Trip Duration 18 Days
Max-Altitude 5,360m/17,585ft French Pass
Group Size 1-16 Pax
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Hard
Best Season Mar-May & Sep-Dec
Accommodation Lodge/Teahouse during the trek
Meals (Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner) during the trek
Transportation Bus (KTM-Beni & PKR-KTM) Fly (JOM-PKR)
Trip Price
USD 1521
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US$ 1163

Trip Introduction

Overview of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

You experience the divine as it is presented through the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek in the arms of the holy mother of life with complete joy. Realizing an interest in immersing oneself in the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trail results in feelings of pleasure. We guide you to the Dhaulagiri existence to satisfy your intense spiritual longing to be in the ancient Himalayas.

Dhaulagiri means “one of the highest, most transparent screens of awareness; being here, joyful wholeness reflects” in the native language. The name Dhaulagiri derives from the Sanskrit words “Dhawala,” which means brilliant, white, and lovely, and “Giri,” which means mountain.

Interest in Dhaulagiri’s existence is valued as transcended interest. To be at home, enjoy the homely environment, and travel by choosing luxurious means of facilities (transport, meals, and accommodation) is a specific interest that almost all human beings at nearly all times have. Interest in remote Himalayan existence, such as at Dhaulagiri, is understood as transcended interest.

Such interests may have that mindful intensity, potentially allowing you to realize and transform yourself toward joyful wholeness. This interest or will to be in existence, which helps ‘nothing to be in mind,’ often has such intensity. Borning in the Himalayan presence and guiding in the core, central Himalayan existence since 1990, it is experienced that rear interest in being in the Himalayas often realizes and transforms in you toward wholeness.

We welcome you to join the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek holiday to be in joyful wholeness.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Route Map

Without a helpful trek map, staying on the path throughout the epic Dhaulagiri circuit trip is nearly impossible. We have included every campground and elevation reference for Dhaulagiri on our map. Click the infographic image below to learn about the route.

Your journey begins as you leave the capital city. You will be traveling on the bus from Kathmandu to Beni. Starting your trek from Bani, the trek ends in Jomsom, from where you will take the flight to Pokhara. You can also look at our detailed itinerary to learn more about the destination.

Is Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek challenging?

The Dhaulagiri Round is among Nepal’s most challenging treks. This trek is designed for trekkers who have previous experience trekking at elevations above 5,000 meters. The trek takes you above 5,000 meters in height over snow for three days. The Dhaulagiri Circuit trek in Nepal is not for inexperienced trekkers. But those with good physical training and some experience in trekking will acquire the benefits of an unforgettable adventure.


Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Permit

The Dhaulagiri Circuit requires two different types of hiking permits for each traveler. The two permits are the Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Permit (ANCAP) and the Trekkers’ Information Management System (TIMS).

To protect the safety and security of every trekker looking to trek in Nepal, the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) and the Trekking Agencies Association of Nepal (TAAN) have jointly adopted this fundamental permit for TIMS.

All trekkers who wish to travel in the Annapurna region must have ACAP permission. The National Trust manages it for nature conservation, and a portion of the ACAP fee goes to help the trust preserve this gorgeous national park.

Note: You must present 8–10 passport-size photos when creating official documents.

Trip Schedule

Itinerary of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Max-altitude 1400 m/4592 ft
Bus 7-8 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 817 m

Today your memorable journey starts with an early wake-up and ride from Kathmandu to Beni. Your ride begins from the noisy city and then passes through the green hills and rivers along the way.

After the long ride from Kathmandu, you will finally reach Beni. It is a small town situated at the convergence of the Kali Gandaki and Myagdi Rivers.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 950 m

Today you will start your trek along the Kali Gandaki River and head toward Babichor. You will start your trek from the small town of Beni and then pass through Singa, Tatopani, and Babiachor.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 1,560 m

Today you will walk toward the Dharapani, which takes six to seven hours of walking. As you leave Babiachor, you will see terraced hills and rivers. As you ascend higher, the part starts to be uneven and rough. Further, you will cross the Duk River, small villages, and then reach Rotorunga. From here, the trails get narrow until you arrive at Dharapani. You will get an opportunity to see beautiful fields and landscapes from Dharapani.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 1,720 m

After some minutes of leaving Dharapni, you will cross the small river and reach the west bank of the river. We will then continue our walk until we reach Phedi. From here, the trail is more strenuous as you have to make the steep ascend and enter the forest.

