Tamang Hill Trekking, Nepal

Trip Overview

Tamang Hill Trekking is a beautiful hill top to observe around in Naubise, Dhading, Nepal. The altitude of Toplang Hill is 2165 metres from sea level.  Toplang is about 10 miles (15 km) West of Kathmandu, nearby the country’s capital city. This trekking destination lies near from Shivapuri Nagarjun National Park. Though the village is under developed in terms of infrastructure, nature has shown its kindness to this village by providing it with diversified weather, different vegetation along with plants and animals.

Bista states that the lower Himalayan ranges with their green forest and long slopes leading to fertile valley, such as Kathmandu, Pokhara, Surkhet and several smaller ones. Tamang community surrounds majorly in Kathmandu Valley. They inhabits majorly Sindhupalchok, Rasuwa, Kavre, Nuwakot, Makawanpur and Dhading districts including other higher hills of middle Nepal neighboring Kathmandu Valley. Their inhabitants are also in higher hills of eastern parts of Nepal. Tamang is one of the major Himalayan communities of Nepal.

Tamang Hill Trekking Conscious Holiday

Tamang is one of the major Tibeto-Burman speaking communities in Nepal. In Tibetan language, Tamang means the horse trader. Tamang communities live in dry higher hills of Nepal basically elevation from 5000 to 7000 feet from sea-level. Now days, they farm and works as supporters like porters in major cities of the country, in Kathmandu, Narayanghat, Pokhara among others.

Tamang Hill Trekking itinerary is primarily developed in Dhading. As Dhading is the neighbor district (an administrative area) of Kathmandu, within a shorter time duration, the destination can be reached. Further, our Tamang Hill Trekking destination lies remote but more accessible from one of the major road chain that link to Kathmandu from western part of Nepal. On request we offer you Tamang Hill Trekking in Rasuwa, and Kathmandu Valley rim among other destinations as per your interest. Please inform me your duration available for this trek and specific interests of sociological observation trek.


Day: Itinerary

Day 01: After breakfast at hotel in Kathmandu, your trip depart early in the morning at six o’clock. By car drive to Benighat. This tiny town lies about 90 km from Kathmandu and driving duration takes about 3 hours due to busy traffic feature of the Prithbi highway. From here, you catch a trail that leads to Chepang community area at upper hilly region local settlements. The southern part of Dhading district in steeper Mahabharata sloppy areas are one of the main Chepang inhabited destination. Near from here, a newly operated road leads to Chitwan district. The linking road name is kept honoring local Chepang community more densely inhabiting areas.

Day 02: In the morning, after breakfast available at living home, you walk to the village to observe day to day lifestyle of Chepang people. During the couple of hours’ observation you collect data for your purpose. You may hire local for this purpose if you feel so. After day meal at Chepang village, you walk down and drive back to your hotel in Kathmandu.

Guide & Logistics

Price Includes:

  • Guide: Guide: Nepalholiday guide shows you Himalayan mountainous route as per the itinerary. Your guide also provide information of the Himalayan mountains, Himalayan ecology and Himalayan culture from conscious holiday perspectives.


Price NOT Included:

  • Logistics: Generally, following logistics are essentials for this trip. The published price is for guide service charge (except transfers). Nepalholiday team may discuss on below logistics. As you have knowledge that logistics play prominent roles to accomplish such trip in the extreme Himalayan mountains. Nepalholiday team informs you that we support to arrange logistics for this trip on request, with extra charge.
    – Accommodations
    – Food and water
    – Authority permission
    – Equipment and clothing
    – Skills and safety
    – Transfers, transportation
    – Others


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Trip facts

  • 2 Days
  • Grading: PD
  • Holiday Type: Trekking
  • Minimum Group Size: 4 Persons
  • Lodging: Lodge Bed, &/or Tent
  • Departure Date: Pls. ontact us
  • Best Months: Sept.-Nov., March-May
  • Price: USD 80/each


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