Manaslu Circuit Trek Accommodations

Thursday, September 14, 2023

Manaslu is well-known for its off-the-beaten-path trail through the Manaslu Conservation Area, where visitors can experience incredible cultural immersion. But one of the first things that might cross your mind about traveling, especially to remote areas, is how adaptable the Manaslu Circuit Trek accommodations services might be.

The desire to be in the heart of Himalayan life is understandable, given that this most prized Himalayan peak is a significant draw for visitors interested in the cultural richness of the remote villages surrounding it. It is excellent news that the Manaslu circuit trek accommodations have been upgraded to a tea house trekking route.

In other words, you can now experience the beauty of the mountains while staying in a cozy bed and breakfast. Compared to most of the accommodations in Nepal trekking routes, it is already a blessing to have a soft bed and hot food at this altitude of Manaslu Circuit Trek.

The Manaslu trek accommodations are the same the whole way. Additionally, the trek cost is cheaper and more reasonable than the Everest Base Camp Trek and the Annapurna Base Camp Trek. This is a standard teahouse with minimal but perfectly functional accommodations.

Although camping is allowed, most hikers prefer to stay in the teahouses because they are more convenient and comfortable. The Manaslu trek accommodations are in the form of teahouses, which are simple, with shared baths. You will be offered a blanket, but it is much more comfortable to bring your own sleeping bag as the nights may be pretty cold.

Let us know more about the destinations below.

What to expect from Manaslu Circuit Trek guest houses?

The locals themselves set up small hotels along the Manaslu Circuit Trek routes. At night, you can get warm by the fire in these teahouses’ communal dining and lounging area.

The beds are generally comfy, with a foam pad, pillow, and blanket in each room. Some teahouses offer private rooms with attached bathrooms, while the vast majority of high-elevation teahouses provide private rooms with shared bathrooms. On the Manaslu circuit route, you can stay in inexpensive lodges or teahouses with rooms and breakfast.

Manaslu is a restricted area, so you will need the help of a reliable Nepalese tour operator if you want to visit. However, getting the most excellent lodgings is easy with our support.

Throughout the Manaslu Circuit trek, there are no rooms with attached bathrooms. Bathrooms are accessible on a shared basis. The teahouses contain Western-style seating but Indian-style bathrooms. Almost all teahouses (except for Dharamshala) offer a hot water shower for an additional cost of under $5.

Wifi in Manaslu Circuit Trek

All of the guest houses in Manaslu have Wi-Fi connections. You would not be far from your friends and family even if you had been wandering in such a distant region. But the internet could be faster in the Manaslu region, so you can not watch high-quality videos online. Only some texts and calls can be made or sent using Wi-Fi.

However, you have to pay extra for the Wi-Fi service, which usually ranges under $5 per day.

Telephone network in Manaslu Circuit Trek

You will find telephone service in nearly all teahouses and most locations along the Manaslu Circuit Trek. In most areas, a network for the local NTC sim card is available, so you may also use your phone.

You can buy NTC sim cards in Kathmandu, the city you will land in. You only need two passport-sized pictures and a copy of your passport to get the SIM Cards. Then, you must fill out a form and pay between $1 and $2.

During the trek, these SIM cards only function effectively in areas with a strong network. However, cellphone service can be poor in the high altitudes of the Manaslu region. Manaslu Circuit trekkers should know that Nepali SIM cards may only work in some areas.

In that case, you will be able to use local telephone services provided on the route of guest houses, paying the respective amount. As mentioned above, you will also have an additional option to use a Wi-Fi service.

Electricity in Manaslu

Throughout the Manaslu Circuit Trek, there is access to power. Lower altitude communities have access to electric plugs in the room itself. However, there are frequent power outages in the region. In recent years, this problem has decreased. Higher-elevation communities are not connected to the national grid.

Solar energy is commonly utilized in these regions. Consequently, the available power has a low voltage. On days with fog, it may not be available. They may also employ micro hydropower. It will cost you between $2 and $3 every hour to use. Consequently, charging larger batteries may be expensive. Therefore, you should bring a power bank or solar charger to recharge them.

Camping in Manaslu Circuit

After the development of tea houses along the route, the number of camping in Manaslu Circuit trek has decreased significantly. However, camping is an authentic experience while traveling. The concept of grounding can strengthen you mentally and physically. You may have heard people refer to a camp as a “five billion star hotel,” which is accurate in multiple ways.

