Nepalholiday team offers you a wide featured tours. Our tours cover Himalayan mountains peak walking to Everest mountain flight. We guide you a day Shivapuri National Park, Government protected national park. Nepalholiday tour guides and shows you the Tibetan Buddist monastery: Bouddhanath. We guides you wandering around Pashupatinath temple at the bank of Bagmati, the sacred holy river. You may observe the death body burning ceremony and be with several Sadhus wander around the temple area. We guide you to Lumbini, birth place of Gautam the Buddha.

Conscious Tours

One or more of Shivapuri summit, the nature park, Boudhanath Tibetan Buddhist Monastery, Pashupathi Nath Temple Area with sacred holy River Bagmati, mountain Everest flight is the basis of we develop conscious tours. Based on our years experiences, we believe that visiting one or more of above mentioned destination help to expand visitors’ level of the bliss. Have blissful journey with us.

Himalayan Mountains

Everest mountain flight and Shivapuri day hike provides you opportunity to be within the Himalayan existence. The views from Everest mountain flight is incredible. You are near by Mountain Everest, the highest peak all over the world with her several sister eight thousand altitude peaks while you have Everest mountain flight. Shivapuri Peak day hike is another way to be in the Himalayan mountain, however through walking.

Himalayan Ecology

Our a day hike to Shivapuri peak arrange you itinerary walking through Shivapuri National Park. This is the park nearest from Kathmandu, the capital city of the country. The government managed park has rich Himalayan ecology. During your hiking you may have opportunity to be within Himalayan ecological existence, observing floras and faunas inside the park. This is also the major water sources for Kathmandu Valley, where millions of population are inhabitant, the largest population city of Nepal.

Himalayan Culture

Nepalholiday guides you varied tours, covering Tibetan Buddhist monastery and Hindu sacred river: the Bagmati and Pashupatinath temple existence. The observation of death body burning according to Hindu culture may offer you different emotion on death from the liberation of human life perspectives. The vibrating humming sounds and other Tibetan Buddhism cultural activities in Buddhanath monastery may immerse you within there and expand your level of bliss more immensely. Visiting Lumbini, birth place of Gautama, the Buddha may charge and have more consciously proactive.

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Everest Mount Flight

The best way to be in the Himalayan existence to observe Himalayan mountains,...

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1 Day(s) USD 100

Bouddhanath Tour Kathmandu

Boudhanath Monastery, the complex and surrounding are the influx of large...

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1 Day(s) USD 100

Shivapuri Peak Hiking

Welcome to our a day Shivapuri Peak Hiking in Nepal page! Budanilkantha lies...

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1 Day(s) USD 75

Nagarjun Hiking – Jamacho

Nagarjun Nature Reserve is a part of Shivapuri National Park. It is also...

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3 Day(s) USD 700

Lumbini Tour Nepal

Lumbini is situated at the foothills of the Himalayas in modern Nepal. Lumbini...

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1 Day(s) USD 100

Pashupatinath Tour Nepal

Pashupatinath tour sightseeing is in richly-ornamented pagoda houses the sacred...

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