Food and Drinks in Manaslu Circuit Trek

Thursday, September 14, 2023

No astonishing view will give you energy if your stomach is not filled with appropriate food and your body is not fully hydrated. Besides, Food and drinks in Manaslu Circuit Trek are the two most essential aspects of trekking. Prior preparation and training go to waste if you are not eating correctly and healthily.

Meals during Manaslu treks are a challenge to many. Because your body is working hard, you will be tempted to eat everything in sight. So, it will be best to simply replace the calories you lost during the trek, not feast. You don’t want a bloated or upset stomach at a higher altitude, do you?

One needs to consume the right amount of calories at a high altitude. Carbohydrates are best for boosting energy, but make sure you eat the right carbs. Complex carbs foods like whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits are the best, as they release slowly into our bodies and energy last longer.

The growing trekking to Manaslu has boomed some infrastructures there. Food and drinks in the Manaslu Circuit Trek are similar to what you find on Nepal’s other popular treks, like the Annapurna Circuit or Everest Base Camp. So you don’t need to worry about food and drinks in Manaslu Circuit Trek. The trails are somehow managed, and the food is also suitable for the trekkers. This article will provide you with an overview of the food and drink options available on the trails of the Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Food In Manaslu Circuit Trek

In the past, Manaslu Circuit was a camping trek route, and there was no accommodation or food facility. Trekkers have to carry all the food and camps with the help of porters. But nowadays, the trails are full of teahouses and different items of food.

Some famous places where people stop are Machha Khola, Jagat, Deng, Namrung, etc. In peak seasons, they hire professional chefs for various food services during the trek. Other high-altitude stop points like Lho, Samagaon, Samdo, and Dharmashala have basic teahouses, but they still serve the best local dishes.

These restaurants serve normal local foods such as Tibetan, Indian, or Continental cuisines at the lower part of the trails. As you climb higher, the food choices will be fewer. Household women will prepare food for you in the high part of the altitude.

Food Menu for the Manaslu Circuit Trek

Food is served as per your order and choice in the menu for the Manaslu Circuit Trek. Foods served from the menu list include local Nepalese, Indian, Tibetan, and Continental dishes. In lower altitudes, you might also find fresh bakery products like bread and cakes.

Breakfast in Manaslu Circuit Trek

Breakfast during Manaslu Circuit Trek

Breakfast is the first meal you will consume to gain energy for the entire day. So, breakfast options on the Manaslu trek should be heavy. Since you have to climb uphill mostly, you need to gain a lot of stamina, and the first meal should be hygienic and rich in nutrients.

Generally, breakfast options in Manaslu include oats, pancakes, honey, bread, eggs, muesli, toast, hot drinks, and so on. The breakfast at the lower part of the trail is impressive. You will have a variety of choices on the menu. You may only find some of those on the menu as you trek higher. But, for breakfast during the Manaslu Circuit Trek, porridge, bread, and egg are common.

The following are some dishes you will be provided during your breakfast. Make sure which food items are best to regain your energy.

Bread and Chapatti: Plain toast; plain toast with honey, jam, or butter, plain chapatti, Tibetan bread

Eggs: boiled/scrambled eggs, fried/plain omelets, cheese/vegetable omelets
Porridge: Apple Porridge, honey porridge, oatmeal porridge, porridge with cinnamon and raisins, muesli with hot milk, cornflakes with hot milk
Soup: Mixed/vegetable/garlic/mushroom/tomato soup
Remember! Garlic soup is top-notch for altitude sickness!
Pancakes: plain pancake, apple pancake, chocolate pancake, pancake with honey, butter, or jam

Lunch and Dinner in Manaslu Circuit Trek

Lunch during Manaslu CIrcuit Trek

You have many choices for lunch and dinner in Manaslu, and Dal Bhat is one of them, which is available everywhere. For Dal and Bhat, you will get unlimited refills free of charge in every lodge. Many tourists prefer this dish as it contains a balanced diet.

The following are the additional items many teahouses offer for lunch and dinner.


