Trip Duration 14 Days
Max-Altitude Lo-Manthang (3,950 m/12,926 ft)
Group Size 1-16 Days
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Hard
Best Season Mar-May & Sep-Dec
Accommodation Lodge/ Tea House during the trek
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) during the trek
Transportation Drive (KTM-PKR-KTM) & Fly (PKR-JOM-PKR)
Trip Price
USD 2278
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US$ 1906

Trip Introduction

Overview of Upper Mustang Trek

Discovering a desire to immerse oneself in the Upper Mustang trekking trail produces joyful sensations. We direct you to exist to help satisfy your deep spiritual desire to be in the old Himalayas.

Interest in the existence of Upper Mustang Nepal is valued as a transcendent interest. It is a universal human desire to spend time at home, enjoy familiar surroundings, and travel while taking advantage of the finest amenities available (e.g., transportation, dining, and lodging). Interest in living in a remote Himalayan community, like Upper Mustang, is interpreted as a form of transcending interest.

Such interests may have that mindful intensity, potentially realizing and transforming you toward joyful wholeness. This interest or will to be in existence, which helps ‘nothing to be in the mind’, often has such intensity. Borning in the Himalayan presence and guiding in the core, central Himalayan presence since 1990, it is experienced that rear interest in being in the Himalayas often realizes and transforms in you toward wholeness.

The Upper Mustang overland tour might be a perfect destination for you to follow your interest in immersing yourself in the Himalayas. Hopefully, the ideal goal is for you to realize harmony, compassion, love, togetherness, and joyfulness, which is wholeness.

Please join us on the Upper Mustang Trek holiday so that you might experience joyous completeness.

On our fixed departure, we have developed the most effective techniques to accommodate your interests and make your vacation enjoyable. This allows you to observe Upper Mustang in a manner that highlights your personal interests.

Upper Mustang Core Trek

Along with thrilling journeys, numerous positive well-being outcomes have been connected to Upper Mustang trekking. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience that may teach you invaluable lessons about yourself.

Every trek up a mountain or through a barren land path in the Upper Mustang leads to a new experience for the traveler. Anyone can benefit from spending time in the bliss of nature, and the experience has the potential to profoundly reshape one’s outlook on life and approach to living.

The departure date is in October, when the climate is optimal for experiencing the Himalayas’ existence. By sending you to the base of Upper Mustang, we hope to introduce you to unique observations and provide you with a complete sense of fulfillment.

Upper Mustang Yoga Trek

We have learned from past traditions that yoga was born in the woodlands and developed by observing nature’s rules, animals, and the harmony between man and the five elements. Yoga’s ultimate purpose is to unite body and mind in harmony, and interacting with natural environments helps us improve.

To achieve these twofold benefits, we blend yoga and the environment to be able to get the benefits of yoga while being supported by the sun, wind, water, and earth. We view the Upper Mustang Yoga hike as a moment to reestablish our connection with nature.

Imagine yourself making your way through a Himalayan path in Upper Mustang, expanding your core muscles to take in more of the fresh air, and feeling rejuvenated. The package has been designed to make our bodies perform optimally when we are in their natural habitat.

Upper Mustang Camping Trek

Despite being one of the most famous trekking parts of the country, this barren landscape of Upper Mustang is unspoiled and great for camping. We experience the healing power of nature through camping, which facilitates a deeper sense of oneness with the natural elements that sustain life, such as the ground, sun, water, wind, and sky.

During the Upper Mustang trip, the majority of our campsites offer breathtaking vistas that are sure to lift you. We learn to appreciate the sights and sounds that nature has to offer, avoiding electronic devices or even power. We may become aware of how lovely and worthwhile camping is.

Upper Mustang Trek Celebration

Celebrations are the best way to develop togetherness. It is enriched by the elders of the community sharing their stories and experiences and providing togetherness among individuals.

This trip will be held on the occasion of the Tiji Festival in May and Yartung in August.

