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In the age of fast cropping travel companies, we help you to change your travel experience through transformative travel. We carefully choose your holiday destination based on your travel experience and interest. We help to make your holiday to Nepal meaningful by taking you to the lap of Himalayas, being into a Himalayan culture or peaceful monasteries. We are local based trekking, tour, travel, and outdoor company since 1998 on experiences of supporting, guiding, operating and monitoring adventure holiday in the Himalayas.



Our Philosophy

Nepal holiday team aims you to give transformative travel for a blissful holiday. We guide and support you on every step during your travel in Nepal Himalayas. Walk with the myriad Himalayas and reawaken yourself in pristine surroundings. We add more flavor to your holiday as we take you to the local celebration of the festival, spending tome in Himalayan monasteries so that your trip adds more excitement. A beautiful monastery and Himalaya on the background will give you an amazing feeling of unspoken connection.
Nepal holiday is the medium to connect you deeply in the Himalayas value and most importantly yourself through guiding particularly with support when you felt it.

Oneself refresh or entertains with awareness, interest, and alertness by traveling to such a sacred site, being in nature and connecting with it. Involvement in sustainable practices and engaging in physically challenging adventures like mountaineering and trekking make you feel amazing.

Nepal holiday will also help you to evolve consciousness, prosperity, well being, happiness, bliss and more by holidaying at the beautiful Himalayan existence.

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