Trip Duration 08 Days
Max-Altitude 4,300 m (Gyantse)
Group Size 1-16 Pax
Start & End Point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
Trip Difficulty Easy
Accommodation Twin sharing room
Meals Breakfast during the tour
Transportation Jeep/Minibus
Trip Price
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Trip Introduction

Overview of 8 Days Tibet Overland Tour From Nepal (Drive in Drive Out)

The 8 days Tibet Overland Tour from Nepal is renowned as one of the most captivating multi-day tours. The reasons are plentiful: stunning natural landscapes, deep cultural experiences, breathtaking mountain vistas, historical landmarks, off-the-beaten-path adventures, spiritual immersion, and unique local cuisines all make the Tibet Tour a must-do in 2024.

After being closed for a long period due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Tibet reopened to visitors from Nepal in April 2023. Given its proximity to Nepal, many tourists opt to fly to Nepal, secure their permits, and embark on the week-long overland journey into Tibet.

Here’s a glimpse of what you can expect during an 8 days Tibet Overland Tour Package from Kathmandu, Nepal.

8 days Tibet tour

Magnificent Mountain Scenery

Starting the 8 days Tibet Overland Tour from Kathmandu, you will be greeted with awe-inspiring mountain scenery. The route passes through serene lakes, enchanting valleys, and traditional Tibetan villages. The journey offers mesmerizing views as the road winds through the majestic Himalayan landscape.

During this tour, you will witness three of the world’s highest peaks: Everest (8,848.86 meters), Cho Oyu (8,201 meters), and Shishapangma (8,012 meters). For those wanting to customize their trip further, there is an option to visit the Everest Base Camp North and Rongbuk Glacier from Gyantse.

Rich Tibetan Culture

Tibet has deep roots in ancient Buddhism, dating back to the 7th century. This rich heritage is evident throughout the region, from the numerous monasteries and stupas to the local traditions and daily life. Throughout your journey, you will be immersed in the spiritual and cultural atmosphere of Tibetan Buddhism.

Interacting with the locals provides a unique opportunity to experience their lifestyle up close. Your tour guide will arrange various cultural activities and events to enhance this experience.

Revered Historical Sites

The Tibet Overland Tour will take you to several historically significant sites. One of the highlights is the Potala Palace in Lhasa, the former residence of the Dalai Lama and a UNESCO World Heritage site. This palace is a stunning example of Tibetan architecture and a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism.

Other notable historical and cultural sites include the Jokhang Temple and the Sera Monastery. These locations offer a glimpse into ancient Tibetan history and leave a lasting impression with their profound cultural richness.

8 days Tibet tour

Unique Cultural Festivals

Tibetan festivals and rituals are among the most vibrant in the world. Celebrating the Tibetan New Year, Lhosar, is a significant event, and if your tour coincides with February 10, 2024, you can join the locals in this grand celebration. Such an experience is particularly memorable when shared with family.

Other popular festivals include the Saga Dawa Festival, Shoton Festival, and Butter Lamp Festival. These celebrations feature masked performances, cultural dances, rituals, and a deep sense of spirituality.

Spiritual Experience

Tibet offers a unique opportunity for spiritual reflection. Known as the “roof of the world,” its serene landscapes and ancient Buddhist heritage provide an ideal setting for personal growth and spiritual connection.

Visiting sacred sites, interacting with Buddhist monks, and experiencing the tranquility of the region helps you connect with your inner self.

Authentic Local Cuisine

Tibetan cuisine is as rich and diverse as its history and landscapes. The region offers unique and flavorful dishes that are sure to delight your taste buds.

Some popular Tibetan dishes include MoMo (steamed dumplings), Thukpa (Tibetan noodle soup), and Thenduk. These culinary delights are a must-try during your visit to Tibet.

Trip Schedule

Itinerary of 8 Days Tibet Overland Tour From Nepal (Drive in Drive Out)

Jeep 6-7 hours
Accommodation Twin Sharing Room
Meals Breakfast
Max-altitude 2,700 meters

Departure from Kathmandu:

Start your drive from Kathmandu, heading towards the Kerung border.

Driving Route:

  • Dhunche: Pass through Dhunche, a town known for its scenic views and as a gateway to the Langtang National Park.
  • Syabrubesi: Continue driving to Syabrubesi, a popular stop for trekkers and travelers heading to the Langtang region.
  • Timure: Proceed to Timure, a small village close to the border.
  • Rasuwagadhi: Drive through Rasuwagadhi, which has historical significance and is near the Nepal-China border.
  • Kerung: Finally, reach the Kerung border.

Border Crossing:

  • At the Kerung border, your permits will be checked at the immigration center.
  • Complete the immigration formalities.

