Trip Duration 18 Days
Max-Altitude 4,949 m (Nyalu La)
Group Size 2-16
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Medium
Best Season Mar-May & Sep-Dec
Accommodation Lodge/ Teahouse during the trek
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) during the trek
Transportation Fly (KTM-Nepalgunj-KTM) & (Nepalgunj-Simikot-Nepalgunj)
Trip Price
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Trip Introduction

Overview of Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley

We assist you in realizing your desire to be on the Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley. Our guidance mainly aims to help transform your interest into a joyous completion of your dream to be in the Kailash Parbat. Join us for your dream Mount Kailash trek and explore your interest on a higher level.

Known as one of the holiest mountains, Mount Kailash has been an important pilgrimage site for four different religions: Buddhism, Jainism, Hinduism, and the Bon religion of Tibet. Thousands of people visit this world pilgrimage site each year with their own goals. Born in Himalayan existence and guiding in core central Himalayan existence since 1990, we respect every goal of yours to be in Himalayan existence.

In local terms, Kailash denotes literally “the existence of nothingness” or “absolutely transparent.” Hindus consider climbing Mount Kailash to the top forbidden because they believe it would violate the mountain’s holiness and upset the divine spirits.

Mount Kailash can also be seen from the Humla district of Nepal, which is undisturbed by material growth and pleasure. We follow the same path, doing the Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley, which is ornamented with natural beauty and resources.

It is observed that interest in a high Himalayan existence like Kailash is transcendent within you. Appropriate guidance has excellent potential to lead to a higher level of joyful wholeness for your entire life. Harmony, compassion, love, togetherness, and joyfulness are only a few explanations for wholeness. It is the state to be instead of becoming any explanation.

We welcome you to join the Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley itinerary to be in joyful wholeness. We have designed the most effective ways to observe Kailash to accommodate your varied interests and make the holiday season more enjoyable.

Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley from Nepal

Kailash Trek, also known as Limi Valley Trek, is an exciting journey that takes you to the western part of Nepal. This featured journey, an 18-day trek, takes you to Nyalu La (4949 m), the trek’s highest point. This trek allows you to relish the Nepalese and Tibetan vistas and the beautiful Mt. Kailash in the distance.

The Simikot to Kailash via Limi Valley appeals to adventurers and spiritual/religious travelers because of its religious significance. Overall, this trek provides you with a blend of nature and culture. The brilliant landscape of the Tibetan Plateau and Mt. Kailash itself will fill you with immense joy.

You will have incomparable experiences with the Limi Valley Trek. Walk along the untouched, unspoiled, remote terrain in a tranquil environment. Indulging in a trek rich in natural and culturally pristine beauty is a heaven-like experience.

Trip Schedule

Itinerary of Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley

Flight 55 minutes
Accommodation Lodge
Meals Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 165 m ( 540 ft)

Today you will have a 55-minute flight to Nepalgunj. This city has a dense population and is also hot here. Flights may often be delayed because of the frequently changing weather. Nepalgunj lies in the Terai region, near the border area of India. If you are not tired, visit the city with the horseback rikshaw.

Flight 45 minutes
Accommodation Lodge
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,950 m/9,678 ft

We took another early-morning flight from Nepalgunj to Simikot. During the flight, you can see the fantastic view of Mt. Saipal and the beautiful valleys. Simikot is also the gateway to Humla. After 45 minutes of flight, you will finally reach Simikot.

Trekking 5-6 hours
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,310 m/7,578 ft

Simikot is our trekking starting point. After the early morning breakfast, we will start our trek. The initial phase of the trek begins with the beautiful fields and rough stone paths. You will also get the opportunity to cross green farms, pine forests, and stone houses. After walking further, we will finally reach Malegaon. After having some rest here, we will then head towards Dharmapuri. We will follow the Humla Karnali River and cross the bridge a few times to get there.

Trekking 5-6 hours
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,670 m/8,759 ft

We can start the late trek after exploring Dharmapuri village for some hours. We will then have breakfast and walk alongside the Humla Karnali River, passing high rocky slopes. We will also see the massive barley, buckwheat, and potato farms according to their seasons.

With the view of waterfalls, charming villages, and greenery, the trial finally hits Kermi. After entering Kermi, you will be able to notice the significant Buddhist people and their culture. You can also visit famous monasteries like Lakiyo Gompa and Khundrup Choeling Gompa. You can also take a bath in a natural hot spring here.