  • Fried noodles (veg or egg).
  • Fried noodles with cheese
  • Boiled Noodles, Mixed Fried Noodles
  • Chowmein, Tenthuk, Thukpa


  • Mixed macaroni
  • Veg fried pasta
  • Egg-fried pasta
  • Cheese-fried pasta
  • Pasta with cheese


  • Sandwich (optional egg) served with chips
  • Sandwich with either grilled tomato or grilled cheese, or both
  • Tomato Sandwich with grilled tuna, Club Sandwich

Momo (dumplings)

  • Non-veg Momo (Mainly Chicken or Buff)
  • Cheese Momo


  • Veg Pizza
  • Chicken Pizza
  • Mushroom Pizza


  • Veg Burger
  • Chicken Burger
  • Mix Burger


  • Spaghetti (cheese/tomato)
  • Veggie Spaghetti with tomato ketchup
  • Spaghetti with tuna, cheese, and tomato sauce.

Vegetables and salad

  • fried or boiled vegetable
  • Veg salad

Potatoes items

  • Boiled potatoes
  • fried potatoes with fresh vegetables, an egg, or cheese.
  • Finger Chips

Snacks items

  • Prawn crackers and papad
  • Puffcorn
  • Spring rolls
  • Pakauda

For desserts in Manaslu Trek, you have choices like Rice pudding, apple pie, chocolate or custard pudding, apple pie with custard, chocolate bars, and so on.

Snacks in Manaslu Circuit Trek

Snacks during Manalsu Circuit Trek

For snacks during the Manaslu trek, you can buy them from Kathmandu or Soti Khola. The snacks you will find here are chocolate bars, dried nuts, tuna fish, or chips. They are lightweight, and you can carry them in your backpack.

Dal Bhat and Dhindo for Meals and Dinner on Manaslu Circuit Trek

Dal Bhat and Dhindo during Manaslu Circuit Trek

Dal Bhat is the most common dish you will find all around Nepal. This dish is also the main course around the Manaslu trek. Corresponding to the diverse nature of Nepalese cuisine, this dish offers delicious delicacies.

The most popular dish is Dal Bhat for Meals and Dinner in Manalsu Circuit Trek. It is popular because of its simple nature, easy-to-prepare, and balanced nutritional value. This cuisine is considered a national dish of Nepal.

Consisting of rice (Bhat), lentils (Dal), and different vegetables (Tarkari) is a famous dish for trekkers who pass through strenuous trails in Manalsu Region. Usually, the Dal Bhat dish combines around 5 to 6 different words. It includes plain rice, lentil soup, spinach, pickles, seasonal curry, and meat items for non-vegetarians. Other options include fresh slices of lemon, green chili, and thin, crispy papad.

These combinations of Dal Bhat contain a good amount of proteins, carbs, fiber, and several vitamins. So, this dish is one of the most popular meals after a tiring walk in Manaslu. Another reason it is popular is that Dal Bhat energies your body for an extended period of time.

Dhindo is another Nepalese dish that is optional for rice. This dish is made by steadily combining (wheat, millet, corn, and buckwheat) flour with boiling water while whisking constantly. Many years ago, Dhindo was the main course meal for poor people. But now, it has become a fancy diet all around Nepal.

Drinks In Manaslu Circuit Trek

Tea during Manaslu Circuit Trek

The most known drinks on Manaslu Circuit are either coffee or tea. You will find various types of tea on the trails, including black tea, yak milk tea, herbal tea, green tea, and Tibetan tea. You can also find local liquors and beers in some teahouses. But consuming liquors at high altitudes is not a thing we will suggest to you. Remember that liquor can dehydrate you and lead to a risk of high altitude sickness. It is always best to stick with tea or coffee in such a winter environment.

Drinking water In Manaslu Circuit Trek

Water on the Manaslu Circuit is the most important part of trekking if you want to stay hydrated. To stay hydrated, you have to drink 3 liters of water daily, which helps your body from potential altitude sickness. You will also find bottled mineral water in every teahouse, but we do not recommend it because it will harm the environment.

Along the route, you will find spring water to refill the bottles. This water will come from freshwater resources formed from the snow melt. As they come directly from the Himalayas, you can now drink or purify them via different methods.

