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Bhutan, a tiny and independent country often said the last Shangrila located between China and Tibet. Mystical views of holy peaks, ancient monasteries, green landscapes, charming peoples make your Bhutan tour amazing. This tiny kingdom in the eastern Himalayas has remained isolated from the outside world with many amazing places to travel and enjoy your holidays.


Main Rivers of Bhutan

Bhutan has four major rivers named Drangme Chhu, Mo Chhu, Wang Chhu, and Torsa Chhu.

1. Drangme Chhu

Drangme Chhu is the Bhutanese name for the holy Manas River. The largest river system in Bhutan. The 376 kilometers long river flows across Bhutan spanning 272 kilometers and covers the rest 104 kilometers by passing through the Indian state of Assam. It eventually mixes into the Brahmaputra river.

2. Wang Chhu

Originating from Himalayan glaciers in Tibet, Wang Chhu covers some major valleys of Bhutan, including Paro, Thimphu, and Haa.

3. Mo Chhu

Mo Chhu starts its trail from Gasa Dzongkhag in northern Bhutan also called “Sankosh River” in Assam.

4. Torsa Chhu

Rising from the Chumbi Valley in Tibet, Torsa Chhu is the smallest river system in Bhutan. It is 358 kilometers long, out of which 145 kilometers of it lie in Bhutan. It enters Bhutan through western parts of the country. It is known as Amo Chhu in northern Bhutan. It passes through the southern town of Phuentsholing and then flows into West Bengal in India.