Trekking is globally popular holiday activities in Nepal. Nepal’s central Himalayan mountains exist more than thousand peaks which altitude higher than six thousand meters. Out of fourteen peaks, nine are in Nepal. Nepalholiday team guides you in those thousand Peaks covering Himalayan existence. The existence covers mystical Himalayan panorama, unique Himalayan ecological nature, colorful cultural practice intermingling basically two civilization: Sindhu and Chinese (Tibetan).

Conscious Trekking

Nepalholiday team is modelling conscious trekking in the central Himalayan mountains range, basically in Nepal. Couple of our conscious holiday are extended to India and Tibet (China). We are working in Nepal Himalayan mountains since 1980s. Our such experiences encourage us to model and practice conscious trek holiday. We believe our model and practice is able to offer you new flavor.

Himalayan Mountains

Thousands of Himalayan mountain peaks are luring in northern boarder area of Nepal extending from east to the west. Among them, many share with Tibet (China) and some of them with India and further, in between Nepal, Tibet (China) and India. During your conscious trekking with Nepalholiday team, you have mystical Himalayan existence watching the mysterious beauties of them.

Himalayan Ecology

Nepalholiday team able to respect and care your interest of being in the Himalayan ecological existence while planning those conscious trekking itineraries here. Our almost all hiking programs aim you to be in and around the Himalayan nature. Our many trek itineraries lead you government managed national parks and wildlife reserves. Some of our backpacking itineraries leads you local community managed nature conservation area.

Himalayan Culture

Ancient cultural practices basically Himalayan ethnic groups are another consideration while developing conscious trekking holiday itineraries. Nepal’s ancient cultural practices of Gurung, Magar, Sherpa, Lopa among others are majorly considered while developing conscious trekking itineraries. Similarly, Tibetan cultural practices is another worthwhile you feel while you trek with us. Nepal shares northern border with Tibet. Tibetan cultural values are shared, more specifically can be said, flowed in Northern northern areas due to frequent internal conflict in Tibet (China), specially such as Chinese cultural revolution. Our conscious trekking holiday itineraries aims to be you in the Himalayan cultural existence for your bliss and joy.


Trekking Holiday

12 Day(s) USD 228

Gokyo Valley Trekking Nepal

Gokyo Valley Trekking is one of the best trekking in Nepal. This is a...

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Chepang Hill Trekking, Chepang Hill Trekking

2 Day(s) USD 80

Chepang Hill Trekking Nepal

The Chepang language is a Tibeto-Burman dialect which is quite different from...

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15 Day(s) USD 1700

Arun Valley Trekking Nepal

Arun Valley Trekking is the non touristy trekking trail in Nepal . Arun valley...

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10 Day(s) USD 222

Helambu Trekking Nepal

The Helambu region begins at the Lauribina La (pass) and descends to the...

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Dudhkund Lake trekking Nepal

10 Day(s) USD 1600

Dudhkunda Trekking Nepal

Dudhkunda Trekking is located in the low region of Everest trekking or Solu...

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Damodar Kunda Trekking Nepal

Damodar Kunda a sacred Lake lies in Nepal Himalaya. Many people believe that...

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Lower Dolpo Trekking Nepal

Dolpo is the largest district on Nepal covering the area of 7889 sq. km. Lower...

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15 Day(s) USD 333

Langtang Gosaikunda Helambu Trekking Nepal

We guide you Langtang Gosaikunda Helambu Trekking insideĀ Langtang National...

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2 Day(s) USD 80

Tamang Hill Trekking, Nepal

Tamang Hill Trekking is a beautiful hill top to observe around in Naubise,...

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