Physical Preparation

After your mindful preparation, your physical body is ready to be prepared for Ecofriendly adventure holidays in Nepal Himalayan destinations. During physical fitness preparation one must always consider the ‘just do it’ strategy. There is no better physical preparation than ‘just do it’ method. Prepare yourself at home the similar level of Ecofriendly adventure holiday as available and doing in Nepal Himalayan destinations.

You need to be physically prepared both in terms of aerobic and strength while you are preparation. Aerobic conditioning is important primarily because you will have Ecofriendly adventure holiday in thinner air, up to 40 percent less than the sea level. With good aerobic conditioning, you will be able to better metabolize whatever oxygen is available to your body. You should plan on doing at least one hour of aerobic three to four times per week for a month or more before you arrive for the trip.

Cardio is the main component of a number of workout plans and for good reason. Cardio training has a long list of benefits and this types of aerobic exercise helps you build the stamina and endurance you need to take on the toughest of adventure holidays. Cardio exercise come in many forms and can induce activities such as jugging, running, cycling or swimming. The important part is to keep your heart preparing and working hard for a sustained period of time. If you are not used to a regular exercise routine, its best to start slow and build your endurance as you go along. Try starting a few times a week for 20-30 minutes at a time and working your way up from this.

Strength: When you are planning Ecofriendly adventure holiday, then stretching should certainly be part of your physical preparation regime. Stretching keep you flexible and limber, making it easier to adapt to rocky terrain. It also increase blood flow to the muscles, allowing you to use them to your full advantages stretching before strenuous exercise or a long hike will reduce the risk of muscle soreness and injury. It should be considered as a part of your exercise routine and should not be skipped.

In overall, walking, jogging, cycling, hiking on valley floor to ridge line ascents with day back are some of the excellent forms of exercise, so long as you are strengthening leg muscles and build stamina. Speed is not the essence, stamina, confidence and continuity are.

Remember that while physical fitness will certainly give an edge and make your first weeks in the trial easier, in the long run, mental altitude is more important. A fierce commitment to the goal of completing the Ecofriendly adventure team is one of the most important ingredients of success people with all sorts of disabilities have completed the Ecofriendly adventure team, ranging from blind hikes.