Trip Duration 11 Days
Max-Altitude Bhairab Kunda (4250 m)
Group Size 1-16 Days
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Medium
Best Season Mar-May & Sep-Dec
Accommodation (Lodge/Teahouse) during trek
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner) during the trek
Transportation Drive (KTM-Jalbire & Larcha-KTM)
Trip Price
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Trip Introduction

Overview of Bhairav Kunda Trek

Bhairav Kunda Trek is a spiritual trek situated in the northeast of the Kathmandu Valley, near the Tibetan border. The holy lake of Bhairav Kunda also holds huge religious significance. It has been a popular destination for pilgrimages and wonderful mountain settlements.

This holy lake has been named after the fierce counterpart of Lord Shiva. Bordered by Tibet, hundreds of Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims visit the Bhairab Kunda area in the full moon of August. At this time, people pay homage to Lord Shiva. Hindus as well as Buddhists visit this Bhairav Kunda with religious beliefs during the full moon of August.

Many other tourists join the trek to explore the typical culture and view of the awe-inspiring Himalayan range. This trekking trail offers us splendid views of various mountains, including the chains of Dorje Lakpa (6,966 m), Madiya (6,257 m), and Phurbi Ghhyachu (6,637 m) in the Jugal Himal range, and the closest view of different Tibetan uplands and glaciers.

Passing through the rhododendron forests and rural settlements, you will make your way to the top, where the holy lake of Bhairav Kunda is situated. Many Hindu and Buddhist pilgrims, along with Shamans, visit the lake in order to take a holy bath, believing it will wash away their sins. Devotees of Lord Shiva also worship in the temple near the lake.

The Bhairav Kunda Trek is one of the best rural treks in the mountains of Nepal. You can explore the diverse beauty of the mountains and variations in culture and nature, along with the excellent Himalayan views.

Bhairav Kunda Trek Permit

As the popularity of the trek rose, the Nepalese government concluded that it was essential to preserve nature and improve a route system to protect the surroundings and boost trekkers’ safety. That is why, before attempting the adventure, every traveler must obtain Bhairav Kunda permits.


The Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) jointly administer TIMS, or Trekkers Information Management System, an essential permit. The card secures the safety and security of visitors desiring to visit Bhairav Kunda.

Trip Schedule

Itinerary of Bhairav Kunda Trek

Max-altitude 1400 m/4593 ft
Bus 4-5 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 1000 m/3280 ft

Drive approximately three hours to the northeast on the road to Tibet to reach Balephi. Balephi was at one time one of the most important towns for conducting business with Tibet. The entire Balephi Valley is breathtaking, and from here we travel further on a dirt road to Jalbire, where we will set up camp for the first night. The journey upstream to Jalbire takes approximately an hour.

Trekking 4-5 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 1350 m/4429 ft

We will reach Chanaute today after an easy 4-5 hours of walking along a road. Along the route, we will go through a few quaint Tamang villages and stop to admire a breathtaking waterfall. There are Braman and Chettri people that live in the small villages that make up Chanaute. This evening, we will set up our tents close to the school so that we can relax and take in the stunning vistas of the surrounding mountains.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2000 m/6561 ft

The journey from Chanaute to Khani Gaon will take us around six hours on foot. This is a more difficult day’s walk, with some steep climbs on little walking routes to contend with along the way. However, the picturesque towns and streams, as well as the thrill of going by local schools, where we are sure to be quite the attraction, are sure to provide us with inspiration. Khani Gaon is a Newar settlement that is also known as Dalle Pokhari due to the ‘cute lake’ that can be found hidden away in a depression next to the school.

Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner

We have the day off to do anything we like, whether that is to relax or to learn about the history and customs of this gorgeous and unique Newar Village. Once again, the views from our campsite are spectacular, especially the ones of the mountains.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,150 m/10,3334 ft

Today the trail has a steep walk where you will pass through the rhododendron forest. On the say to Forest Camp, you will be able to see some nomad houses for cattle and some wild animals and plants.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3765 m/12,352 ft

There is a significant amount of climbing involved today, so we take it at ease on the ascent and focus on enjoying the sights around us. As we climb higher, we pass through a pine and rhododendron forest on our way to breathtaking vistas. After climbing for almost four hours, we will have plenty of time to unwind and take it easy once we reach Pati. We may take in the breathtaking mountain vistas and investigate the restrooms that have been constructed along the path to the sacred Bhairav Kund in order to accommodate pilgrims.

Trekking 3-4 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 4,250 m/13,943 ft

This morning we have approximately a one-hour hike uphill, and then the terrain levels off, and we continue walking for about two and a half hours till we reach our goal, which is Bhairav Kund. We are handsomely rewarded with breathtaking panoramas of the Langtang region, the Jugal Himal Range, the Rolwalling Range, and the Tibetan Range. Bhairav Kund is a magnificent holy lake (Kund means ‘lake’) at 4250m. It is a significant religious location, and during the months of June and July each year, pilgrims travel there to pay their respects at the temple that is devoted to Bhairav, the destructive form of Lord Shiva, and to take a dip in the holy lake.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,500 m/8,202 ft

Today, we are getting an early start so that we can watch the sunrise. The first thing that will get your pulse pumping is the 1.5-hour ascent that will take you to the top of the hill, where you will be rewarded with breathtaking panoramas of Langtang, the Jugal Himal Range, the Rolwalling Range, and the Tibetan Range.

Following this incredible breakfast delight, we will continue our descent through a beautiful forest for almost six hours to reach Sherpa Goan.

Trekking 4-5 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 1,500 m/4,921 ft

This is our final day of hiking, and we follow our way down for almost three and a half hours till we reach the bank of the Bhote Koshi River and Larche, which is our final destination. We will set up a tent here, and if we walk about 30 minutes to the natural hot spring, we will be able to take a steaming hot shower there before returning to our campsite to relax.

Bus 6-7 hrs
Meals Breakfast, Lunch
Max-altitude 1,400 m/ 4,593 ft

Today marks our return to the surroundings of Kathmandu! We get on our bus, and the journey back to Kathmandu, which will take approximately six hours and take us through some breathtaking landscapes.

How trip goes

Route Map of Bhairav Kunda Trek

Bhairav Kunda Trek Map Download Map
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What's Included?

  • Public Vehicle from Kathmandu to Jalbire and Larcha to Kathmandu
  • Accommodation in the teahouse and tent camp for 9 days as per Itinerary
  • 10x set Breakfast, 10x set Lunch, and 9x set Dinner during the trek
  • Experienced Himalayan trek guide for 10 days
  • One porter for two for trekking for 9 days (prepare to give max. 15 kgs’ luggage from each of you so that it will not exceed 30 kg. for your porter)
  • Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS) card fee
  • First Aid Kit during your trek
  • Staff Insurance
  • Salary, food, and accommodation of your staff during the trek
  • Tour Certificate

What's Excluded?

  • Foods and Accommodation during Kathmandu Stay
  • Any Travel Insurance.
  • Do you have any Tips for drivers, porters, guides, Hotel staff etc.?
  • Any Personal expenses and bottled or canned drinks.
  • Any additional cost due to natural calamity and unforeseen circumstances.
  • All, except “cost includes” above.
Good to Know

Essential Information - Bhairav Kunda Trek

Bhairav Kunda Trek Route Map

Are you wondering how long the Bhairav Kunda trek tour takes? You will see the route map if you click the infographic image below.

The Bhairav Kunda Trek is an exciting journey that starts in Kathmandu, a busy city. After a night of rest in the capital, you’ll take a beautiful 4- to 5-hour drive to Jalbire, a beautiful town in the middle of the hills.

As you walk from Jalbire to Chanaute, this is the start of your trekking journey. On the way to Khani Gaon, the path takes you through small villages where you can see how people live in rural Nepal and see beautiful scenery.