After some ascending, you will walk on the flat surface for some hours. After some ups and downs, we will pass through Mattimm Ghati and Phalai. You will then cross the Dhara River and reach the west bank of the Myagdi River. From here, we will then again ascend to reach Muri. You will spend the night in this fantastic Magar community.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,080 m

You will hit the trial will a slight descent in the trail. After some walking, you will cross the stream and pass the fields. During the walk, you will see a tremendous white peak of Mt. Ghustung South in the distance. You ascend slightly and enter the dense forest of oaks and pines. After walking into the beautiful nature with a fantastic view of Dhaulagiri I and Mt. Gurja for some hours, you will finally reach Boghara.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,520 m

You will again start your trek today, too, until you reach to fields. Slowly you are steeping to the remote settlement and lush forest further. You will cross a rocky area and then ascend until you reach Lapche. After an additional walk into the woods, climb the trail that takes you to Dobang.

Day 8: Trek from Dobang to Choriban Khola 3,110 m
After the early morning breakfast, we start our trek by crossing a river and ascending upwards into the forest. As you climb higher, your eyes will feast with glowing Mt. Dhaulagiri from the far distance. We will again reach to Myagdi River and cross it with a bridge to reach Chartare.

We will again enter into the green forest and walk, playing with nature and streams which take you to the Choriban. You will spend your night here.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,110 m

After the early morning breakfast, we start our trek by crossing a river and ascending upwards into the forest. As you climb higher, your eyes will feast with glowing Mt. Dhaulagiri from the far distance. We will again reach to Myagdi River and cross it with a bridge to reach Chartare.

We will again enter into the green forest and walk, playing with nature and streams which take you to the Choriban. You will spend your night here.

Trekking 7-8 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 3,660m/12,008ft

After the early morning breakfast, we follow the trial of the glacial Chhonbarban glacier. As we walk further, the Himalayas will surround us, including Dhaulagiri I in front of us, Manapati on the right, and Tsaurabong Peak behind.

Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner

On the tenth day of your holiday, you will acclimatize to the surroundings to ease off. Trekking into the high altitude is not a race, so we will stay here for a day to help the body adjust to the existing environment.

Today we will roam around the Italian Base Camp and enjoy the stunning view of the mountains and landscape.

Trekking 5-6 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 4,210m/13,812ft

As we start to gain height, the weather may be worst in no time, so hope for the perfect weather passing rocky trails and narrow canyon. After some adventurous walks to rugged terrain, we will reach Glacier Camp. Today the walk might be more tricky because of glaciers, steep ups and downs, and loose stones along the way.

Trekking 7-8 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 4,740m/15,551ft

As you walk further, more adventure is waiting ahead. Today you will head towards Dhaulagiri Base Camp from the Glacier Camp. We will cross glacier moraine following the rocky trial. After some hours of walking on challenging trails, we will finally reach Dhaulagiri Base Camp. You will also encounter the fantastic Dhaulagiri range during the walk.

Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner

This is your second acclimatization day after the tenth day of your holiday. Today you will be acclimatizing at the foot of the seventh-highest mountain. The next day we have to pass above 5000 meters, so it’s essential to rest at this altitude.

We will hike to a higher elevation and adjust our bodies to this environment. You can also see the life-changing sun rays in the Dhaulagiri ranges.

Trekking 7-8 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 5,360m/17,585ft

You will get to experience more adventure as you gain altitude. Today you will begin your trek by climbing across two hills. You will encounter glaciers, rugged trials, and ups and downs. Along the walk, you will see the stunning view of Mt. Mukut, Tashi Kang, Chuchura, Tukuche Peak, Dhaulagiri, and many more. After leaving the pass, you will walk along the ridge and lower the altitude to reach Hidden Valley.

Trekking 7-8 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 5,200m/17,060ft

Today the pass is easy compared to previous days. You will have an early meal and then start the trek toward the Dhampus Pass. After you cross the pass, the terrain will be sloppy. You will lose more than 1500 meters gain to reach Yak Kharka. So, be careful while descending, as there might be loose gravel on the way.

