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The great Hindu festival known as “Dashain” is the longest and must auspicious festival on Nepalese annual calender. Dashain celebrates for the the inevitable victory of virtue over vice of the truth over untruth and justice over injustice.


An ancient religious custom is observed every year during late September into early October. It occurs during the bright lunar fortnight ending in the day of full moon. This festival is traditionally celebrated for 2 weeks. In this festive moment family reunions, exchange of gists and blessings are done. In Dashain festival, Goddess Durga is worshiped, considered as energy of all the gods. Generally, in village are you can find real happiness of Dashain festival. Having good time with relatives and festival, flying kites and swings are the highlights of Dashain.


Here are some main days of Dashain with highlights.

29-09-2019 Ghatasthapana

On this day, people plant “Jamara” in a sand block which is prepared for 10th day of Dashain. “Jamara” is prepared with the mix of grains like maize, barley, wheat etc. Jamara is called as a blessing of Goddess Durga as well as of elders.

05-09-2019 Fulpati

It is the 7th day of Dashain. Goddess Kaalratri is worshiped in this day which symbolizes the destroyer of all demons, and negative energies. This is the day where people collects nine plants and flowers which are bundled together and kept in shrine room.

06-09-2019 Maha Asthami

The 8th day of Dashain is dedicated to “Kali”, the fiercest form if Goddess Durga. In this day people will remember Goddess kali and celebrate the kali’s victory over the demons.

07-09-2019 Maha Nawani

This day the temples of Mother goddess are filled with people with colourful dressed. God Biswokarma is also worshiped who is the god of creativity. The factories, machinery, instruments, vehicles are worshiped in this day. It is done because for a special protection against accident and harm for the coming year.

08-09-2019 Bijaya Dashami

In this day Goddess Durga was conquer over the demons. A special celebration is held in family who gather together with full of joy and exaltation. It is the day that Tika (mix of rice, yougurt and red vermilion powder) and Jamara is offered from elders as sign of blessing to younger family members. This day is the main day of Dashain and people spend this day with full joy and happiness.

After Bijaya Dashami, the process of putting Tika and Jamara with blessing continues until full moon day. People travel to their relatives and receive blessing through Tika and Jamara.


# Explore ancient city in this Dashain

Day 01: Welcome to Kathmandu
as you were on arrival at TIA airport representatives will be there waiting for you. He/she will lead you to your hotel through private vehicle.

Day 02: Explore monumental sites of Kathmandu
Today, we will explore some UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Nepal. Early morning we will start visitng Swyambhunath Temple. After breakfast we will then go to Boudhanath Stupa, Both Hindu and Buddhist people can be seen here praying. In ancient time this place is used to be resting point for Tibetan merchants traveling to Nepal and India. Pashupatinath Temple will be another beautiful place which is home of Hindu and dedicated to Hindu lord Shiva. Build in around 400 A.D, this temple is located besides Bagmati, the holy river.
The we will visit Pataan, the oldes town listed in World Heritage Sites. It is rich in cultural heritage, arts and crafts. This city is fonded in third century B.C by Kirat dynasty.

Day 03: Panauti and Bhaktapur
Panauti town is listed as UNESCO tentative site since 1996. It is the oldest town of Nepal. You can witness many temples and monuments dating back to 15th century of earlier. You can also see oldest surviving temple of Nepal, originally built in 1924 B.S
Next, we will dive to Bhaktapur Durbar Square for sightseeing. This typical Newari cultured city is also listed as
UNESCO world heritage site. This city is used to be a capital of Nepal in “Malla Kingdom” until second half of 15th century. You can see traditional art, architecture, historical monuments, crafts work, temples and beautiful pottery.

Day 04: Celebrate Dashain

Day 05: Departure.

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