Drive to Kerung Town: After finishing immigration, take a two-hour uphill drive to Kerung Town.

Overnight Stay: Once you arrive in Kerung town, check into your hotel for an overnight stay.

Jeep 7-8 hours
Accommodation Twin Sharing Room
Meals Breakfast
Max-altitude 4300 meters

Today, you will start on an 8-hour drive to the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau, the highest plateau in the world. This journey offers a remarkable view of the Tibetan landscape, known for its vastness and beauty.

Views of Majestic Mountains

We will have the chance to see breathtaking views of two stunning mountains: Mt. Shishapangma and Cho Oyu in clear weather. These towering peaks add to the awe-inspiring scenery.

Journey Through Beautiful Landscapes

The entire drive is attractive, serene, and scenic, providing we with a sense of peace and wonder every day.

Spotting Mt. Everest from Tingri

As we travel, Mt. Everest will come into view when we reach Tingri. This iconic mountain is a highlight of the 8 days Tibet Overland Tour.

Crossing High Passes

After leaving the town of Lhatse, you’ll cross Gyatso La, the highest pass on the route, standing at 5,220 meters above sea level. The road remains scenic and captivating throughout the day.

Reaching Mt. Kailash

We will also see the road leading west to Mt. Kailash, another significant and sacred mountain in Tibet.

Overnight Stay in Xigatse

At the end of the day, we will stop for an overnight stay at the Yak Hotel in Xigatse, ensuring you have a comfortable place to rest and reflect on the day’s beautiful journey.

Jeep 6-7 hours
Accommodation Twin Sharing Room
Meals Breakfast
Max-altitude 3650 meters

Morning: Visit Tashilhunpo Monastery

  • Start the day with a visit to Tashilhunpo Monastery, the historic seat of the Panchen Lama.
  • Here, we will witness the daily rituals, prayers, and religious activities of the monks.
  • Take time to explore the monastery’s beautiful architecture and peaceful atmosphere.

Drive to Gyantse

After the morning visit, we will drive from Xigatse to the town of Gyantse.

In Gyantse, we will visit two famous sites:

  • Kumbum Stupa: A remarkable structure known for its many chapels filled with exquisite murals and statues.
  • Phalkor Monastery: A unique monastery that combines three different sects of Tibetan Buddhism.

Scenic Drive through High Himalayan Passes

From Gyantse, we will continue 8 days Tibet Overland Tour, driving through some of the most stunning high-altitude passes in the Himalayas:

  • Karola Pass (5,010 meters): Be prepared for breathtaking views of snow-capped peaks.
  • Kambala Pass (4,749 meters): Another high pass offering spectacular scenery.

Yamdrok Tso Lake and Brahmaputra River

  • En route, we will also visit Yamdrok Tso, one of Tibet’s largest and most beautiful freshwater lakes.
  • Finally, we will see the majestic Brahmaputra River, also known as Yarlung Tsangpo in Tibetan.

Evening: Arrival in Lhasa

  • After a full day of sightseeing and driving through stunning landscapes, we will arrive in Lhasa.
  • We will spend the night at a comfortable hotel in Lhasa, resting and preparing for more adventures to come.
Jeep Full Day
Accommodation Twin Sharing Room
Meals Breakfast
Max-altitude 3650 meters

Today, we will explore the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Lhasa, visiting some of its most beautiful and serene locations.


  1. Potala Palace
    Start your day with a visit to the iconic Potala Palace. This architectural marvel is not only a UNESCO World Heritage Site but also a symbol of Tibetan Buddhism. Once the winter residence of the Dalai Lama, the palace stands majestically on Red Mountain, offering breathtaking views of the city and surrounding landscapes.
  2. Drepung Monastery
    Next, head to Drepung Monastery, one of the largest monasteries in Tibet. This serene place used to be the palace for the Dalai Lama before he moved to the Potala Palace. The monastery is known for its beautiful white buildings and tranquil atmosphere, making it a perfect place for reflection and learning about Tibetan monastic life.


  1. Jokhang Temple
    After lunch, visit the Jokhang Temple, the most sacred temple in Tibetan Buddhism. Located in the heart of Lhasa, this temple is a significant pilgrimage site. Its stunning architecture and the spiritual ambiance will leave you in awe.
  2. Barkhor Market
    Just outside the Jokhang Temple, you’ll find the bustling Barkhor Market. This vibrant market is a great place to soak in the local culture, shop for souvenirs, and observe pilgrims performing their devotional rituals.
  3. Sera Monastery
    In the late afternoon, make our way to Sera Monastery, one of the “great Gelug monasteries in Tibet.” The highlight of this visit is the famous monk debate session, which takes place between 3-5 pm. Watching the monks engage in lively debates about Buddhist doctrines is a fascinating and unique experience.