Trip Schedule

Itinerary of Upper Mustang Trek

Max-altitude 1,400 m/4,593 ft
Bus 7-8 hrs
Max-altitude 822 m/2,696 ft
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,900 m/9,514 ft

We will take an early flight through the green hills, which will take you to the Jomsom. This adventurous flight will take you about 35 minutes. As you land at the Jomsom, we will start our trek toward Kagbeni. You will trek through this small town, the gateway to Upper Mustang.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,100 m/10,170 ft

Today we will walk early in the morning and start our walk into the Chele. Today you can step up to 3000 meters above sea level. We will then catch the unique trail that goes along the Kali Gandaki. After some hours of walking, we will reach two villages, Tangbe and Chusang. After 5 to 6 hours of walking from Kagbeni, we will finally get to Chele.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,500 m/11,482 ft

Today, our trek will be somehow more tricky than before. The trail to Syanbochen is slightly more challenging. After some hours of walking, we will reach Eklebhatti for rest. From here, we will then head toward the Taklam Pass. This pass offers a fantastic view of mountains, including Damodar and Tilicho Peaks. We will then start to descend to reach Samar and finally Geling. On the way to Geling, you can also visit the interesting Ramchung cave.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3.620 m/11,876 ft

Today we will walk early to head up to Yamda La Pass, which is 3850 meters above sea level. After some hours of descent, we will come across beautiful villages and small teahouses. We will then pass through another pass called Nyi Pass. This pass is located at the meter of 4010 meters. Ahead you will then cross the river and then reach Charang.

Trekking 4-5 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,950 m/12,959 ft

Dhakmar to Lo-manthang walk takes you to the rocky and barren trial. You will pass through Muila, Ghar Gumba, and then Lo-Manthang. Today you will experience the high mountains and gorges along up and down barren land to arrive at Lo-manthang. You will also explore the beautiful sight of red cliffs which shine brightly in the sun. Our descent will stop at Lo-Manthang as we head up the trail through beautiful alleys and mani walls.

Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

Today we take time to explore this beautiful village. Lo-Manthang is an unexploited part with ancient stupas, culture, and lifestyle. The isolation of this village helps to preserve its old lifestyle. Tibetan art, monasteries, chortens, and sky caves are the major attractions you can see today.

If you would like to hike more, we will also visit Choeser, about one hour’s walking distance. If you want to see sky caves where people lived many years ago, you can call them there.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,607 m/11,833 ft

We will now start our return journey with an alternative route so that you can see a different perspective of the landscape. Going to Yara, the major attraction is well-preserved rock paintings and some gompas.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,240 m/10,629 ft

Today we will start a little earlier because the initial part of Yara gets winder later in the daytime. We begin to descend until we reach the dry plateau and fields. Today you may experience an adventurous walk because you may experience strong wind and challenging terrain. After around 8 hours of trek from Yara, you will finally reach Tangee.

Trekking 7-8 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,980 m/9,776 ft

We will continue to make the return journey as we head to the Chhuksang. Up to now, the trail gets less challenging, and altitude will also decrease because we descend back to Jomson. After 5 to 6 hours of trek from Tangee, we finally reach Chhuksang. From this place, we can trace several dazzling white peaks far away.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,743 m/8,999 ft

Today is the last day of your trek to Upper Mustang, Nepal. We will head to Jomsom. After 7 to 8 hours of walking into the barren lands and gorges, you will reach Jomsom. You will finally join the same trail from where you started.

Flight 35 min
Accommodation Teahouse
Max-altitude 822 m/2,696 ft

We will take an early flight in the morning to reach Pokhara. The duration will be around 35 minutes from the Jomsom.

Bus 6-7 hrs
Max-altitude 1,400 m/4.593 ft

On this day, we return to Kathmandu via tourist bus, and it will take about 6-7 hours to reach Kathmandu. Enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Nepali countryside during the ride.

How trip goes

Route Map of Upper Mustang Trek

Upper Mustang Trek Map Download Map
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What's Included?

  • KTM-PKR-KTM tourist bus
  • PKR–Jomsom-PKR Flight
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Pass and TIMS Card
  • Experienced Himalayan trek guide for 13 days
  • One porter for two of you for trekking for 10 days (prepare to give max. 15 kgs’ luggage from each of you so that it will not exceed 30 kg. for your porter)
  • Basic yet comfortable accommodation for ten nights on a twin-sharing basis during the trekking as per itinerary.
  • Staff insurance
  • 11 x set breakfast, 10 x set lunch and 10 x set dinner while on the trek
  • Purified drinking water during the entire trekking as per itinerary
  • General first aid medicine kit
  • Complimentary T-shirt
  • Duffle bag during the trek

What's Excluded?

