Everest Base Camp Weather

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Himalayas are full of surprises and adventure. We cannot predict the Everest Base Camp Weather conditions while you are trekking in the Himalayas.

If you are planning to do Everest Base Camp Trek then you need to be up to date about the weather conditions.

Being the local travel agency, what is the Everest Base Camp weather is a frequently asked question. So, We have broken down into four seasons: spring, summer, autumn, and winter. Read Below what to expect while doing Everest Base Camp Trek in a different season.

Everest Base Camp Weather in Spring Season

In Nepal, March, April, and May are spring seasons and the weather slowly gets hotter in spring. In mid-March, the frozen lakes start to melt and tea house lodge owners fly back to their hotel. The temperature gets warmer day by day and the day is clear. In Spring the maximum temperature at day time is 15 degrees Celcius and the minimum is about -14 degrees Celcius. From April to May the trail of Everest Base Camp starts to be busy.


In the first week of March, there will be a little colder. During March, the average temperature is 7 to -12 degrees Celcius. In the daytime, it will be warmer but you may feel cold at night time.


April is the middle of the Spring season and this is the best for Everest Base Camp Trek. This month, a climber waits at Everest Base Camp to climb the summit. In April the average temperature is 10 to -7 degrees Celcius.


May month is the best time to summit Everest. You are recommended to visit the Everest Base Camp in the month of May. Those people who cannot bear too cold can visit the Everest base camp this month. In May the average temperature is 15 to 0 degrees Celcius.

Everest Base Camp Weather in Summer/Monsoon Season

In Nepal, June, July, and August are Summer/Monsoon seasons. Generally, people do not travel in the Monsoon season. But those people who want peace and no other people in trekking trial, they travel in this season. In Monsoon season there will be 17 degrees to 2 degrees Celcius.


June is the starting month for monsoon however first 2 weeks in June ok for the Everest Base Camp Trek. With good preparation and gear, you can trek in Everest Base camp this month. The average temperature in June month is 17 to 2 degrees Celcius.


July is the mid-Monsoon season and there is heavy rain for some days. The Everest Base Camp Trek trail will be wet and slippery. If you compromise on the weather and some extra time, it is not possible to trek to Everest Base Camp. There will be a high chance to be canceled of a flight to Lukla if it rains.

There are a lot of advantages to trekking to Everest Base Camp in July. If you are well-informed and in good gear you can still enjoy trekking.

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August month is the end of Summer/Monsoon in Nepal. The rainfall occurs generally in the evening and night time. Trekking to Everest Base Camp is generally not recommended. The average temperature is 18 to 2 degrees Celcius. You can still plan your trekking in the last month of Everest.

Everest Base Camp Weather in Autumn Season

In Nepal, September, October, and November are Autumn seasons. The Autumn season is another amazing weather for Everest Base Camp Trek. Tourists slowly start to come for trekking and trials once again will be busy. Slowly, the rain stops and the sky will be clear and the hills will be green. The temperature will slowly start to be cool and considered the best time to view mountains. The average temperature will be 17 to -10 degrees Celcius.


September is the end of the rainy season and the start of Autumn. There may be some rain in the first week of September but normally the sky will be clear. The average temperature of Everest Base Camp is 17 to 1 degree Celcius. Most of the day is sunshine and the sky is clear. So, we recommend you, travel to Everest Base Camp this month.


October is the mid-autumn and this month is the busiest time in Everest Base Camp Trail. The average temperature will be 12 to -5 degrees Celcius. The sly will be clean and you can see a distant mountain clearly. This month is most recommended for trekking.


November is the end of Autumn and the beginning of the winter season. The temperature starts to fall but still, it is a good time for trekking if you have good clothes. The average temperature is 6 to -10 degrees Celcius.

Everest Base Camp Weather in Winter Season

In Nepal, December, January, and February are Winter seasons. The first week of December is still possible for trekking but another month is generally not recommended. The average temperature of Everest Base Camp in winter is 4 to -18 degrees Celcius. The trial is covered by snow and the route may be more adventurous. Some people still dare to travel and January for more adventure. But generally, the winter season is not recommended for trekking in Everest Base Camp.


We have the slogan “Nepal for all Seasons.” Nepal always welcomes you in any season and different seasons have their own advantages. During the season you can see the great view but the hotels and trail are so busy. But, in the offseason, the trial and hotel are quiet. There may be cancellations of flights occasionally but you can still enjoy your trek. If you have the gears and clothes that you need then you can entertain your holiday.