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fresh air

Earth is Healing

Earth is Healing

fresh air

The coronavirus has brought pandemonium to human lives and the economy of many countries. But on the other side, Mother Earth is healing its injuries that human beings had made till now.


According to an Associated Press report from KVUE, Duke University conservation scientist Stuart Pimm says “It is giving us extraordinary vision into how much of a mess we humans are making of our beautiful planet. This is also giving us an opportunity to see how much better it can be.”


Mother Nature is screaming and suffocating but the significant reduction of human activity helps to breathe and heals. Due to lockdowns all over the world, there are fewer vehicles, fewer planes, and less pollution.


People had adopted a low carbon lifestyle during the pandemic:

1. Cycling


As public transport is shut down and not safe during coronavirus most people start to do cycling. In the US, some cities are widening the lane to give cyclists more space to social distance. While Milan wants to add 35 K.M of street space just for cyclists and pedestrians. People who don’t have private vehicles are walking or going through the cycle to their destination. Because of fewer vehicles, they are not producing the carbon which harms the ozone layer of earth.

2. Urban Farming

Urban Farming

With expert restrictions, more people are growing their own food or buying it from local farmers. Singapore gets more than 90 percent of its food from overseas but has boosted local production of eggs, fish, and vegetables with a $20 million grant. Asia’s biggest rooftop farm, in Bangkok, encourages anyone who wants to grow rice and vegetable to come. Many landlocked and poor countries who are effected during border lockdown are also starting to farm in their own field. In the context of Nepal, people start to cultivate their vegetables in their small gardens or in the roof to minimize the cost. Urban farming also helps people to be dependable and helps in this pandemic.

3. Recycling


People are making COVID-19 facemask out of the t-shirt, ball gowns and even snorkeling masks. While beauty companies and in distilleries are repurposing alcohol to produce hand sanitizer for health workers. In the context of Nepal, people are making their own hand sanitizer and cloth masks. Most of the countries are conducting the survey at national, regional, or local levels. The main objective of this research is to provide a summary and statistics in waste collection and treatment activities.

4. Online classes and conference

online class

In this pandemic, people are doing online classes, video conferences, meetings, and international events. The world is going virtual and there is less use of papers. These also help to save the time of people. Online classes and conferences are also helping with a big drop in transport emissions. Though many such events are been rescheduled so the gains could be just temporary.

Planet Earth takes a breath, and shoes off her best colors – blue and green. We are starting to realize how Mother Nature is most important in living being’s life. Here’s how this worldwide lockdown has given earth some time to heal.


While we are staying in home Earth is healing:

1. Better Air Quality

fresh air

In this pandemic, many factories, vehicles, and airlines are closed which has resulted in a drastic drop in the pollution level in almost every country. China had reduced the air pollution due to infection with the virus in that country. According to the NASA satellite, air quality is improving considerably.
Not only china but many countries have resulted in a drastic drop in pollution level. Delhi was the most polluted city in the world with PM 2.5 concentration as high as 161. But during a lockdown, it is reduced to 82. Less use of vehicles and factories is reducing the level of carbon monoxide and carbon dioxide and recovering a bit from global warming.

2. Water and Marine Life

marine life

Because of less human influence, the rivers and oceans are clean now. Ganga River is now pure which could be consumed from the source. The same goes for the Yamuna that has seen a drop in fecal coliform levels in the river. Italy and France, where tourism has witnessed a significant fall. According to the locals, the waters are so clear that we can see right through the bottom as fish are seen returning to the canals.

3. Reduce in Noise Level

According to Forbes, the reduction in noise levels is also being acknowledged by seismologists. Because of lockdown, the scientist is reporting less seismic noise or vibrations.

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