You’ll go on a walk to Forest Camp, where you’ll see lots of trees and hear the sounds of nature. At last, you reach the holy Bhairav Kunda Lake, which is the best part of the trip. The journey from Pati to Bhairab Kunda is emotionally enlightening, and when you arrive at the lake, you’ll be astounded by the sight of this revered and spotless body of water.

From Bhairab Kunda, you’ll go to Sherpa Gaon, where the different cultures of the area become more clear. On the last day of your walk, you’ll get to Larcha, where you can relax in the nearby hot spring.

On the last day, you’ll walk back to Kathmandu from Larcha. During the 5 to 6 hours of driving, you can think about the amazing scenery, cultural experiences, and personal accomplishments that have made your trip one to remember.

Is the Bhairav Kunda Trek difficult?

The trail to Bhairav Kunda is not as hard as other mountain trails. However, numerous twists and turns, highs and lows, rough cliffs, and steep stairs may add to the difficulty of the trek.

Compared to many other Nepalese treks, this is one of the shorter and newer treks. But the answer somewhat depends on your perspective and prior walking experience. Any Himalayan trek involves a lot of ups and downs, and the lack of oxygen in the higher stages can quickly consume energy.

This trek generally requires 5–6 hours of daily walking, depending on your pace. An experienced trekker will arrive at their destination faster, and a newbie may take longer. And, with adequate preparation and courage, anyone can complete this journey.

Bhairav Kunda Trek Preparation

Physical fitness during Bhairav Kunda trekking is essential. Such fitness helps you walk on the rough Himalayan trails through the banks of rivers and may also help you cross rivers. As altitude gains, the route may become harsher, where fitness is further critical.

Daily walking, jogging, and running regularly for at least a month before starting this trip may be good ways to stay physically fit. Daily walking or jogging for 4-5 km/3 miles is good if you are generally fit.

Bhairav Kunda Weather and Best Season

The upper region is renowned for its freezing and unfavorable weather conditions. Each year, there are times when the weather stabilizes, making it a standard season for trekking.

The spring season (March, April, and May) has temperatures ranging from 14 to -5 degrees Celsius. The temperature ranges from 19 to 6 degrees Celsius during the summer months of June, July, and August. The autumn season follows, which is also the peak season. The temperature in autumn ranges from 20 to -6 degrees Celsius. Finally, the winter season brings about drastic temperature changes, ranging from 10 to -12 degrees Celsius.

If you want the best views and weather, spring and autumn are the best seasons to trek at Bhairav Kunda. Thousands of trekkers visit Nepal during these seasons. Throughout this time of the year, you will have a clear sky and pleasant weather for trekking.

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Bhairav Kunda Trek Accommodation

Tea houses and tents are familiar places to stay while trekking in Nepal. Before embarking on the adventure trek to Bhairav Kunda, you should be well prepared for what to expect in terms of accommodation. There is very basic accommodation in the Bhairav Kunda trial.

Bhairav Kunda Trek Foods

The foods on the Bhairav Kunda Trek are local organic products that will provide you with the energy you need for your long day’s trek. When trekking in the Himalayas, it is advised to focus on what your body needs rather than your desires.

Altitude Sickness and Acclimatization in Bhairav Kunda Trek

Muscle stretching workouts and traditional exercises such as jogging, swimming, cycling, hiking, and many other alternatives are preferred for 4 to 6 weeks before the trek. After consulting with a doctor, assess your overall physical fitness and administer any necessary vaccinations or medications.

Furthermore, we intend to trek above an elevation of 4,000 m, and the majority of foreign trekkers are from areas near sea level, so acclimatization is essential for avoiding altitude sickness. A day of acclimatization is required for a simple and easy trek for average trekkers, but professional trekkers do not need it.

The best alternative trekking packages of Bhairav Kunda

If you are willing to extend your holiday, we have other alternative trek packages. We all have different choices while traveling, so we are ready to design an alternative itinerary to your taste.

Most asked questions

FAQs about Bhairav Kunda Trek

For decades, it has been experienced that Himalayan existence helps to be and realize an unneedy division of joyful wholeness. Either as a pilgrim or hermit, your presence in the mountains has been applied for blissful wholeness since ancient times.

