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Bal Krishna Lamsal (MA, MBA, LLB)

Chief Holiday Mentor

Inspired by his own life-changing guiding experience in central Himalayas Nepal, he launched his first trekking company in 1996 as partnership basis. Based on supporting, guiding, operating and mentoring experience he restarts his single own trekking company in 1998. He mentors and guides in the central Himalayan existence with intention, ultimately inspiring them to use their experiences as catalysts for transforming to attain wholeness.

As an inspirational agent of transformation, he calls in the modern science of ancient travel to evolve inner consciousness for happiness, health, bliss, the humanness. He earned an MBA (Finance), MA (Political Science), LLB (Climate Justice) and B.Com from Tribhuwan University, Nepal. Under his experience, he forms team and assistantship moment to moment available such personality who devotes to evolve bliss with traveling and being in the Himalayas, applying the technique to attain the bliss.


Basanta Lamsal (BTTM, MTHS)

Travel Planner and Trekking Guide

Basanta is a traveler, consultant, entrepreneur and trip planner who is dedicating his life in tourism. He was born and raised over the lap of Manaslu and Jugal Himalayas range, where the value of mountains was instilled upon him. He transforms his living through traveling over the Himalayas, inspired by his own experience, he now supports other travelers for transformative tourism. According to his travel experience, the travel will evolve the consciousness and being bliss.

Basanta gained his Bachelor in Travel and Tourism from Tribhuvan University (TU). He also holds a government registered trekking guide license. He is working as a travel planner since 2011. Through Nepal holiday he is planning and guiding the tour and helping traveler reconnect and reawaken in Nepal Himalayas.


Sunita Lamsal (BTTM)

Travel Planner

Sunita is a frequent traveler who has been inspired by her own life-changing travel experiences. Born outside the valley, she has a deep appreciation for the Himalayan nature which serves true fulfillment while traveling. She believes that the Himalayas have the great power to heal and bring peace within people.

Sunita gained her Bachelors’s in Travel and Tourism from Tribhuwan University (TU). She started her work in Nepal holiday at 2013 as an assistant. Besides that, she has done an intern in Nepal Airlines, the national carrier of Nepal. She is truly delegated to be able to merge her job with a passion for conscious traveling.

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