During a Manaslu camping trek, a team of guides, porter, cook, and others will be there to assist you the whole time. The team will ensure that all the supplies for the two-week Manaslu Circuit trek get where they need to go. The guide will assist you in locating a suitable campsite and cooking area. The porters will assist in carrying the goods and preparing breakfast and dinner. The Manaslu Circuit Camping trek would be the most revitalizing experience of a lifetime, along with our excellent crew.

Along with the joy comes a sense of adventure during the whole trip. Shower, Wi-Fi, electricity, and other unexpected things should be kept in mind, and you should be ready for them mentally. The Manaslu trek also has a higher camping pricing than a tea house trek. The higher price, anyways, also comes from the unbeatable experiences.

Accommodation on Manaslu Circuit Trek

You will gain knowledge in this article concerning the Manaslu Circuit Trek accommodations services that can be found along the route and the services that they provide at each of the stops. Here is information about the lodging services at the places following our Manaslu Circuit Trek itinerary.

Soti Khola

Soti Khola will be your next stop after you leave Kathmandu. It takes 8 to 9 hours from Kathmandu to drive to Soti Khola, where the Manaslu Trek begins. We can skip Sotikhola and spend overnight in Maccha Khola if you leave early in the morning. It all depends on how fast or slow the trek is going.

Some guest houses in Soti Khola are the ABC Guest House, the Fulabari Guest House, and the Tsum Valley Guest House. The rooms in these teahouses are simple, but they have the basics that trekkers need. They also have Wi-Fi and phones so you can remain connected with your close ones.

Machha Khola

6-7 hours will be required to trek from Soti Khola to Machha Khola. In addition to accommodation and meals, the teahouses of Machha Khola provide Wi-Fi, telephone service, and hot showers. However, extra cost for the service is involved.

Everest Guest House, Tsum Valley Guest House, Hilltop Guest House, and Larkey Guest House are some recommendations for guesthouses in Machha Khola.


The journey to Jagat takes between six and seven hours from Maccha Khola. Jagat Village is a small town with a traditional appearance. Most people are dressed in traditional attire, and the effects of modern technology are minimal in Jagat Village.

A limited number of permits are provided for the Tsum Valley Manaslu trek, which begins at Jagat. At a checkpoint, you must present your permit and register it.

However, high-speed Internet connectivity is accessible for staying in touch with the rest of the world. Four guesthouses offer satellite phones and Wi-Fi, namely Rubi Nala Guest House, Jagat Guest House, Himalayan Tourist Guest House, and Manaslu Santi Guest House.


After leaving Jagat, you would be traveling towards Pewa or Deng, and from that point onwards, you will see very few guesthouses available. If we make it to Deng, we will be entering a restricted region on the Manaslu Circuit Trek, and you will be required to present your Manaslu Circuit Trek permits at a checkpoint.


The following minor rest stop along the Manaslu circuit trip is called Namrung, and we will continue our trek to get there. As you make your way to the village of Namrung, be on the lookout for the Danphe, the national bird of Nepal known for its vibrant appearance.

The hotels, on the other hand, provide facilities such as Wi-Fi and hot showers. The village is home to several hotels, including the Namrung Thakali, the Namrung Guesthouse, and the Nubri Four Season Resort.

Sama Gaun

Sama Gaun is a larger village in the Manaslu region, as well as one of the most significant stops along the way. The settlements in Samagaun are lovely, and there are more than 200 houses there. However, despite their visual beauty, these thatched-roof homes are typical in the area.

More than half a dozen guesthouses are located in Sama Gaun, making it the location with the better accommodations. You will notice a number of hotels, lodges, and tea houses that have RCC or modern architecture. These are the houses you will see. Therefore, it is not too difficult to choose a place to stay in this area that has amenities such as a hot shower, Wi-Fi, and satellite phones.

A list of hotels located in Sama Gaun are:

  • Mount Manaslu Guest House
  • Tashi Dalek Guest House
  • Sama Gaun Guest House
  • Peace Heaven Guest House
  • Norling Guest House
  • Nubri Valley Guest House
  • Gurung Cottage Guest House


At an elevation of 3,690 meters, Samdo is the highest village settlement that can be found before reaching the Larkya La pass. It is connected to Tibet by two paths, and during the summer months, about a kilometer further up, is where a sizeable commercial fair takes place. Many Tibetan traders can be found there selling and buying things.

Despite this, Samdo is a relatively small village that is home to three different lodging options: the Yak hotel, the Tibetan Twin hotel, and the Jambala guest house. You can connect to the Wi-Fi service even when you are at Samdo.