  • Food & Accommodation for Kathmandu and Pokhara will be on your own as you will have various options.
  • Personnel expenses of any kind
  • Excess baggage cost during your domestic flight
  • Any Travel Insurance
  • Any additional cost due to natural calamity and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Tips for any staff and guide
  • Anything that is not listed in the “PRICE INCLUDES” section above
We offer discounts

Special Group Discount Price

Group Size Price
1 Person US$ 2199 Per Person
2 People US$ 1906 Per Person
3 People US$ 1830 Per Person
4-6 People US$ 1796 Per Person
7-9 People US$ 1769 Per Person
10-12 People US$ 1764 Per Person
Over 12 People US$ 1747 Per Person
Good to Know

Essential Information - Upper Mustang Trek

Is the Upper Mustang Trek challenging?

The moderate level of difficulty applies to the Upper Mustang hike. This is neither as easy nor as challenging as the hard-level treks. Therefore, you can change the level of difficulty of your journey depending on the paths you utilize, the locations you walk to, and the amount of time you spend trekking. The degree of difficulty varies depending on the trails you take and how long you hike. You can also choose the degree of difficulty of your trek, as there are alternative routes available.

Low air pressure and little oxygen are present in the atmosphere. As a result, most hikers feel worn out after finishing the journey. It is easy to forget fatigue and tension while surrounded by stunning Himalayan vistas, Tibetan art, tradition, and way of life.

Related Article: Upper Mustang Trek Difficulty Explained: Altitude, Terrain, & Weather Conditions

Upper Mustang Trek Permit

A valid entry permit for the hike duration is required for anyone visiting the Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) area. The amount of time someone can spend in the ACAP region is not limited. Additionally, a Restricted Area Permit (RAP) is necessary for anyone entering Upper Mustang Nepal (from Kagbeni onward).

If you do not have a Restricted Area Permit (RAP), you must have a TIMS card, which offers information about the trekker and their location in case of an emergency or other problem.

For more information, see: Trekking Route and Permit Fee

Note: Please include 6–8 passport-size photos, as these will be needed when creating official paperwork.

More Travel Info

Upper Mustang Trek Preparation

The Upper Mustang hike demands a daily walking distance of about 6-7 hours. High-altitude conditions require good trekking endurance for this challenging hike. Additionally, thorough preparation is necessary before this rural location hike excursion.

To complete this walk, adequate physical and mental training is required. A fantastic way to stay in shape is to go hiking and exercise for at least three months before trekking.

Upper Mustang Weather and Best Season
The Upper Mustang trek in the Autumn Season (post-monsoon season) is undoubtedly one of the most incredible times to visit Nepal for trekking. Likewise, the most acceptable months for the Upper Mustang Trek are in October and November because of the ideal weather. The excellent conditions to admire are the breathtaking magnificence of the cold desert and snow-covered mountains.

Upper Mustang trek in Spring Season (March to May) is Nepal’s second best time of year for trekking or mountain climbing. During this season, the beauty of the Mustang is visible, which will make your trip unforgettable. It is neither too cold nor too hot. Most of the high mountains and peaks climbing happens during spring.

Upper Mustang Trek Accommodation

Local inns and teahouses in the upper Mustang valley are clean, wholesome, and hygienic, where you may relax, unwind, sleep, and receive food while travelling. Basic amenities like hot baths, internet access, private rooms with attached bathrooms, and tea houses and lodges in the area are available.

Travelers can enjoy an inexpensive and straightforward trip to a tea house. Similar to lodges or simple hotels, tea houses offer arranged and tidy lodging services at an affordable price. Staying at a teahouse is also an excellent approach to learning about the locals’ culture and way of life. Upper Mustang still practices ancient culture because of their relative isolation, and connecting with them is an excellent way to emerge into this historic practice.

Upper Mustang Trek Foods

The food served during the Upper Mustang journey is traditional and distinct from the locals. Additionally, various foods like conventional Nepali food and Western food are available. The western breakfast will consist of cereal, oatmeal, porridge, cornflakes, and tea. Dal Bhat, a traditional dish, or other options like pizza, noodles, or sandwiches are available for lunch.

A vital part of the Nepali diet is dal bhat. Rice is referred to as that, and lentils as dal. This is accompanied by curries, pickles, omelets, etc. For dinner, one can eat dal bhat once more or other dishes like momos, fried dumplings, Tibetan noodle soup, etc. Dinner is served following visitor arrival, and the lunch and dinner menus are very similar.

Altitude Sickness and Acclimatization in Upper Mustang Trek

The Upper Mustang trek has a moderate risk of altitude sickness. The highest point reached during the upper mustang trek happens to be at 4230 meters above sea level. It is a stable and moderate trek in Nepal to discover the hidden kingdom.

