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Responsible Travel

Responsible Travel

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In today’s world, People do not just travel but they explore nature. With every corner of the world, accessible tourist can travel anywhere on the earth. With the changing world and best tourism industry, they help to make the world a peaceful and better place to travel. A tourist plays the main role to make the destination able for holiday. Therefore, it is very important to understand the practice of responsible travel while you are on holiday. Being responsible towards the destination is a responsibility towards nature, people, culture and the world. If you are travelling to any destination in the few next days or months or maybe years please consider these points to become a responsible traveller.

a) Focus on local products

Focusing on local products is easy to enhance responsible travel. While you are going somewhere buy something that is locally made or grown. It helps to make a better lifestyle of local peoples. In many parts of destination, you may find locally made woodworks, painting or traditional clothes for sale. Avoid the big shopping mall for gifts and souvenirs you can find unique handicrafts which are made by locals.

b) Watch your waste

Plastic waste and are becoming the main problems these days. Every year metric tons of wastes are throwing in the rivers and mountain areas. It is said that there are tons of garbage waste at the top of the Everest. There are many leftover tents, cylinders, aluminium beer cans and many more inside the pits. Doing these kinds of stuff not only makes the beautiful destination worst but also harm the environments and local peoples.

– Use reusable bags.
As we said earlier, plastic bags are main problems these days so prefer reusable bags. You can use bags made from jute or clothes which can be used repeatedly. You can also use paper bags so it will degrade fast than plastics.

– Use natural and plastic free products
Do not use too much can foods or foods that are packed in the plastics. Those junk foods will affect your health as well as the environment. You may also reuse it if it is possible.

– No straws
Straw is the most used plastic now a day. If you are going on holiday somewhere you can buy reusable straw. Pack some straws with you and use them when needed.

– Bring back your waste
Bringing back you used waste helps a lot to make the destination’s environment eco-friendly. Do not throw the waste which is not degradable. Bring it with you and manage it in a proper place.

c) Leave no trace behind

As a responsible traveller, you should respect the nature of the destination. Your small mistake can make a big change in the destination. We can also say “Take nothing but pictures leave nothing but footprints.” It means that when you are travelling do not take anything from the destination except pictures and do not leave the wastes except footprint. Below are some useful points which make responsible travel.

– Do not leave the trial
While you are in nature make sure that you are inside the trail. When you leave the trial in the Himalayan reason it may be risky and you are killing the useful medicinal herbs. Creating new trials may disturb the endangered floras and faunas.

– Do not throw human waste anywhere
While you travelling to Nepal you can see many water resources in the mountainous region. So throw the human waste in toilets only. Peeing and pooping everywhere can also lead to pollution.

– Do not feed wild animals
Leave the wild animals to their own natural habitat. Do not try to disturb them by giving the foods.

d) Respect local cultures and customs

It is very important to respect the culture while you are in another country. Always respect their customs and following them will really appreciate. Greeting peoples in their own language will make them happy too. It is a unique opportunity to immerse into local culture and lifestyle with warm hospitality. Following their culture and practising with them makes that you respect their culture.

e) Choose a sustainable tour operator

These days there are many choices in tour operator. Among them, you should choose those tour operator who is really concerned about the environment and customer service.

f) Eco-friendly holiday

No matter where you are travelling, you should always save nature for the future generation. Make sure that you are not harming the ecology of that destination. While you are in the natural environment you should always Think Green, Do Green and Go Green.

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