Trekking 5-6 hours
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3020 m/9908 ft

After a warm breakfast, we walk for 2 hours and cross the Sali River. There is a small settlement on the river bank with a few tea shops. We walk further on a high trail through the pine forest, buckwheat farms, and the clear Karnali River below the cliff. On the way, we encounter many Mule caravans. After a further walk, we will see Nakha Khyung Dzong Monastery, where more than 130 monks live. After 40 minutes of walking ahead, we went to Yalbang.

Trekking 7-8 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,382 m/11,095 ft

After the early morning breakfast, we will leave a village on the Karnali River and pass through the Yangar village. After hours of continuous walking, a trail leads us into a barren and open meadow with small bushes. Some parts of the track are carved out of rock, making your walk adventurous. This trail was once a salt trade route to Tibet and reach Muchu village. After some more hours of trek, you will finally reach Tumkot. If you are not tired, visit the Dhungkar Chozen Monastery, an excellent symbol of Tibetan architecture.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,700 m/12,139 ft

The initial phase of the trial for today is steep. So you will have an early morning breakfast and ascend to the hill. We will leave the village of Karnali River and pass through Yangar village. From today you will start to notice the high altitude after then. You will have to cross the checkpoint between borders. During the trek, you will be able to see Mt. Erega.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 4620 m/15,157 ft

Today the trek will be tougher than on previous days. We will walk early because today will be the longest day and a physically demanding trek. We will share the track with the mules and yaks during the trek. After some hours, we will pass through Thadi Dhunga, where you can see the Tibetan plateau. The trail then gradually ascends to the top of Nara La, the highest altitude during your trek.

As you reach the top, piles of stones, prayer flags, and panoramic views of the mountains can be seen. You can see an amazing top view of Tobet and Yari villages. After spending some time at the top, you will descend to the barren land. After a long day of walking, you will finally reach Hilsa.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,990 m/13,090 ft

You will start the trek after crossing the bridge at Hilsa. You will then follow the narrow trail and climb slowly. A slightly difficult trail winds its way over a slope until it connects with a larger trail high on the hill.

The trail crosses several streams along the Karnali River. You will follow this river until up to the Manepeme. The path is uneven, with an exciting view of different landscapes, barren mountains, and hospitable people.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 4,000 m/13,124 ft

We will start our early morning trek after breakfast. We will walk for 2 hours to reach Ya Yip Phuk Cave, an ancient one. This cave was used by the Lotsawa Rinchen Sangpo (985- to 1055 A.D). he is the famous translator of Buddhist scriptures for meditation who meditated in this cave for a long time.

The trail then again starts to ascend from there until you reach Lamka La. You will have to pass through the green vegetation, several juniper bushes, and stupas on the way. From here, the path starts to descend into the Til, one of the beautiful Tibetan villages. This village can see the big Tibetan-influenced lifestyle, buildings, and clothes.

Trekking 3-4 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,660 m/12,007 ft

Today we will have an easy walk to reach Halji village. The trail will follow the rocky path upstream of the Limi River. If luck is on your side, mountain goats, snow leopards, and Himalayan sheep can be seen during the trek.

After some hours of walking, you will finally reach Halji. The Bhotia people inhabit this small village. These people truly follow Tibetan rituals and practices. We can also see the famous stupa called Rinchening Gompa. This stupa is the centre point of religious activities in Limi Valley. If you have time, explore and buy handmade products the locals make.

Trekking 4-5 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3930 m/12,894 ft

Again, we will have short trekking days, like 4 hours, to reach Jang. This will be the last village in the Limi valley. We will then follow the Limi River to get to the Jang. You can again see the small stupas here in this village. You will fill amazing to be in such a secluded place, and Tibetan culture continues here.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 4,370 m/14,337 ft

Finally, your dream is going to come true today after you see the sacred peak of Mt. Kailash. The trial will be beautiful as you will see the wondrous path of Api and numerous other small mountains on the way. There will be no human settlements here until you reach Kermi.

Mt. Kailash is something that you can never express. As you trek to your dream place, there is always a sense of achievement to make yourself bigger than who you are. So these sacred mountains were always located in such physical, mental, and other kinds of hardship.

After witnessing the view of Mt. Kailash, we will pass several streams and rivers to reach the Talung.

Trekking 7-8 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 4,949 m/16,236 ft

Today is another long day to cross the high pass. You will also reach the highest point of this whole trek. The trail will ascend to the top of the Nyalu La Pass, from where you can see a wide view of the Nepal and Tibet sides. You will also see the panoramic view of Humla and the white peaks of Mt. Saipal (7031 m) and Mt. Kailash (6714 m).