You can carry a reusable bottle to fill free tap water in tea houses and use water purification tablets. While filling from such unknown sources, always use different mediums of filtration methods to ensure that your water is drinkable.

Spring water during Manaslu Circuit Trek

Tips for Safe Ways for Drinking Water In Manaslu Circuit Trek

While you are away from home, it is necessary to maintain proper hygiene. There will be no private hospitals near you, so taking care of your health is primary during the trek.

So here are some tips for safe ways to drink water on Manaslu Circuit Trek.

Water purification tablets

Water purification tablets are the easiest and cheapest way to purify contaminated water. Those tablets help disinfect the contaminated water and prevent us from causing gastrointestinal illness. This process and effective and easy to use for eliminating bacteria from water.

Usually, you have to wait 30 minutes for the best result. But some people find this water smelly and nasty in taste. If you are pregnant, you should avoid these tablets because they are chlorine and iodine-based.

Drink boiled water

This is another way to kill harmful microorganisms in water. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), properly boiling untreated water is the most effective purification technique. You can refill the boiling water in teahouses, but you have to pay extra charges.

But in high altitudes, it will be costly as it takes a long time to boil the water. Also, you may only find boiling water in some teahouses while walking on the trail. So, this method might not work in some parts of the track.

Portable water filters

Modern technology is making trekking easier in many ways. These portable filters work with fine, porous material that removes bacteria and protozoa. They come in different forms, like gravity filters, squeeze filters, pumps, or integrated bottles. Gravity filters are best for larger groups and require no effort on your part. Squeeze filters are popular for hikers, and this filter can easily be attached to a pouch for instant drinks. Pumps are also known for long-lasting use and are convenient for quick filling. Also, be aware of using ice water in these portable filters. Ice will destroy a filter, so use it in subfreezing temperatures.

UV light filters

Steripen or bottle-integrated UV purification systems use ultraviolet light to kill the microorganisms inside the water. But these filters do not work in cloudy water. This filter also requires batteries or a solar charge to operate and filters one bottle simultaneously.

FAQs for Food and Drinks in Manaslu Circuit Trek

Is meat available during the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

Yes, meat is available on the way to Manaslu Trek. But the meat you consume primarily is local Yak meat. Some teahouses have chicken or veg options if you are not a fan of yak meat. But be aware of eating the meat while trekking, as it will not be fresh and will be stored for an extended time. When it comes to eating meat at high altitudes, it is always best to think twice.

Is it safe to eat food on the Manaslu Circuit Trek?

The food in Manaslu Circuit is generally safe, except for preserved meat in teahouses. As you reach higher, the food options might be limited in remote areas like Dharmashala and Bhimthang. So, it is always best to carry some snacks on the trails to compensate for the protein you lose while walking. If you are still determining some dish, it is always best to avoid it. Always stick with local foods and simple words that will not upset your stomach.

What shouldn’t you eat while doing the Manaslu Trek?

Below are a few things you should avoid eating during the trek, such as:

  • Raw and long-preserved meat
  • Dairy products (unless they have been pasteurized)
  • Untreated tap water
  • Alcoholic beverages

What are the costs of food on the Manalsu Trek?

The costs of food and drinks in Manaslu Circuit Trek and Tsum Valley will depend on a few factors. The charges depend on where you are staying and what you eat. Generally, you can expect to spend around $20–25 per day for three meals. Some teahouses charge slightly more for food if you are trekking during peak seasons.

Do meals are included in the Manaslu Circuit Trek Package?

Suppose you are booked with us for the Manalsu Circuit Trek, then all the food and included while you are on the trails. But we do not provide food and accommodation in major cities like Kathmandu, because you can try them according to your choice. In the teahouse, you will see a food menu, and you can offer your meal as per the menu. Due to limited resources and high altitude, you may find a different taste in food than in major cities.

Can I pay in USD for food and drinks in Manaslu Circuit Trek?

If you’re going to Nepal, it’s a good idea to have Nepalese Rupees (NPR) with you because locals prefer Nepalese currency. Not everyone in Nepal will accept US Dollars (USD). You can change your USD to NPR at banks, places that exchange money, or even some hotels in big cities like Kathmandu before you start your trek.