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Festival to strengthen the bonding among siblings and increase the prosperity of their brother and sisters through ages.


Tihar is the second biggest festival after Dashain. This festival is also called Deepawali and this festival is especially celebrated by Hinduism. Tihar is second largest festival after Dashain. Tihar is also called “Festival of Lights” and usually falls in end of October or November. This year it falls from 28th October to 2nd November. The  decoration of houses with beautiful marigold flowers and different lights makes Tihar festival amazing. People clean their house and decorate them to welcome the Goddess Laxmi, god of wealth. Many traditional clay lamp fill with oil and twist cotton can be seen in front of houses to welcome the Goddess Laxmi.

These five days of celebration of Tihar makes you full of joy and enjoyment. This festival teaches id the love and affection towards animals and birds. Tihar festival not only contribution towards human and gods, but also the animals like dogs, cow and crow. People also welcome gods by making special pattern on floor by using rice, flour, colored sand and flowers.

28th October 2019 Kaag Tihar

“Kaag” means crow and this is the day to worship the crow. Crow are symbolize as sadness and grief in Hinduism. So they worship to avoid grief and sadness in their home. People put sweets and dishes on roofs of houses to offer and worship the crow.


29th October 2019 Kukur Tihar

“Kukur” means dog and people offer garlands and delicious foods to dog. Dog is worship to cherish the relationship between humans and dogs. Dogs occupy special place in Hindu mythology so every home and street d0gs are worshiped today.


30th October 2019 Gai Tihar and Laxmi Puja

Today is the 3rd day of Tihar and people worship Gai (Cow) in morning. People show their gratefulness by wearing garland and offering them with best grass. In Hinduism, cow signifies the wealth and prosperity.
In the evening, people welcome Goddess Laxmi by lightning oil lamp, making beautiful pattern in house and decorating with marigold garland. You can see people singing and dancing by visiting the house of neighbors. In return, neighbors give sweets and money to them.


1st October 2019 Govardhan Puja

On the fourth day of Tihar, people celebrate according to the people’s cultural background. Mainly in village area people worship to ox whereas newari community celebrate Mha Puja, dedicated to oneself. Mha puja celebrate the spirit within oneself. This ceremony signifies the auspicious beginning of Nepal Sambat, national lunar calendar of Nepal.


2nd November 2019 Bhai Tika

The fifth and last day of Tihar called Bhai Tika which means worship of brother. This day is celebrated by putting seven colored Tika to brother’s forehead and special garland prepared by sisters. Next, the brother gives tika to sisters and exchange of gifts and happiness to each other.

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