Trekking 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Teahouse
Meals Brekafast, Lunch, Dinner
Max-altitude 2,710m/8,891ft

We continue our trek downhill, following the steep trail. We will then reach Marpha, the village famous for apples and many homemade products. We then head west along the Kali Gandaki River to get Jomsom.

Flight 25 minutes
Meals Brekafast
Max-altitude 910m/2,986ft

We will catch the early flight to reach Pokhara. During the flight, you will witness the impressive view of the Annapurna Range, Fishtail, and several green hills. After the adventurous flight, you will reach the beautiful city of Pokhara.

Bus 7-8 hrs
How trip goes

Route Map of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Map Download Map
Added Insights


What's Included?

  • Bus Fare of Kathmandu-Beni and Pokhara-Kathmandu
  • Domestic flight from Jomsom to Pokhara
  • Annapurna Conservation Area Entry Pass and TIMS Card
  • Experienced Himalayan trek guide for 17 days
  • One porter for two of you for trekking for 14 days (prepare to give max. 15 kgs’ luggage from each of you so that it will not exceed 30 kg. for your porter)
  • Basic yet comfortable accommodation for 15 nights on a twin-sharing basis during your trek as per itinerary.
  • Staff insurance
  • 16 x set breakfast, 15 x set lunch and 15 x set dinner while on the trek
  • Purified drinking water during the entire trekking as per itinerary
  • General first aid medicine kit
  • Complimentary T-shirt
  • Duffle bag during the trek

What's Excluded?

  • Food and Accommodation for Kathmandu and Pokhara will be on your own as you will have various options.
  • Personnel expenses of any kind
  • Excess baggage cost during your domestic flight
  • Any Travel Insurance
  • Any additional cost due to natural calamity and unforeseen circumstances.
  • Tips for any staff and guide
  • Anything that is not listed in the “PRICE INCLUDES” section above
We offer discounts

Special Group Discount Price

Group Size Price
1 Person US$ 1496 Per Person
2 People US$ 1163 Per Person
3 People US$ 1077 Per Person
4-6 People US$ 1043 Per Person
7-9 People US$ 1015 Per Person
10-12 People US$ 1011 Per Person
Over 12 People US$ 999 Per Person
Good to Know

Essential Information - Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

Accommodation on Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

During the trek to Dhaulagiri, you may find a limited number of teahouses. The lack of proper accommodation on the Dhaulagiri trail is another difficulty for the trekkers, which makes the trip more challenging.

Apart from the first and last nights in Beni and Pokhara, where you will stay in hotels, this is an entirely basic teahouse trek. In tea houses, you get basic accommodation and simple food like dal bhat. This fact increases the effects of the cold.

Food on Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

A menu will be included in every teahouse, which will be provided by them and cooked for you. You should talk with your agency if you have any special food requirements. The foods will be simple, healthy, and fulfilling.

Food will be prepared by the locals using organic vegetables, which ensures that necessary provisions are carried out to prepare high-energy and hygienic food.

Best season to trek Dhaulagiri Circuit

A successful journey and positive experience are greatly influenced by this trek’s ideal time of year. You must pick the best time to do the Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek, so let’s look at the months to see how it will be. Only the spring and autumn are suitable for this walk.

The spring season, which runs from March through May, is the second-best season for hiking and trekking, along with an excellent season for mountaineering. There are fewer rain chances during this season, and the sky is relatively open. At the same time, the autumn period runs from September to November, which is the best season to trek. The weather is typically delightful, sunny, and moderately warm this year. The weather can change at any time. However, the weather is generally enjoyable at this time.

Altitude Sickness & Acclimatization of Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

We will probably reach a high elevation, but as most hikers are en route from a low area roughly at sea level, there is a significant risk of falling victim to the harmful effects of altitude sickness if carelessness is done.

As necessary, proper concentration on acclimatization plays a significant role in the achievement of the desired goal. Similarly, more excellent thought should be given to concluding and completing Dhaulagiri trekking. Remember that ignoring acclimation is the primary cause of trouble with height conditions. This makes proper acclimatization extremely important while hiking to the base of Dhaulagiri.

Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek Packing Suggestions

Please properly pack your luggage for the porter (each of you weighs 15kg; for two of you, a porter is arranged). You will leave the rest of your luggage behind at your hotel until the end of this holiday. Below is a loosely advised Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek packing list that might help you in your trek:

  • Appropriate clothing (3 sets)
  • Woolen sweater or jacket
  • Thermal inner wear
  • Wide-brimmed hat
  • Woolen cap and scarf
  • Thick woolen gloves
  • Waterproof gloves
  • Sport Sandals
  • Woolen socks (2 pairs)
  • Waterproof (not water-resistant) shoes with a good tread/grip
  • Rain-proof pants and jacket with hood
  • A lock for the duffle bag
  • Backpack with waterproof cover
  • Sleeping bag suitable for temperatures around 0°C (1 – optional)
  • Down jacket with hood
  • Camera (optional) (video camera is not permitted by authority)

Other essential items:

  • Personal clothing
  • Toiletries
  • Small thermos for hot beverages
  • Water bottle (1 liter)
  • Sunscreen lotion (50 SPF or more)
  • Castor oil (50 ml) to lubricate the nostrils at high altitude
  • Ziplock bags for clothing
  • Quick-dry Towel (not a regular one)
  • Toilet paper
  • Wet wipes
  • Sunglasses
  • Snacks: chocolates, biscuits, nuts, etc.
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Powerful flashlight or headlamp (with extra batteries)

Medical Kit

Though we arrange basic medical kits for Dhaulagiri Circuit Trekking, they are very general and may not be adequate based on conditional necessity. Personal medical equipment with electrolyte packs, pain killers, muscle relaxant cream, band-aids, knee caps, medicines for fever, common cold, headache, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, indigestion, and any other personal medication is necessary from your side.

Communication in Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

The Dhaulagiri Circuit trekking itinerary encounters different landscapes. Even in this age of highly modern information and communication technologies (ICT), it is challenging to approach the development of remote Dhaulagiri. One cause is still not properly developing the technologies in remote Dhaulagiri. As communication is significant in such an area, a guide has a mobile that may help connect you with a networked site. Though it is not as reliable as in the urban areas we generally live in, much ICT has been developing. Wi-Fi may be available in very few places on this route.

Most asked questions

FAQs about Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek

For decades, it has been experienced that existence like the Dhaulagiri range circuit, covered by the Himalayas, helps realize transformation into a qualitative being. As a pilgrimage or hermit, your presence in the mountains has applied for blissful wholeness since ancient times.

To be at home, enjoy the homely environment, travel choose luxurious means of facilities (transport, meals, accommodation) is an average interest which almost all human beings in nearly all time have. Interest to be in remote Himalayan existence, such as Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek, is understood as transcended interest. Such interests may have that whole intensity, potentially able to realize and transform you toward joyful wholeness.

With this, we believe, YES, trekking in Dhaulagiri Circuit Trek is more than just a trip; what you feel depends upon your interest and state of awareness.

The highest point of our walk, via which we arrive at Hidden Valley, is French Camp at 5360m. The hike is challenging because of the high altitude and other factors.

The Dhaulagiri Circuit trek is not for beginners or first-time visitors to Nepal, but the rewards are high for those with more experience. The trek leads you to an expedition-like experience.

This journey is intended for those who have previously done hiking at altitudes higher than 5,000 meters or at least have been too high altitudes previously. Across the course of three days, the walk takes you nearly snow at the height of over 5,000 meters. The Dhaulagiri Circuit walk is not recommended for inexperienced hikers or those on their first trek in the Himalayas. However, individuals with more fabulous life experiences will enjoy the rewards of an extraordinary journey.

You must get entry permission if you intend to enter the Annapurna area. A specific trek permit is always required to enter the limited regions of Nepal where the government permits trekking. Annapurna Conservation Permit (ACAP) and TIMS Trekkers Permit are needed for the Dhaulagiri Circuit permit.

Your safety when you enter the protected zones is directly related to the permit. While hiking in specific locations, a permit ensures your safety, and the amount you pay is also used to enhance the area and make it more inviting to tourists.

We are sorry to inform you that increasing, decreasing, or modifying the package we have created for our fixed departure schedule is unavailable. Fixed departure is a group departure where we won’t be able to change the programs. We assure you that the itinerary we have designed has covered every must-visit location of Poon Hill.

If you want the package as you want, we provide a customized package for that, and you are free to explore your options and extend, decrease, or modify the activities. Your vision ideal package may become a reality with the help of our team and you.