‘The Himalayan Forbidden Kingdom’, Upper Mustang, can be participated by anyone, regardless of age or gender. You will also be treated to some of the most beautiful scenery in the remote land of the Mustang. However, to complete this journey, you must always be self-motivated.

Additionally, going through frequent mountain roads at consistently high pressure would be best. Furthermore, the climate constantly tests you. As a result, it is preferable if you approach this trek with considerable effort and self-motivation rather than as an easy task.


Upper Mustang Trek Packing Suggestions

Please properly pack your luggage for the porter (each of you 15kg, for two of you, a porter is arranged). You will leave the rest of your luggage behind at your hotel until the end of this holiday. Below, here is a loosely advised Upper Mustang Trek packing list that might help you in your trek:
Appropriate clothing (3 sets)

  • Woollen sweater or jacket
  • Thermal inner wear
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Woollen cap and scarf
  • Thick woollen gloves
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Sport Sandals
  • Woollen socks (2 pairs)
  • Waterproof (not water-resistant) shoes with a good tread/grip
  • Rain-proof pants and jacket with hood
  • A lock for the duffle bag
  • Backpack with waterproof cover
  • Sleeping bag suitable for temperatures around 0°C (1 – optional)
  • Down jacket with hood
  • Camera (optional)

Other essential items:

  • Personal clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Small thermos for hot beverages
  • Water bottle (1 litre)
  • Sunscreen lotion (50 SPF or more)
  • Castor oil (50 ml) to lubricate the nostrils at high altitude
  • Ziplock bags for clothing
  • Quick-dry Towel (not a regular one)
  • Toilet paper
  • Wet wipes
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks – chocolates, biscuits, nuts, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Powerful flashlight or headlamp (with extra batteries)

Medical Kit

Though we arrange basic medical kits for Upper Mustang Trekking, they are very general and may not be adequate based on conditional necessity. Personal medical equipment with electrolyte packs, pain killers, muscle relaxant cream, band-aids, knee-cap, medicines for fever, common cold, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhoea, indigestion, and any other personal medication is necessary for your side

Communication in Upper Mustang Trek

On a clear day, internet access is available up to Kagbeni and Lo Manthang for a small fee, and cellular reception is primarily accessible during the Upper Mustang trekking trail. You can use Nepal Telecom’s Mobile Data services up to 3G in a few places and 2G in many others. Our guide will also have a mobile that may help connect you within the network area. Though it is not as reliable as in the urban areas we generally live in, much ICT has been developing.

Most asked questions

FAQs about Upper Mustang Trek

For decades, it has been experienced that a presence like the Upper Mustang trek, featured by the Himalayas, and genuine nature help in actual transformation into a qualitative being. The exploration of thousand-year-old monasteries, caves, canyons, desert beauty, cliff-faced landscapes, local tribes, and the incredible culture of Upper Mustang has much more to offer.

Interest in staying in the Himalayas is a qualitative waking, whereas interest in cozy comfort bound up with a daily routine is a typical waking shared by practically everyone. Before you finalize the holiday published here, your interest in the Himalayas is given extra consideration and understanding in the appropriate exchanges to support your awareness growth.

With this, we believe, YES, trekking in Upper Mustang is more than just a trip; what you feel depends upon your interest and state of awareness.

Upper Mustang Lo Manthang Trek’s highest point is 3840 meters above sea level.

On the route mentioned above in the itinerary, you will average walking 6–7 hours per day. It might take less or more than that, depending on your walking pace. Simple physical activities can readily ascend the upper mustang journey.

Just be careful to train yourself two/three months before the journey starts by doing simple workouts. Beginners might be afraid of spending the entire day on the rocky paths, but being fully physically and mentally prepared will give you more confidence to take on the challenge.

Annapurna Conservation Area Project (ACAP) and Restricted Area Permit (RAP) are compulsory for visiting the Upper Mustang trek. The government protects a particular area of the route for safety, security, and other purposes.

A permit card helps your safety while trekking in particular places, and the money you pay is also used to improve the environment and make it more welcoming to tourists. Moreover, the card is also issued to keep a record of every traveller so that they can urgently take action to find you if any inconvenience occurs.

The package we have designed for our fixed departure cannot be changed, increased, decreased, or otherwise modified. For that, we offer a customized package, and you are free to look at your options and increase, decrease, or change the activities. You can count on our team to make your ideal package a reality.

The schedule we provide is also one of the shortened itineraries of the region that we have created, taking health and other considerations into account. High altitude sickness and other problems may result from insufficient time to adjust to changing temperature, humidity, or pH. Your body needs time to produce more red blood cells to compensate for the blood’s lower oxygen levels at high altitudes. If you are incredibly new to high elevations, cutting your journey days short could be unhelpful for your body.

