Trip Duration 1 Day
Max-Altitude Chetban (1,483 m/4,865 ft)
Group Size 2-16
Start & End Point Kathmadu/Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Very Easy
Best Season All Season
Meals Packed Lunch
Transportation Hike
Trip Price
USD 1550

Trip Introduction

Overview of Chetban Day Hike

In local terms, “Chet” denotes awareness, and “Ban” denotes garden; combined, Chetban denotes a garden of awareness. The destination is surrounded by a local forest with a rich natural heritage (Chetban).

The Chetban Day Hike takes you to the ethnic community (Tamang) in Upper Khani Khola, 9-Dhunbesi, Dhading. The destination is about a 25-kilometer drive from Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu. It is located about 14 km from Kalanki Chowk and 6 km from the Prithvi Highway, turning left from Thankot Vanjyang.

Dhaulagiri, Annapurna, Manasalu (8156m), Ganesh I/Yangra (7233m), Langtang, Gosainsthan (Sishapangma), Gaurishankhar, and other Himalayan ranges can be seen on a clear morning around the Chetban. The major attractions here are the unbeatable landscape views along the trail. The starting point of this hike is Thankot Bhanjyang; from here, we will follow the recently constructed road to the green mountains.

The hike can be a speedy escape from Kathmandu’s busy city and schedule. The place of interest could be a great place to learn about the nature of the area.

The Chetban Day Hike is also an additional activity to acclimatize your body before starting your main trek. You can use this hike to preview what to expect on your main journey through the central Himalayas.

The sparkling view of snow-capped mountains and pristine scenery with only a few settlements in a short time will help you learn about the Chetban’s environment and way of life as you are immersed in it.

In an effort to serve your broad interests and enhance the holiday flavor, we have developed the optimal method for observing Chetban. You can pick the plan that suits your preferences to reconnect with your natural existence.

Chetban Core Hiking

The increasing prevalence of technology in our lives has contributed to a global culture of isolation. Walking and being in nature stimulate our senses, allowing us to listen to what is happening inside ourselves more clearly.

Chetban Day Hike is guided to unionize two extreme divisions, which brings you to oneness. Immersing in the dazzling Himalayas, green hills, and native peoples is a technique for awareness. We hope to adapt your interests broadly by bringing you on a Chetban Day Hike, where you can experience a sense of complete joy.

Chetban Yoga

Due to workload or a particularly stressful stage, we are often overloaded with toxins. Relaxing your body, i.e., performing yoga, allows you to connect with nature and helps restore harmony.

Yoga in Chetban is for you to be in nature and practice yoga. Being in Chetban and relaxing your body while being in nature brings us back into an awakening state. We get to enjoy all of the benefits of the practice while being held by the five elements. Nature’s connection reduces our disturbance and expands our awareness, bringing us closer to ourselves.

Chetban Camping

As a result of technological progress or physical improvement, individuals are becoming increasingly cut off from their natural environment. When you are physically connected to the ground through everyday life, your body benefits more from the earth.

Spending time in nature, such as on a camping trip, allows you to feel more in tune with the earth’s sun, water, wind, sky, and other natural balancing components that may aid in self-realization and growth.

Chetban Camping is highly designed for you to existentially connect to the earth; don’t worry if you feel quite uneasy. Some signs of discomfort upon returning to reality from a comforting lifestyle are to be expected; nevertheless, there is no need to worry since this could simply be an essential part of your awakening.

Chetban Celebration

Holiday celebration during Chetban Day Hike combines the experience of the century-old festival holidays celebrated in Nepal, in the land of green Himalayas, with a journey through landscapes, and breathtaking mountain views.

Fest is to celebrate together, where togetherness helps to unionize unnecessary division of the self into wholeness. Since individuals have been preoccupied with work lately, we take this time to celebrate the holiday together.

Since it is a daily departure, we may arrange a festival on the calendar.

Trip Schedule

Itinerary of Chetban Day Hike

Max-altitude 1,483 m/4,865 ft

In the early morning, at 7 a.m., we will meet you at the NAC Bus Stop. After about an hour of driving by local bus, we will reach Thankot Vanjyang. Afterward, we will start to hike along the constructed trail. The trail to Chetban is easy and surrounded by greenery. Around Chetban, you may also encounter different birds, deer, wild boars, leopards, and many more. As you walk, you will get closer to nature and see the beautiful range of Mt. Langtang and Mt. Ganesh, among others.

After spending a beautiful day with nature, retrace your steps along the same route to Thankot Vanjyang. We will gather here and drive back to NAC on the local bus, which takes around 1 hour. Then you will proceed towards your destination by yourself.

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What's Included?

