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trekking permits

Trekking Permit in Nepal

Trekking Permit in Nepal

trekking permits

Nepal has allowed tourists to trek as FIT (Free Individual Trekker) or group of various size. But there are some destinations which are highly regulated by government and FIT cannot be conducted. Such highly regulated destination is called “Restricted Area.” Trekking in these areas is only possible if you have Trekking Permit from the Department of Immigration.

Those tourists who are interested in traveling to such restricted area should contact the authorized travel agency. Trekkers should travel in a group and you should have trekking guide while trekking to the restricted area.


Process for Trekking Permits

  • Online application form.
  • Fill up the separate online application for ACAP and MCAP.
  • Arrange American dollars and write serial number and denomination of each note on the agent’s letterhead.


Now go to the Department of Immigration office with the following documents:

  • Copy of Passport.
  • Copy of valid Visa sufficient to cover trekking days.
  • Name lists of trekkers.
  • Program Schedule of trekking.
  • Guarantee letter of Agency.
  • Agreement with Agency.
  • Tax Clearance Certificate of Trekking Agency.
  • Documents relating to the insurance of the trekkers (foreign nationals) and Nepalese staff accompanying the trekkers.
  • A license issued by The Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Civil Aviation to operate trekking business.
  • A license issued by Nepal Rastra Bank allowing exchanging of foreign currencies.
  • Provide printed trekking itinerary with dates.
  • Registration Certificate of Permanent Account Number.
  • Voucher of Bank payment (fees) for permits.

Now, you are ready for adventure trekking, when officer applies the final stamp to the permit slip.

For Manaslu Conservation Area Project (MCAP) and Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) trekking permits you should go to Nepal Tourism Board to issue.


These are the trekking destination where you need Permit to enter:

S.No                             Trekking Area 










i) Dolpa District (Province No. 6)

a) Areas of lower Dolpa


b) Areas of Upper Dolpa

ii) Taplejung District (Province No. 1)
Kanchanjanga Region (Areas of Olangchunggola, Lelep, Papung and Yamphudin Village Development Committee)
2. iii) Mustang district. (Province No. 4)

Upper Mustang








iv) Gorkha District: (Province No. 4)
A. (Manaslu Area)
B. Chhekampar & Chumchet VDC (Sirdibas-Lokpa-Cumling-Chhekampar-Nile-Chhule Area)




v) Dolakha District (Province No. 3)

(Gauri Shankar & Lamabagar)

5. vi)Humla District (Simikot and Yari): – (Province No. 6)

Areas of Limi and Muchu Village Development Committee, and area way to Tibet via Tangekhola of Darma Village Development committee.

6. vii) Rasuwa District: – (Province No. 3)

Thuman and Timure



viii) Sankhuwasabha District: (Province No. 1)

(Makalu Region): -Areas of Kimathanka, Chepuwa, Hatiya and  Pawakhola Village  Development Committee.



ix) Solukhumbu District: (Province No. 1)

(Everest Region): -All north west area way from Thame to Nangpala of Namche Village Development Committee

9. x) Manang District: (Province No. 4)

Areas of Nar, Phu, and Northern area of Tilche Village of  Thochhe Village Development Committee

10. xi) Mugu District: (Province No. 6)

Areas of Mugu, Dolpu, Pulu and Bhangri.

11. xiiBajhang District: (Province No. 7)

Areas of Kanda, Saipal, Dhuli.

12. xiii) Darchula District: (Province No. 7)

Areas of Byas Village Development Committee.


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