Nepalholiday is a team of guide, working in the Himalayan mountain destinations since 1980s. Nepalholiday team is basically have wide and deep experiences guiding in Nepal Himalayan mountains. We guide couple of holiday in Tibet and Indian Himalayan mountain tourism destinations. Currently beyond Nepal, we guide in Mount Kailash and Uttarakhand of Indian Himalaya.

We are guiding in the Himalaya under the concept of sustainable tourism. We are seriously observing that Himalayan snow and ice is over melting seriously due to the effect of global warming induced climate change. Himalayan snows and glaciers are supplying water resources about a half global population directly and indirectly. China, India, Bangladesh and other peripheral countries are covering about sixty percent of the global population. Major of these people are drinking fresh water from Himalayan existence, irrigate their farms water flowing from the same existence.

Due to poverty, Himalayan communities, specially living in higher Himalayan valleys are suffering more due to climate change. United Nation has set 17 goals as Sustainable Development Goals. Under the leadership of United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), Sustainable Tourism for Development is celebrating during 2017. It shows that globally sustainable development is highly expected from proper tourism models, the sustainable tourism.


Aiming to support from local level, being a conscious guide team, Nepalholiday is practicing conscious holiday while guiding in the Himalayas. Conscious holiday is a new model of sustainable tourism under the vision of our team leader Bal Krishna Lamsal, who is also tourism policy advocate as well as tourism laws and taxation consultant. He is working in Himalayan mountain since 1980s, guiding trekking groups since 1990, Nepal Government licensed trekking guide since 1993 and Nepal Mountaineering Association (NMA) authorized mountain guide since the similar duration. (His blog).