  • Companionable Guide
  • Public transportation from NAC to Thankot Vanjyang to NAC
  • A bottle of water
  • Packed Lunch

What's Excluded?

  • Any other things which are not mentioned above
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Special Group Discount Price

Group Size Price
1 Person US$ 1000 Per Person
Good to Know

Essential Information - Chetban Day Hike

Is the Chetban hike challenging?

This trail is considered easy because it has a flat path and does not go very high. However, hikers must be active, follow a healthy lifestyle, and build stamina and endurance.

Chetban Day Hiking is one of the economical, most accessible, and time-friendly hikes in the Kathmandu Valley. So, we introduced a new hiking route for beginners, individuals, and family trekkers.

Weather during Chetban Day Hiking

The climate and temperature are generally mild during the daytime hike, gentle in autumn and spring, incredible in winter, and sunny in summer. It frequently rains during the monsoon. Because it is a low-altitude hike, any increase in altitude does not affect the temperature and weather. Even a slight increase in altitude has minimal effect on the temperature and climate.

Also, whether in summer or winter, the temperature does not fluctuate dramatically. The temperature is quite pleasant here. In some winter months, the temperature may fall slightly. However, this should not be a concern when packing warm clothes.

Best Season to hike Chetban

The best times for Chetban the Chetban Day Hike are March–April, and September–October at comfortable temperatures. However, the hike can be done all year round.

In the months stated above, the weather is clearer, and the temperature is moderate. The days are clear with splendid views of the mountains.

Chetban Day Hike Packing Suggestions

Below, here is a loosely advised packing list that might help you:

  • Backpack with waterproof cover
  • Lightweight T-shirt
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Waterproof hiking boot
  • Umbrella / Rain Coat
  • Camera (optional)
  • Water bottle (1 liter)
  • Wet wipes
  • Sunglasses
  • Sunscreen lotion (20 SPF or below)
  • Hiking stick (optional)
  • Energy Bars (optional)

Communication in Chetban Day Hike

The Chetban Day hike itinerary encounters lowlands near Kathmandu City. The destination is located at a lower altitude, so the connection should not be much of a problem. Communication is essential while on the outing. The phone network typically works fine while you are hiking. Mobile data has no relativity; it is only available on some parts of the route and does not work reliably.

Most asked questions

FAQs about Chetban Day Hike

For decades, it has been experienced that natural existence helps to be and realize an unneedy division of joyful wholeness. Since ancient times, being in natural areas with fresh air has been used to make you feel happy and whole. The Himalayas have that aura that draws people from all over the world together for a good time.

With this, we believe that trekking in Chetban is more than just a trip; what you feel depends upon your interest and state of awareness.

  • To escape in a short duration within a couple of hours from a busy city.
  • Utilize hiking in Nepal.
  • Economic option located near Kathmandu Valley.
  • Till now, no need for a permit to enter the area.
  • In a short period, you can connect with the local culture.
  • Acclimatization
  • Camping and yoga meditation are available in this region.

Before going on a high-altitude adventure, altitude training will help you get used to the high altitude. Chetban Hike can be one of the best options for you to provide for yourself, as acclimatizing training makes use of this hike as a tiny preview of what to expect on your major trek in the middle of the Himalayas.

The walking is generally between 2 hours to hike to the location and another 2 hours to return. However, the precise times are entirely dependent on your walking speed. We need to walk for about 6 KM to reach the destination and an equal distance to return.

No, till now, you may hike to Chetban without paying an additional permit fee.

A bottle of water and one full lunchtime meal will be provided for day hiking. Bringing additional food is OK if you feel like you need more than that. Nutrition bars are highly recommended to make you feel fulfilled and healthy at the same time. Additionally, you can take your favourite cookies, fruits, dry nuts, or small-portion foods along on the hike considering your health.

One of the main reasons that generate blisters on the feet is your shoes. Choose shoes that fit well, and wear a thin liner sock under your hiking socks. If you feel a hot spot, put a cushioned blister bandage, moleskin, or tape on it immediately.

We also highly suggest you not wear brand-new shoes during the long walk; wear them a couple of times before using them for long treks. If you go for a lengthy walk in your new shoes, you can get a blister since you will encounter tension in new areas.

For now, we prefer a guided day hike in Chetban. Inform us if you are interested, and we may arrange it. In the future, we are planning on homestays and huts. Chetban is planning for a commune.

The best option for staying overnight in Chetban is camping. The location is a great place to go camping and enjoy the outdoors. We warmly invite you to Chetban, where you can camp and enjoy the beauty of nature in a way that isn’t often possible.

Yes, you can extend this hike for 1-2 nights to Chitlang, Toplang, Daman, or Chandragiri.

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