The town of Dharmasala, which sits at the end of the Manaslu circuit and is frequently referred to as Larke Phedi, is the last stop before ascending to Larke La Pass. Only Jambala Guest House and Larkey Guest House are available to you as choices for accommodations in this location.

The relatively modest accommodations at this location do not offer any additional facilities, such as Wi-Fi or hot showers. Despite this, you will have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to witness the isolated Himalayan way of life.


After you have crossed Larke La Pass, you will begin to encounter more appropriate tea shops. As a result of its closeness to the main routes that connect with Manaslu circuit trekking and Annapurna circuit trekking, the accommodation services are provided by a clean tea house Lodge.

In this general area, there are a number of teahouses that include services such as hot baths and Wi-Fi. Mountain Ponker Cottage, Ganga Manaslu, Susha Guest House, Apple Garden, and Himalayan Guest House are some of the tea houses that can be found in Bimthang.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about Accommodation on Manaslu Circuit Trek

How can I make reservations at Manaslu hotels?

Booking a place on a Nepalese trekking route is challenging for tourists from other countries. These hotels do not have an online presence on any booking services, and you cannot access them via the map.

On Google, it is only possible to find a select few hotels’ contact information (phone number or email address). The most efficient method is to inquire with your tour guide about the availability of rooms at these hotels.

What kind of rooms do the tea houses near Manaslu offer?
Tea houses are different from big hotels with fancy comforts. More than a day’s walk from the nearest town, most tea houses have rooms with two to three twin beds, one overhead light (that sometimes works), a window, and a lock and key for the door.

The beds are usually comfortable with a foam pad, a pillow, and a blanket. We always tell travelers to carry a sleeping bag so they can stay warm at night, as there is no assurance that shared beds and sheets are clean. A sleeping bag or a liner in the warmer months is always a wise option.

How much does Manaslu Trek accommodations cost?

The Manaslu Trek accommodations are available at reasonable costs. The average cost for one night will generally be less than USD 15.

The majority of rooms are relatively basic, with very basic furnitures like bed and table. Alternatively, if you do not choose to share the room with anyone else, you will be required to pay the full room rate. This also may not be possible during peak trekking seasons due to the flow of tourists, as there are fewer guesthouses along the trail.

Is there a heating system in the rooms?

No, the rooms in the teahouses do not have any heating system. On the other hand, the dining area, where you will spend most of your time unwinding and resting, will feature a standard heater.

Can we camp on the Manaslu Circuit trail?

Yes, camping on the Manaslu Circuit trail is allowed. It is essential to hire porters to help carry the camping gear and supplies. As most of this trail is led by licensed guides, trekking agencies will help you get through it. We help you discover everything you need to know about traveling with us.

However, there is more to camping than fun and games; there are plenty of obstacles to overcome on a lengthier camping trip. The Manaslu trek also has a higher camping pricing than a tea house hike. However, the experience is unbeatable.

Do hotels in Manaslu serve food?

Yes, the food at the tea houses is good and a great option while you are trekking. During the Manaslu Circuit trip, participants are required to dine at the hotels where they are staying.

You will receive the lowest possible cost for a complete Manaslu Circuit Trek package, providing you with the finest nutritious meals and comfortable accommodations.

Does Manaslu hotel staffs speak English?

Some staff members in Manaslu hotels have an excellent working knowledge of the English language. However, you can only expect some team members to be fluent in the language. The individuals working in the tea houses are quite hospitable and will offer you everything you require.

In addition, because Manaslu is a restricted location, you will only be able to travel there with a licensed guide by your side.

Is there any problem finding a place to stay in the Manaslu Trek?

The Manaslu route is known as a teahouse trekking trail because it features a large number of teahouses along the route where trekkers may stay and eat. So there is the very least chance of having a problem finding a place to stay on the Manaslu trek trail.

Wrapping Up: Accommodation on Manaslu Circuit Trek

Many people say that the Manaslu Trek is the best in Nepal. In terms of trekking, it has everything a person could want. Over 14 days, you will be able to take in Nepal’s and Tibet’s stunning scenery and immerse yourself in the rich cultural traditions of these two countries.

There are not any five-star or luxurious hotels, so it does not matter which Manaslu Circuit Trek accommodations option you pick. No matter the cost or the more affordable one, they all fall into the same group as teahouses.

We hope the article covered everything you wanted to get informed regarding the Manaslu Circuit Trek accommodations. Go through the link if you want to know more about the package of Manaslu Circuit Trek.