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Wellness Tourism

Wellness Tourism



Wellness Tourism is a vacation for the purpose to promote health and well-being through physical, psychological, or spiritual activities. Wellness tourism also includes healing our body, mind, and soul by going to amazing destinations. The main objective of wellness tourism is to make a positive change by enjoying healthy and local foods, exercise through trekking and spirituality through visiting monastery and temples. When it comes to going on holiday for wellness tourism, Nepal is a country that offers it for you.


Rise of a wellness holiday

wellness tourism

According to the Global Wellness Institution, wellness tourism is rising fast as the general travel industry. People are being more conscious about their health and start to travel to different countries for wellness. The wellness industry around the globe is now $4.2 trillion experiencing 6.5 % annual growth, which is more than double the growth rate for overall tourism. There are plenty of places for wellness tours but we think Nepal is the ultimate destination around the world.

Find out why Nepal is an amazing destination for a wellness holiday.

  1. Nature Immersion Gateways
  2. Adventuresome Destinations
  3. Soothing Spa Treatments
  4. Experience a Spiritual monastery and temples
  5. Taste of Nepalese Simple Life


Nature Immersion Gateways

Imagine going to visit the doctor and instead of taking medicine, you are visiting nature and relaxing. As people always think to earn more and more money and they now start to travel to refresh their mind. Immersing into nature not only provides happiness bout also allows your mind to clear and relax.

Top Destinations: Poon Hill Trek, Kalinchok Trek, Shivapuri National Park, 8 best short trekking


Adventuresome Destinations

Doing physical activities like adventurous trekking, bike riding or hiking is also great for a wellness holiday. Exploring the stunning sunkissed mountain ranges, green peaks, and thundering waterfalls is also the place to traverse wellness through physical activity. Nepal, as the hiking capital there are amazing places to explore. Prayers flags and humming sound from monasteries while doing trekking make you coruscating.

Top Destinations: Everest Base Camp Trek, Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek


Soothing Spa Treatments

Ayurveda Spa treatment gives you the “ENERGY OF LIFE”. It promotes and enhances the overall well-being by physical, mental or spiritual! Everything begins and Ends with you! Those Himalayan local herbs, plants and other natural ingredients provide benefits like glowing skin, improved vision, and a healthy mind.


Experience a Spiritual monastery and temples

Nepal is rich in monasteries and temples, mainly in the Himalayan and hilly region. While you are in trekking, you can see the humming sound of monks that makes positive vibes inside you. You can also see the prayers flags which are blown by the wind. Tibetans believe that its mantra spread the good will and compassion into all. While you are travelling to Himalayan countries you can see them. Travelling to those monasteries and temples can change human behaviour and have a positive impact on you.


Taste of Nepalese Simple Life

During your Nepal visit, you can take a walk through a village and discover the simple life of rural Nepal. You can witness and experience the old style farming, traditional cooking and other day to day activity. While you are in trekking you will get a fascinating opportunity to see the local peoples living a life that seems frozen in time. Community homestays will give you a great opportunity to experience the life of the village. Stay with a family in a remote village, spending overnight with them and watching their traditions helps to know a lot about them.