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Holi | Festival of colours

Holi | Festival of colours

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Holi is a Hindu spring festival which is celebrate in Nepal and India. It is celebrate annually by Hindu and according to Hindu calendar holi falls in 21 March 2019. Holi festival signifies the victory of good over evil. Family and friends gather spay different colors on other and eat festivals delicacies. The holi festival has its own cultural significance among Hindu religion. On that day, people meet others, play with colors, laugh, forgive and repair relationship.

According to Hindu mythology, King Hiranyakashyap prohibited from worshipping lord Vishnu to all people of his kingdom, king forced to worship him instead of lord Vishnu. But his own son, Pralhas was ans devotee of Lord Vishnu. When king knew this, he implemented extreme cruel measures to make his son forget Vishnu. As his son grew older he becomes more devotee to Lord Vishnu. One day King assigned his sister, Holika to burn Pralhad to death. Holika had special power to emit fire from own body. She took Pralhad into lap intending to burn him but king’s son have Lord Vishnu blessing. So, instead of Pralhad, she was burnt to ashes. So from this day people started to celebrated death of Holika as Holi festival.

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