With this, we believe that trekking in Bhairav Kunda is more than just a trip; what you feel depends upon your interest and state of awareness.

The elevation of the Bhairav Kunda is 4250 meters (13,943 feet) above sea level, which also appears to be the tallest point of the trekking journey.

Following their physical state, beginners can hike to Bhairav Kunda. You do not need other climbing skills; our package covers trekking on rough trails. Therefore, you will be prepared for the trek if you are well-equipped to overcome your fear of walking on those trails.

Just be careful to train yourself a month before the walk by doing simple workouts like running, breathing exercises, or swimming. Beginners might be afraid of spending the entire day on the rocky paths, but being fully physically and mentally prepared will give you more confidence to take on the challenge.

A TIMs Card is required if you visit the Bhairav Kunda for any purpose. A unique trek permit is always necessary to reach the restricted areas of Nepal where the government has authorized trekking.

For customization, the itinerary we offer is one of the tight itineraries, considering health and other factors. Reduced time for acclimatization to a change in climate, humidity, or pH might result in high altitude sickness and other issues. Shortening your trek days might go against your body if you are very new to high elevations.

Besides this, we offer the most excellent choices to extend the days and customize your schedule to meet your needs if you want to spend more time in the Himalayas. Please feel free to contact us; we will put together your ideal package under the direction of you and our staff.

If you buy the package from a trekking company, you must go with a Bhairav Kunda Trek guide. When you book a local company like us, we are concerned about your security. If you travel with a guide, the group will always provide you with a fabulous selection of lodging, food, and other necessities to make your walk more accessible. Throughout your journey, you will always have someone to provide you with the best ideas.

It is not compulsory to take a guide for this trek if you are an independent trekker, but your trek will be hassle-free if there is a guide with you. We highly suggest you go along with a trekking agency to hire a guide, especially if you are traveling to high elevations for the very first time.

The majority of the communities in the trekking region now have connections to small micro hydro, making energy available. Public spaces like dining establishments, lodges, and tea shops typically offer to charge stations for your electric devices. Some locations charge extra for electrical gadget charging.

You can also bring an extra battery or a portable power bank as a backup. It is essential to have spare batteries on hand in case of power outages or low voltage.

It is essential to check health and fitness as you travel through high-altitude regions. It helps to ensure a safe and comfortable experience for all the trekkers.

We are pleased to have you visit Bhairav Kunda with your kids and family since we think nature benefits children in various ways. For at least a month, train your kids for this holiday, by having them practice easy exercises and breathing techniques. Please let us know during the inquiry if you require a kid carry service.

Even though ground transportation is reliable in good seasons, they could be delayed for a while or even an entire day in bad weather. But to be safe, we advise you to reserve a few more days in Nepal.

Extra hotel stays and food are not included in the package; if we need to stay overnight waiting for your flight the next day, we can arrange food and lodging at your request.

Before beginning the journey, we already impose payments on several costs, including permits, taxes, and others. Please be aware that this remains the same as we must fully compensate our guides and porters for the time they have committed, even if you choose not to finish the entire trek. We find it very difficult to issue refunds for any reason.

Kindly be aware that we do not grant refunds for any portion of the trek that is not used. This also totally depends on the circumstances, but we request you not expect any refund for the above reasons.

Starting before months of your vacation, we strongly advise you to get active to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Additionally, we offer the Soldhunga Hike as part of our quick acclimation training trip. You can utilize this hike as a preview of what to expect on your main journey in the central Himalayas.

We request you ask our ground team in Kathmandu for assistance in arranging day tours around the city. If you still have time extra few days or a week after the trek, we can also put one of the following quick relaxation trips. Feel free to pick the one you think will best suit your interests.

  • Lumbini
  • Chitwan Safari

All of these additional vacation days were planned with the idea that you would want to relax after a challenging and long trek rather than go hiking again. Please let us know if you would like any other destinations over these.

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