal’s border bother south and north is observed preservation and practices of both civilization in purer form from various perspectives.

Nepal Holiday team guides majorly to show you to specially customized purer practices of Tibetan Buddhism in Nepal’s Himalayan Shangrila Valleys, the Shambala or the Beyul in Tibetan Buddhism scriptures mentioned by Padmasamvaba in 18th century. Couple of trips are guided to observe Sindhu civilization. Lumbini tour is one among, lies in Terai, geographically Gange civilization which is shifted gradually from Mohenjodaro, Saraswati, Shindhu and Harappa about 4000 years before. We believe that our conscious holiday: mountaineering, trekking and tours help you to be bliss with immersing in the host existence. Select your trip from the list and always welcome to contact us for further more details.

Nepal Holiday

Tukuche Peak Expedition Nepal

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Tharpu Chuli Peak Climbing Nepal

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Tilicho Lake

14 Day(s) USD 311

Tilicho Lake Trekking Nepal

Tilicho Lake is a challenging Himalayan high passed trekking destination lies...

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10 Day(s) USD 222

Siklis Trekking Nepal

Siklis Trekking Nepal is also known as Royal trekking because Prince Charles...

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Rupina La Pass Trekking Nepal

Rupina La Pass Trekking lies in the lower part of Manaslu region of Gorkha...

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15 Day(s) USD 380

Rolwaling Trekking Tashi Lapcha Pass Nepal

Rolwaling Himal is a section of the Himalayas in east-central Nepal along the...

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Lobuche West Peak Climbing, Nepal

Lobuche West Peak is one of the popular trekking peaks in Nepal. Lobuche West...

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Lobuche East Peak Climbing Nepal

Lobuche East Peak Climbing will give opportunity to trek and climb a wide...

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Cho Oyu Expedition Nepal

Cho Oyu is the 6th highest mountain on the planet. Cho Oyu Expedition Nepal has...

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