After enjoying the great view, we will then descend to Shinjumgma, passing the beautiful lake of Semla Tso at 4630 meters. After more hours of descending, we will reach Shinjungma, where we will cross the Sali River.

Trekking 7-8 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,670 m/8,760 ft

After the early morning breakfast, we will descend through the forest. We will pass the pine and birch forest along the Sali River bank. The trial is a bit rocky, which takes you to the Karmi. You will also find a natural hot spring to relax your tired muscles here.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,950 m/9,678 ft

Your initial phase of the path will be pleasant. But after then, you will walk into the ups and downs and along the rough path. You will pass through Dharapuri, Majgaon, and then finally, Simikot. Upon reaching here, your beautiful Limi Valley Trek comes to an end.

Trekking 3-4 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch
Max-altitude 1,345 m/4,412 ft

We will catch an early flight to Nepalgunj, and on the same day, we will also fly to Kathmandu. You have to change the flight to Nepalgunj.

Added Insights


What's Included?

  • Domestic Flights from KTM to Nepalgunj to Simikot and return back
  • Permit Cards Expenses
  • Experienced Himalayan trek guide for 17 days
  • One porter for two of you for trekking for 13 days (prepare to give max. 15 kgs’ luggage from each of you so that it will not exceed 30 kg. for your porter)
  • Basic yet comfortable accommodation for 16 nights on a twin-sharing basis during the trekking as per itinerary.
  • Staff insurance
  • 16 x set breakfast, 16 x set lunch and 16 x set dinner while on the trek
  • Purified drinking water during the entire trekking as per itinerary
  • General first-aid medicine kit
  • Complimentary T-shirt
  • Duffle bag during the trek

What's Excluded?

  • International Flight Fare
  • Accommodation in Kathmandu because since there are many possibilities.
  • Personnel expenses of any kind
  • Any Travel Insurance
  • Any additional cost due to a natural calamity or unforeseen circumstances.
  • Tips for any staff and guide
  • Anything that is not listed in the “PRICE INCLUDES” section above
Good to Know

Essential Information - Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley

Mount Kailash Core Trek

Trekking, regardless of the adventure you find yourself on, is an excellent workout as a whole. Not only does it train your body from head to toe, but it also has the full potential to generate a wide range of positive emotions, such as contentment, joy, and a sense of wholeness. By itself, trekking around the beautiful landscape is one of the best activities we can do for our health and well-being.

The departure falls in September, when the season promises a favourable temperature to immerse yourself in the existence of the Himalayas. By taking you on the base of the Kailash, we intend to introduce you to unique observations and provide you with a more well-rounded experience of joy.

Mount Kailash Yoga Trek

Being in nature, even if it is just a slow stretch through a meadow or a hike through the woods, brings us back in touch with the earth. It feeds our senses, which keeps us firmly in the present. Connecting with nature makes us less upset and makes us more aware, which brings us closer to our world and to ourselves.

During our yoga trek to Mount Kailash, we combine yoga and nature in a blended way that fades the divisions between them. We get to enjoy all of the benefits of yoga practice while being held by the sun, wind, water, and earth.

Imagine winding your way through a leafy wooded trail of Kailash, opening up your intercostal muscles, breathing in more of the rich air, and feeling refreshed. When we see how well yoga works in nature and how it brings us closer to the world of our ancestors, it reminds us of how deeply we are connected to the natural world.

Mount Kailash Camping Trek

Mount Kailash Camping Package is designed so that you can connect with the earth on a deeper level, having a sense of connection to nature, which might be good for your mental health and happiness.

Spending time in nature, like on a camping trip, can help you feel more connected to the earth, sun, water, wind, sky, and other natural elements that help keep things in balance. This can help with self-realization and joy.

Most campsites during the Kailash trek have views that are amazing and make you feel good. We can learn to enjoy the sights and sounds of nature by avoiding TV, computers, or even electricity. We may realise how beautiful and appreciable it is.

Mount Kailash Trek Celebration

The Kailash trek celebration is a mix of trekking and celebrating Nepalese festivals that have been going on for hundreds of years. It is an observance of a joyous occasion through narrow ridges, barren landscapes, and stunning mountain views.

Everyday life is busier in cities, where people are often in large groups but feel lonely. We take this time to celebrate the holiday together during the Mount Kailash trek. Celebrations have a high chance to help unify unnecessary divisions of self-consciousness.

