Moment of Change

We aim to change your travel experience through transformative travel and assist you thoroughly. Based on your prior travel experience and interests, we help you in picking your vacation spot carefully. Your curiosity while being in the Himalayas is especially understood and taken care of during corresponding interactions before you confirm the holiday here aiming to help the development of awareness.

To be at home, enjoy the homely environment, prioritize comfort entangling routined living, travel choose luxurious means of facilities (transport, meals, accommodation) is a normal interest which almost all human beings in almost all time have. Interest in a holiday in the Himalayas is qualitative waking, while interest in being at home is normal waking that almost all individuals have.

In such an interest to be within nature, adventure can be felt with hardness where joy may still not be realized adequately. Such interests may have that whole intensity, potentially able to realize and transform you toward joyful wholeness. Borning in Himalayan existence and guiding in the core, central Himalayan existence since 1990; it is experienced that rear interest to be in the Himalayas often makes you realize and discover yourself in a different way. This totally depends upon your interest.

Our Mission

We are a locally based trekking, tour, travel, and outdoor company since 1998 with experience in supporting, guiding, operating, and monitoring adventure holidays in the Himalayas. We guide and support you on every step during your journey in the Nepal Himalayas. Our every mission will be to work on providing you with a better service and utilize all the experiences we have to help you in your interest of immersing yourself in the Nepal Himalayas.

  • To guide a joyful holiday.
  • To create family-friendly programs to help interest in you develop into a qualitative recreation.
  • To establish ourselves as a team to come together in supporting you on your journey of learning through the medium of the Himalayas.
  • Our programs are carefully planned and carried out with the goal of providing the greatest services at affordable prices that meet the demands of our visitors.

Our Vision

We share the vision of promoting a joyful holiday thereby preserving our unique culture and tradition which represents us as Nepali. Nepal holiday is the medium for you to connect yourself deeply with the Himalayas values and most importantly yourself through guidance, particularly with support through the trail.