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Virtual Tourism

Virtual Tourism

Virtual Tourism

Virtual Tourism

Is your wallpaper on your computer a myriad mountain peaks, or any far away holiday vacation in your bucket list? You may not be able to get away from home for some reason, but virtual tourism maybe your best option in that case.



Virtual Tourism is the use of computer technology to create a replicated environment that we are exploring. 360-degree virtual tourism is a tour of a particular destination that can be displayed on the smartphone, computer, or a virtual reality headset. It is the simulation of an existing location like beautiful nature, mountains, or infrastructure created by a 360-degree specialized photographer. Virtual Tourism allows viewers to see the left and right, just like actually standing within the image.


Imagine landing to the Mt. Everest thrilling view, or experience adventurous mountain flight or going to world heritage site by sitting in your room. Or imagine enjoying the beautiful sunrise over the mountain or bungee jumping all by sitting in the comforts of your home. In these busy days, it’s slowly becoming a reality through Virtual Tourism, which dream vacation could be just a set of goggles away.


What is Virtual Tourism?

Tourism is often about seeking deeper emotion and connection with the nature or particular environment around us. It is about creating memories that can be recalled or shared with others. But not all travel experience takes place in the real world. With the help of VR, tourism is now the fusion of the physical and virtual world.

With the help of virtual tourism, people can now “try before they buy” the destinations. Virtual tourism helps to make easy decision making while planning the holiday of less well-known places. People can travel virtually before actually traveling to that lace and ensure the best experience to increase the level of trust simultaneously. The travel agent can help their guest to choose the best package based on their budget and expectations.


Virtual Reality in Tourism


Decision Making or booking the destination

According to research by Tourism Australia, almost 20 % of people are using the VR to plan their nest holiday while about 25 % plan to use VR to choose their future destination. People used to make their itinerary to visit the places through photos, videos, and other means of advertisement that attract them the most. But, sometimes it may be a disappointment for them if they didn’t see as they looked in photos or videos. So, virtual reality in tourism is the tenacity of all the issues. VR in tourism helps to explore the destination before actually buying a package.

Virtual Reality also helps to activate the customer’s emotion. In virtual reality, customers are able to interact within the experience which helps to activate the emotion by inspiring their senses.


Seeking for information

Virtual Reality can offer more precise and accurate information and access to the destination to the users. It will be easy to collect important information. It’s because the user can virtually experience the destination compared to traditional promotional online materials.


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