Mount Kailash Trek Route Map

Are you wondering about the map of the Kailash trek? If you click on the infographic image below, you will see the route map for the Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley. We have included every overnight stay and elevation reference on our map. Click on the infographic image below to learn about the route.

Kailash Trek distance is 18 days, starting with the short flight from Kathmandu to Nepalgunj and then Simikot. The distance, however, differs from the days of the itinerary and trek start point. Our walk starts ahead to Dharmapuri, Yalbang, Yari, Hilsa, Til, Jang, and then Nyalu La. We then descended to Kermi, Simikot, Nepalgunj, and then Kathmandu.

Is Mount Kailash Trek difficult?

The Kailash trek is moderately challenging and requires more than two weeks to finish. It takes a lot of time and effort to ascend the Mount Kailash trek. The route is pretty challenging and has numerous ups and downs.

Mount Kailash Trek Permit

You will need a trekking permit to travel to Mount Kailash from Nepal. You will need a trekking permit to trek any part of the Humla district.

The area conserves flora and fauna so that even future generations can enjoy them. Along with flora and fauna, a permit is needed for trekking to Mt Kailash to protect the culture and ecosystem of the area.

Accommodation on Mount Kailash Trek

The accommodation facilities on Mount Kailash Trek are few and very basic. The trek route is located in remote areas in the Himalayas. The basic facilities include; toilets, bathrooms, and lodgings for a few days of the trek.

But the best alternative is camping due to the availability of a few tea houses on the route.

Food on Mount Kailash Trek

We will be staying in tents the entire time. Our team will consist of seasoned professionals who can be trusted, including a guide, cooks, and porters to carry all the trekking equipment. We can promise top-notch camping supplies and a wide selection of wholesome, hygienic, and mouthwatering food during the trek.

Best season to trek Mount Kailash

The ideal season to visit Mt Kailash is April to June and mid-September to early October. During this period, the trails are likely to be covered in snow, adding to the beauty of the trail. The season is also suitable for outdoor activities.

Altitude Sickness & Acclimatisation of Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley

Your heart and lungs are impacted by decreasing oxygen density at higher altitudes on the Mount Kailash trek, such as those we commonly encounter on other high-altitude treks. Our bodies must gradually adapt to the mountain’s height to avoid getting sick. Physical signs can range from common respiratory issues to severe mountain sickness.

We pace our treks properly throughout the itinerary to prevent illnesses from high altitude. During many journeys, hikers must decide whether to take on additional hikes or day trips or take a break and rest as their bodies require.

Keep updating your guide about even the slight changes you realize in your body, as they can analyze whether the symptoms are severe or not. Our team has excellent knowledge of it, and they will help with your symptoms throughout the journey.

Mount Kailash Trek Packing Suggestions

Please properly pack your luggage for the porter (each of you 15kg, for two of you, a porter is arranged). You will leave the rest of your luggage behind at your hotel until the end of this holiday. Below is a loosely advised Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley packing list that might help you in your trek:

  • Appropriate clothing (3 sets)
  • Woolen sweater or jacket
  • Thermal inner wear
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Woolen cap and scarf
  • Thick woolen glove
  • Water-proof glove
  • Sport Sandals
  • Woolen socks (2 pairs)
  • Water-proof (not water-resistant) shoes with a good tread/grip
  • Rain-proof pants and jacket with hood
  • A lock for the duffle bag
  • Backpack with water-proof cover
  • Sleeping bag suitable for temperatures around 0°C (1 – optional)
  • Down jacket with hood
  • Camera (optional) (drone is not permitted by authority)

Other essential items:

  • Personal clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Small thermos for hot beverages
  • Water bottle (1 liter)
  • Sunscreen lotion (50 SPF or more)
  • Castor oil (50 ml) to lubricate the nostrils at high altitude
  • Ziplock bags for clothing
  • Quick-dry Towel (not a regular one)
  • Toilet paper
  • Wet wipes
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks – chocolates, biscuits, nuts, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Powerful flashlight or headlamp (with extra batteries)

Medical Kit

Though we arrange basic medical kits for Mount Kailash Trekking, they are very general and may not be adequate based on conditional necessity. A personal medical kit with electrolyte packs, pain killers, muscle relaxant cream, band-aids, knee caps, medicines for fever, common cold, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, indigestion, and any other personal medication is necessary from your side.