In addition, if you wish to stay longer in the Himalayas, we provide the best alternative options for extending the days and tailoring your itinerary to suit your demands. Please do not hesitate to contact us; we will put together your perfect package with the help of our team and you.

If you buy the package from a trekking company, you must go with an Upper Mustang trek guide. When you book with a local company like us, we are concerned about your security. If you travel with a guide, the group will always provide you with an excellent selection of lodging, food, and other necessities to make your walk more accessible. You will always have someone to give you the best possible ideas during your trek.

It is not compulsory to take a guide for this trek if you are an independent trekker, but your trek will be hassle-free if there is a guide with you. We highly suggest you go along with a trekking agency to hire a guide, especially if you are traveling to high elevations for the very first time.

Furthermore, if you have severe altitude sickness, you will have trained experts at your side to keep an eye on your symptoms right away. They will help you learn at every step because they are experienced with such high elevations and fauna.

If accessible, you can use electricity without extra charge for various items such as lighting, music, and personal electronic devices. However, Upper Mustang experiences power shortages often due to poor electrical department maintenance, and extensive transmission line stretches.

Many people now carry portable, smaller solar chargers that enable them to charge their electronics while on the go. As a backup, you may also bring an additional battery or a portable power bank. Extra batteries must be on hand in case of power interruptions or low voltage.

It is vital to check health and fitness as you travel through high-altitude regions. It helps to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all the trekkers.

We are pleased to have you visit Upper Mustang with your kids and family since we think nature benefits children in various ways. The journey may be completed flexibly with a qualified guide.

If you want the child to trek with you, we highly suggest you get your kids in shape for this walk by having them practice easy exercises and breathing techniques. Otherwise, please let us know during the inquiry if you require a kid-carry service.

Even though the flights between Kathmandu and Pokhara are usually reliable, they could be delayed for a while or even an entire day in rare cases. But to be safe, we advise you to reserve a few more days in Nepal.

If your flight to or from Kathmandu is delayed, we will rebook it for the following day. As an agent, we will make every effort to coordinate with airlines to ensure you have a comfortable trip.

Extra hotel stays and food are not included in the package; if we need to stay overnight waiting for your flight the next day, we can arrange food and lodging at your request.

We want to inform you that before starting your journey to Upper Mustang Trek, we already pay on several things on behalf of you; permit, taxes, and others. Please also be aware that we must compensate our porters and guides even if you cancel or choose not to finish the trip because of their commitment to serving you.

Specific fees apply if you desire to cancel your reserved trips. Behind that, we welcome you to shift your trip days to Upper Mustang or the package itself. We may charge a specific amount of money if you wish to reschedule/cancel the booking date. Both parties will benefit if you inform us as soon as possible. Please go through our terms and conditions to clarify the refund process.

In case of hikers finish their journey sooner than expected or decide to terminate it early for any reason, kindly be aware that we do not grant refunds for any portion of the trek that is not used. This depends entirely on the circumstances; however, we request that you do not demand a refund for the above reasons.

If the visitor does not reach our target within the given period, the Upper Mustang trip will be shifted to a customized package. The targeted and fulfilled travellers are updated in the date and prices section. We will surely let you know about every change.

Due to the party size, we offer you a very affordable price on a fixed departure. The program will be revised if the group criteria are not met, which brings a change in the price, including terms and conditions. Go through the other pricing if you want to book the direct confirmed trip on your date, or contact us if you need to customize your trip.

Note: We do not add or deduct the activities on the fixed departure program. Please contact us for the unique customized package if you create your itinerary rather than taking part in a fixed departure. Our team will happily assist you in your Upper Mustang journey with their experienced advice and recommendations.

Starting before three months of your vacation, we strongly advise you to get active to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Additionally, we offer the Soldhunga Hike as part of our quick acclimation training trip. You can utilize this hike as a very tiny preview of what to expect on your main journey in the existence of the central Himalayas.

We request that you ask our ground team in Kathmandu for assistance in arranging day tours around the city. If you still have time extra few days or a week after the trek, we can also put one of the following quick relaxation trips. Feel free to pick the one you think will best suit your interests.

  • Lumbini
  • Chitwan Safari

All of these additional vacation days were arranged with the assumption that you would want to relax rather than continue hiking after a gruelling and lengthy excursion. Please let us know if there are any alternative destinations you would prefer.

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