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Nepal is a federal republic state located in South East Asia between China and India. The altitude varies from 70m above sea level to 8,848 m, within a distance of 150 km. Nepal is regarded as one of the world’s most beautiful vacation playground. In terms of biodiversity with unique geographical position and latitudinal variation. It is no doubt that a small country in size but it holds an incredible variety. It includes different national parks, greatest mountain ranges on earth, thick tropical jungles, thundering rivers, forested hills and frozen valleys. Its scenic beauty, wild animal reserves, ethnic cultures and lovely cities and villages, the place of the vast and varied country, one will find it the most rewarding of all travel experience.

Nepal, in reality, is the only country with secret colours hides away for ages in the singular beauty. It includes vast mountains deep beneath a variety of a sublime and culture filled experience for all adventurous and nature enthusiastic. The grandeur of landscape has given the country a mystical chain of its own. It is a land of the vivid spectrum of beauty and colour-a-panorama which is as vast as it is fascinating.

Nepal is a culture with different ethnic groups and subgroup who speak over 70 languages and dialects. It has been a melting pot of diverse linguistic and ethnic groups. Each tribe and races maintain their own tradition, cultures, social life, moral values, and dress. You can also find religious harmony with mutual respect for one another’s belief celebrated throughout the year in their traditional style. Those festivals highlight enduring customs and beliefs of their religions we are glad to extend our warm hospitality. And we hope your holiday in Nepal will be a memorable one.