Communication in Mount Kailash Trek

Mount Kailash Trek itinerary encounters different landscapes. Even in this age of highly modern information and communication technologies (ICT), it is challenging to approach development in remote areas. One cause of this is still not correctly developing the technologies. As communication is significant in such an area, a guide has a mobile that may help connect you with a networked area. The lodges also have telephones you can call for a specific price. Wi-Fi may be available in very few places on this route.

Most asked questions

FAQs about Mount Kailash Trek via Limi Valley

For decades, it has been experienced that Himalayan existence helps to create and realize an unneedy division of joyful wholeness. Your presence in the mountains, whether as a hermit or a pilgrim, has long been associated with the attainment of blissful wholeness.

Zen to Jesus concerns the Himalayas, or mountains, and hermits in the forest (Banbas). Himalaya has that aura to help unite unneeded divisions so that joyful recreation can be realized.

With this, we believe, YES, a tour to Kailash is more than just a trip; what you feel depends upon your interest and state of awareness.

The daily travel usually lasts between 6–8 hours with short breaks. However, the actual time depends entirely on your walking speed.

Yes, beginners can also go on a Kailash tour based on their health conditions. No additional walking experience will be required for this trip. Just make sure you get yourself mentally and physically ready with basic exercises, jogging, breathing exercises, or swimming before three months of the trek.

Beginners might be afraid of spending the entire day on rocky paths and at high altitudes. So, be fully physically and emotionally prepared, which gives you more confidence to take on the challenge.

A TIMS card was once required for the Kalash trek as well. But with the new rule, it is displaced by the permit system during the trek.

The permit is related to your safety while traveling into the conserved areas. It ensures your safety while trekking into those areas, and the fee you pay is also utilized for the betterment of the site to make it visitor-friendly.

Yes, with our assistance, you can extend or minimize the itinerary for the Kailash Yatra 2023/2024 since we have already given you one of the best routes. We want to warn you ahead of time that if you are not used to high altitudes. So, cutting back on the number of trekking days might not be the best idea.

However, if you want to spend more time in the Himalayas, we can change your itinerary to suit your needs. Reducing the itinerary may lead to a lack of time to adjust to changes in the environment, humidity, or pH, which may lead to high altitude sickness and other problems. Your body must have time to produce more red blood cells to compensate for the lower oxygen saturation in your blood at high altitudes.

But suppose you are willing to spend more time in the Himalayas. In that case, we have other options to extend the itinerary days or even extend the trip with different packages and customize it as per your demand. Feel free to get in touch with us. Our team will provide you with your dream package under your priorities and our guidance.

You must travel with the guide if you purchase the package from us. We care for your safety when you travel with a local agency like us. Also, the Kailash tour is risky because you must take two adventurous flights and a ride to get there.

If you are with a guide, the team always provides a better option in selecting the accommodation, food, language barrier, and even the itinerary. They will also help you with permits, domestic flights, and porters and assist you with your entire trek.

Additionally, if you encounter high altitude sickness, you will have knowledgeable staff by your side to monitor your symptoms from the very beginning. They will be familiar with such high altitudes and wildlife and will assist you in learning at every step. It is not compulsory to take a guide for this trek if you are an independent trekker, but your trek will be hassle-free if there is a guide with you.

The battery will quickly drain if it is in a cold environment. So you need to charge your device more frequently. You can recharge the battery in the lodge where you spend the night. They will charge you more because the lodge uses solar energy.

Make sure to take a spare battery or a portable power bank as a backup on the Kailash trail. It is best to carry extra batteries because there may occasionally be power outages or low voltage.

It is essential to check your health and fitness when traveling through high-altitude regions. It helps to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all the trekkers.

We are happy to welcome you to Kailash with your family and kids. We believe nature and spiritual power help kids in different ways. With a professional guide, the trek can be done smoothly. But we will not advise bringing the children at an inappropriately low age (lower than five years) to high altitudes.

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Baldwin Paul Anthon
Baldwin Paul Anthon

No hesitation in recommendation to your company

Our guide was waiting, we were welcomed and escorted to our hotel without delay. The hotel organized by eco-friendly was very hospitable, and it had a great location in Thamel.

All the guided and porters were professional and hardworking. We really valued Ganesh, Milan and other crew as they attended to our every need. They were knowledgable and supportive. A great team.

The local people and cultural experience were good and friendly + warm, great & close. Great access to view the Nepalese village and day to day lifestyle.

Eco-friendly Treks are locally based enthusiastic operators who are flexible and knowledgeable. They are solution focused to make our holiday to Nepal all the more enjoyable.

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