Mundum Trek

Thursday, September 14, 2023

The Mundum Trek just started to gain fame at the start of January 2018. The government also lists this trial among the top 100 tourism destinations. This hidden gem is rich in biodiversity, Kirati civilization, culture, and lifestyle, and offers a wide view of the mountain, mid-hill, and Terai regions.

The name “Mundum” comes from the Kirati language itself. Mundum means the root of Kirati culture, and it’s an oral guide to the Kirati way of life, which holds more traditional implications than religious tones. Since ancient days, the hills of Temke, Maiyung, and Salpa Pokhari were pilgrimage routes. The Mundumi (Kirati priest) used these pathways to reach the sacred Silichung Hill.

This blog is about A Complete Guide to the Mundum Trek, which might help you if you’re planning to trek here. Read on to learn more about this newly explored hidden gem of Nepal.

Where is Mundum Trek?

Mundum Trail is located in the Khotang district, on the far east side of Nepal. We will pass Haleshi Mahadev, and the journey begins after you arrive in Diktel from Kathmandu. The trail then passes through Chakhewa Bhanjyang, Dhotre, and continues northeast along the ridge of Salpa Pokhari. Along with the epic view of mountains and green pastures, a trail called Mundum takes you to the south to Hans Pokhari and Bhojpur.

Mundum Trail is known as ‘Ridge Trail’ as you will pass through a long ridge, green pastures, animal herds, and a small cottage. You will also see the wide range of Everest, Kanchenjunga, Lhotse, Makalu, Cho Oyu, and many more.

Mundum Trek

A Highlight of Mundum Trek

  • The trail is suitable for all age groups and is suitable in all-season trekking destination
  • Experience the wide ranges of Himalayan views from Mt. Everest to Mt. Kanchenjunga and long stretches of snow-clad mountains in the north
  • Best dawn and dusk viewpoints from the high ridges.
  • Passing through the rhododendron and Himalayan bamboo forests
  • Ponds, meadows, rivers, and streams
  • Kirati–Rai people, with their rich culture and lifestyles, along with Indigenous cuisine

Arranging Mundum Trek Package 2024/25

The best Mundum Trek 12 Days package is a budget trekking option to discover the various landscapes in the Eastern Region, along with the beautiful ridge, which is simply spectacular to observe. This is the best available walking option for those with a short vacation who are eager to explore the ridge of less-explored land.

Locally qualified guides are the best option to visit this newly discovered Mundum Trail. Package tours to Mundum include transport, guides, porters, accommodation, and food. To feel at ease with the agency and the guide, meeting with them in person is a good idea before embarking on a package trek. Take extra care to ensure that everyone knows what is and is not included in the final pricing.

Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you want further information regarding the Mundum Trek Package 2024.

Mundum Trek Map

Our adventure begins at Diktel after we arrive from Kathmandu. After overnight in Diktel, we’ll hike to Chakhewa Bhanjyang. Chichewa Bhanjyang to Dhotre is a long ridge, highlands, and village trip. After staying in Dhotre, we’ll go to Maiyung. Visit Maiyung Hill and Hans Pokhari and enjoy the landscape.

Our next destination is the enchanting village of Rawadhap. Similarly, we will continue our camping journey to Salpa Pass. The summit of Silicho Peak, situated at an elevation of 4,156 meters, will be the highest point of our journey. The travelers will have the opportunity to explore the sacred Salpa Pokhari (pond), located in this region. We shall return to Bhojpur by retracing our steps through Hyakule and Hans Pokhari.

Mundum Trek Itinerary

Day 01: Drive from Kathmandu to Haleshi Mahadevsthan

Day 02: Trek Haleshi Mahadevsthan to Tawabhanjyang

Day 03: Trek Tawabhanjyang to Temke Danda (3005 m) to Chakhewa (2,300 m)

Day 04: Trek Chakhewa to Dhotre (2,752 m)

Day 05: Trek Dhotre to Hansh Pokhari (2,972 m)

Day 06: Hike to Maiyung/Mattim Danda (3,333 m) & trek to Satdobato (3,122 m)

Day 07: Trek from Satdobato to Rawadhap (3,426 m)

Day 08: Trek from Rawadhap to Salpabhanjyang/kulupankha (3,348 m)

Day 09: Trek from Kulupankha to Silichung Hill (4,153 m) & back to Satdobato

Day 10: Trek from Satdobato to Ekrate

Day 11: Trek from Ekrate to Bhojpur (1,600 m)

Day 12: Fly/Drive to Kathmandu

Side Trip to Timke Danda (Hill)

Timke Danda is a popular tourist destination and is widely popular for its religious significance in the area. Two and a half relaxing hours of climbing southward on Chakhewa are a thrill. As beautiful as it is to look at, the rhododendron woods are all uphill. The districts of Bhojpur and Khotang both share the 3010-meter-high Timke Hilltop.