Overnight Stay
After a day filled with cultural and spiritual exploration, we will spend the night at a comfortable hotel in Lhasa, reflecting on the memorable experiences of the day.

Van 6-7 hrs
Accommodation Twin Sharing Room
Meals Breakfast
Max-altitude 4,300 meters

Crossing High Mountain Passes

  1. Karola Pass (5,010 meters / 16,437 feet)
    You will drive over Karola Pass, which is very high up in the mountains at an elevation of 5,010 meters. This pass offers breathtaking views of the surrounding snow-capped peaks.
  2. Kambala Pass (4,749 meters / 15,580 feet)
    Next, you will cross Kambala Pass, which is slightly lower than Karola Pass but still very high at 4,749 meters. The scenery here is also stunning.

Viewing Yamdrok-Tso Lake

During your drive, you will see Yamdrok-Tso Lake, known for its striking turquoise color. The lake is one of Tibet’s most beautiful and sacred lakes, making for an unforgettable sight.

Drive to Gyantse

After enjoying the high mountain passes and the lake, you will continue your drive to the town of Gyantse. This historic town is known for its rich cultural heritage.

Visiting Historic Sites in Gyantse

  1. Kumbum Stupa
    In Gyantse, you will visit the Kumbum Stupa, an impressive multi-tiered structure that is an important religious site. It’s famous for its unique architecture and detailed murals.
  2. Phalkor Monastery
    We will also visit the Phalkor Monastery, which is located near the Kumbum Stupa. This monastery is known for its blend of Han, Tibetan, and Nepali architecture and its significant role in Tibetan Buddhism.

Overnight Stay

After a day filled with stunning scenery and cultural visits, we will spend the night at a hotel in Gyantse.

Van 7-8 hours
Accommodation Twin Sharing Room
Meals Breakfast
Max-altitude 4,200 meters

8 days Tibet Overland Tour plan includes a morning meal followed by a journey to Tingri. If you are interested in visiting Everest Base Camp, you can opt for this extra trip by paying an additional $200. Your accommodation for the night will be at a guest house.

Van 9-10 hours
Meals Breakfast
Max-altitude 1,300 meters

Today marks the final day of your eight-day Overland Tibet Tour Package from Nepal. Here’s what to expect:

Departure from Xegar: We will start the journey by leaving Xegar, a town in Tibet.

Immigration Checks at Kerung: We will need to go through immigration checks at Kerung before crossing the border back into Nepal. This is a necessary step to ensure all your travel documents are in order.

Drive to Kathmandu: We will drive back to Kathmandu after completing the immigration process. The drive will take approximately 10 hours, offering you the chance to reflect on your amazing journey through Tibet.

This day signifies the end of our 8 days Tibet Overland Tour, wrapping up incredible landscapes and cultural wonders.

Added Insights


What's Included?

  • Private vehicle by Jeep or Minibus according to the group
  • All necessary document including travel permit
  • English-speaking Tibetan guide
  • Accommodation on a twin sharing room basis
  • Sightseeing and monastery entrance fees as per our itinerary
  • Daily breakfast as per itinerary

What's Excluded?

  • Lunch and Dinner during the trek
  • Insurance of any kind
  • Personal expenses such as chocolate bars, waters, other drinks, tips & etc
  • Any additional cost due to natural calamities and unforeseen circumstance

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8 DaysUS$Available
Sep 28, 2024 - Oct 05, 2024
8 DaysUS$Available
Good to Know

Essential Information - 8 Days Tibet Overland Tour From Nepal (Drive in Drive Out)

To ensure a smooth process for obtaining your Tibet visa during 8 days Tibet Overland Tour, you will need to prepare the following documents:

Passport Copy

  • Submit a clear copy of your passport at least 20 days before your trip to start the processing of the Tibet Travel Permit.

Original Passport

  • Bring your original passport with you when your group arrives in Kathmandu.

Passport Size Photo

  • Provide a passport-sized photo that meets these requirements:
    • White background
    • Front-facing
    • No eyeglasses
    • Neutral expression (no smiling)

Visa Application Form

  • Complete the visa application form before you arrive in Kathmandu.

Visa Processing in Kathmandu

Here are the key details about obtaining a Tibet group visa in Kathmandu:

  • Your group must have at least 4 people to apply for a Tibet group visa.
  • You need to submit your original passport for the visa application process.
  • The visa processing takes about 3–4 official working days (Monday–Friday).

Important Notes

Visa requirements and regulations can change frequently. It is important to check the latest information with the Chinese Embassy, or a local travel company before booking your 8 days Tibet Overland Tour.

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