Moreover, for customization of the trek, please acknowledge that the itinerary we offer is one of the minimized days itineraries, taking health and other aspects into account. Shortening your trekking days more than this might go against your body if you have never been to high elevation.

Besides this, we offer the most effective alternative options if you need to extend the days and customize your schedule to meet your needs if you want to spend more time in the Himalayas. Please feel free to contact us; we will put together your ideal package under the direction of both you and our staff.

If you are traveling with an agency, you must go with a guide because we care about your security if you are traveling with us. Independent trekkers are permitted to complete the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek without a guide.

If you are traveling with an agency, the guide will always provide you with a fantastic selection of lodging, food, and other necessities during the trek. Throughout your journey, you will always have someone experienced to provide the most significant recommendations and help you if you catch altitude sickness or any other health issues. We highly suggest you go along with a trekking agency to hire a guide, especially if you are traveling to high elevations for the very first time.

This service may be a little fee, but most teahouses now provide power for charging small electronics like cameras and cell phones. Chargers for your electronic gadgets are typically available in public places like restaurants, lodges, and tea shops.

Many tourists like you today carry compact, foldable solar chargers that enable them to recharge their gadgets while hiking. A backup battery or portable power bank is another thing we strongly advise you to have. Extra batteries must be on hand in case of power interruptions or low voltage.

We are pleased to have you visit Dhaulagiri Circuit with your kids and family since we think nature benefits children in various ways. A low-elevation journey from Pokhara to Dhaulagiri Circuit trek is ideal for families with young children and older hikers.

Please mention if you need a kid to carry service while making your inquiry.

Flights between Kathmandu and Pokhara are usually reliable, sometimes, the flight might get delayed, but it won’t usually be canceled. We cannot predict nature; hence we highly suggest you reserve a few extra after trekking days in Nepal as a different day.

We will rebook your ticket for the following day if your flight from or to Kathmandu is delayed. As an agent, we will do everything we can to work with the airlines to ensure your vacation is comfortable.

In the case of cancellation of the flight, extra hotel stays and food will not be included in the package. As requested, we are always ready to assist you with food and lodging.

If the visitor does not reach our target within the period mentioned, the Poon Hill trip will be shifted to a customized package. The targeted and fulfilled travelers are updated in the date and prices section. We will surely let you know about every change.

Due to the party size, we offer you a very affordable price on a fixed departure. The program will be revised if the group criteria are not met, which brings a change in the price, including terms and conditions. Go through the other pricing if you want to book the direct confirmed trip on your date, or contact us if you need to customize your trip.

Note: We do not add or deduct the activities on the fixed departure program. Please contact us for the unique customized package if you create your itinerary rather than taking part in a fixed departure. Our team will happily assist you in your Dhaulagiri Circuit journey with their experienced advice and recommendations.

Starting before three months of your vacation, we strongly advise you to get active to mentally and physically prepare yourself. Additionally, we offer the Soldhunga Hike as part of our quick acclimation training trip. You can utilize this hike as a very tiny preview of what to expect on your main journey in the existence of the Dhaulagiri Circuit trek.

We request you ask our ground team in Kathmandu for assistance in arranging day tours around the city. If you still have time extra a few days or a week after the trek, we can also set up one of the following quick relaxation trips. Feel free to pick the one you think will best suit your interests.

  • Lumbini
  • Chitwan Safari

We anticipated that you would prefer to rest and recuperate after such a strenuous journey, so we gave you plenty of extra time off. If there are alternative places you would rather go, please let us know.

Travellers Experiences

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Bentham & Matthew
Bentham & Matthew
Syha Broadford, U.K

Excellent crew and campsites, Krishna was very helpful and professional

Ganesh and the crew were excellent. Ganesh had excellent experience on the Dhaulagiri route along with Mingma and Chiche and everyone was enthusiastic, hardworking, patient and polite all the time. A fantastic group of people.

The tent was very comfortable for 2 people – lots of space and staff seemed well-equipped. All the camping sites were very well chosen.

We have been on several other treks in Nepal but the unspoiled wilderness, High passes, Hidden Valley, Dhampus  French Passes, Dhaulagiri Base Camp and all the jungle-my favourite parts of Nepal so far.

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