Manaslu, Dorje Lakpa, Numbur, Karyalung, Gaurishankar, Kwangde, Choyu, Kusum Kangaroo, Thamserku, Khangtega, Kyashar, Mera Peak, Nuptse, Mt. Everest, Lhotse, Chamlang, Makalu, and Kanchenjunga may all be seen from the hilltop’s magnificent 180-degree vista.

Nearby, you’ll find Mahadev Temple and Cave, which is beautiful for a stroll. It’s a fantastic hike up to the hills that you should not miss!

Permit for Mundum Trek

As of December 2022, trekking permits and other entry passes are not required for the Mundum Trek. There is also no rule for Trekkers’ Information Management Systems (TIMS) cards during this trek. Be aware of any online booking sites or scammers trying to include permit fee charges. So, before booking, always check the “Trip Includes” section so that you will be sure.

When will be best to visit Mundum & when not to?

January is freezing, but a trip to Mundum is still doable despite the weather. But dress warmly with many layers and enjoy being one of the few people in the Himalayas.

It can get quite chilly in February and March, especially at night, but you can expect a clear sky and excellent, unobstructed views of the Himalayas. The Hindu festival of Holi, marking the end of winter, is in March or April.

In late March and April, hikers enjoy warmer temperatures and the blooming of rhododendrons and other flowers further up the trail. The length of the days means there is more time to go exploring, especially since the early mornings are becoming bright and clear.

Before the monsoon hits in early May, you can still trek to Mundum. Because the window of favorable weather required for this varies annually with the Bengal monsoon,

The monsoon season in Nepal begins in late May and continues through June, July, and August, ending in early September. Trails are muddy and infested with leeches, the mountains are frequently hidden in clouds, and landslides are frequent and disturbing to travel during the rainy season.

The autumn trekking season begins in late September as the monsoon winds down. The mild temperatures and clear skies are ideal for hiking in October and early November. It’s a little chillier than spring, but the days are dry, and the scenery is beautiful. The terrain looks lush and green since the monsoon rains have washed away any dirt particles. The 15-day-long Dashain event is in late September and early October. During this time, hundreds of animals were sacrificed in honour of Durga.

The months of Late November and December offer pleasant weather for hiking, despite a slightly lower temperature. People trying to get out of the cold will probably not use the trail to Mundum, so that’s a plus. Flight prices have been trending downward recently as well.

How Difficult is Mundum Trek?

The incredible beauty of the Mundum Trail is attracting more and more explorers. With an 8–10-day duration, this walk is manageable for first-time hikers. Several factors contribute to the overall difficulty of a walk; playing to your strengths is essential. In this way, you may maximize your time on the journey.

Because it is relatively shorter than other treks and the trail does not lead to any particularly risky areas, most hikers consider it a simple hike. However, many novice hikers find it a moderately hard trek. Due to the long distances walked and the dramatic elevation changes.

Around 5 or 6 hours of walking are involved each day in the low mountains. However, the rest of the stops along the way are a great help. You’ll make an ascent, but high altitude is not too much of an issue. That’s because proper intervals are in the itinerary.

The highest point of the hike is 4,153m above sea level. Reaching the Silichung viewpoint, the cool breeze will soothe your sore muscles. There, you’ll know that every step was well worth it thanks to the spectacular panorama of the mountain range around you.

So, this is an easy trek compared to other mountain treks like the Manaslu Circuit or Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek.

Mundum Trek Cost

Several factors contribute to the overall cost of a Mundum trek. It depends on whether you are going with a guide-only service or a package tour. Package tours to Mundum will be expensive because a travel agency manages all our services. Hiring a guide alone is the cheapest way to hike the Mundum Trail, but you must arrange all porters, accommodations, food, and gear. Going alone is the cheapest option, but we will not recommend that to you, as the trail is new and you might get lost easily.

How is the hotel/lodge facility in Mundim Trek?

The hotel and lodge facilities in Mundum are very basic. You can expect bathrooms and thin foam mattresses in your hotel. As the destination gets more popular, more facilities will be increased regarding the accommodation facility. Because of remoteness, you do not have the facility of online booking. You can also expect squat toilets and a bucket of water, so bring wet wipes or tissues. During the colder months, indoor fires are located in the kitchen and dining hall. You will not get a heating system in the bedroom, so bringing a sleeping bag is best.

How is the Food in Mundum Trek?

Food service is also quite basic here. Dal Bhat is the main dish you will find while doing this trek. In the lower part of the trek, fresh vegetables are farmed in the area. Also, remember that you will be burning calories while walking. It will be best to pack some energy bars and dry nuts to regain stamina.